Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


6. 6. Lots of Flirting and drama

"Sweetheart get up" I heard my mom say as she shaked me slow to wake me up. I groan and sit up. I swing my legs on the side out of the bed. I rub my eyes and walk to the bathroom. I take of my night shirt and take some ripped jeans on with a black long shirt. I put some makeup on and my ring and necklace.I do my hair and  take some socks and then my black low converse. I walk downstairs taking my bag with me. I grab a waffle and some water. 

"I'll drive you today girls" Brian say cleaning his plate. I smile and nod. I take my jacket on and take my bag. Madison does the same. "Let go" Brian say and opens the door. Madison sits in the front and me in the back. Sucks...

"Dad, we have this schoolplay this friday, and parents and siblings can come" "Great Madison, we will come and watch you" Brian say. "Or laugh at you..." I mumble looking out the window. Luckily they didn't hear me...


He pull in on the parket lot and i say goodbye and hurry out of the car. I run inside and run to my locker to find Demi there too. "Demi!" I yell and run the last. "I got a date to prom!" "Omg! Who asked you?" She say happy for me. "Justin" I say happy myself. "Eeeeeppp" She say and jump around with me screaming. People looked at us like we were two cows who just got some milk...that was bad. 


"I want a date to prom so badly" Demi says whining when we sit down at a lunch table. "Like who?" I ask and it down and open my coke. "I don't care, maybe Christian or Ryan or Chaz" "Well there's still a whole month to the prom, so don't worry!" I say and take a bite of my burger. "I know, i'm guess i'm just deperate" She sigh. "You don't say!" I say sounding surprised.

We kept talking and laughing when suddenly little kisses were planted on my neck. I bite my lip to keep me from moaning. I look at Demi who was winking at us. I turn around making Justin stop. I giggle and slap him, not hard. He laughs and sits down next to me. 

"Justin?" Demi asks. "Yer?" He says looking at her. "Why did you invite Selena to prom? Not in a bad way" She says smiling. "Well i wanted her to be my date" He says and smiles at me. I smile back and look at Demi. "I wan't a date!" She whines looking at us. "Don't worry, you will Demi" I say to calm her down. "Hey you guys herad about the schoolplay on friday?" Ryan asks sitting down next to Demi. I nod my head and drink some coke. "Yer, i'm going to see my brother" Justin says. "Yer and i'm watching my sister" "Excactly i'm watching my sister too" Ryan says happy. I laugh at him. 

"What are you doing this afternoon?" I ask turning to Justin. He looks at me and answers "We are playing basketball" He says nd points to Ryan. "Bullshit..." I mumble and make a sadface. "Why?" He laughs looking at me. "I wanted to hang out with you" I say and make a sad face again. "Well you can come watch us play?" Justin say and smile. I smile and nod. "I would like to see a whole basketball team practice without their shirts on" I say acting dreamy. He laughs and smack my head. "I wanna watch to then!" Demi shouts. I giggle and shake my head af her. 



"Hey Pattie" I say as i walk and hug Pattie. "Hey sweetie" She says and walk in the kitchen. "Hey Jake!" I yell and wave at him doing his homework also in the kitchen. "Are you eating here?" Pattie asks sweet. I look at Justin to see if it was okay with him. He nod his head and smiles. "Yes, i would love too" She nod and smiles. Justin grabs my hand and we walk upstairs in his room. 

Justin throws his body on the bed tired, right away. I giggle and watch him close his eyes. I step up in the bed and jump up and down making the bed move, just to annoy Justin. "Selena!" Justin whines. I giggle and keep jumping, but that didn't keep up for long, because soon i was on the floor with a bleeding knee. "Justin you pushed me too hard" I whine and wipe the blood off. He sits up so he can see me and right away he run down beside me with a worried face. "Babe i'm so sorry, i wasn't gonna push you that hard" He say and kiss my knee. I giggle and place my hand on his cheek. "It's okay" I say and look into his eyes. He glances back and smile. I smile back and he starts to lean in. I leaned in too snapped in the moment. 

Suddenly a loud cough come from the door, and i snap my head to see Jake and one of his friends there. I fake a smile and push Justin away from me. He stands up and walks to them. "What do you want?" He ask while i sit down on the bed. "Well we wanted to hang with you" Jake say and push Justin aside and walk in with his friend. "Um no way you're not" He say pissed. "Why? Are you gonnna kiss, kiss kiss" He say making kissing faces. I laugh and he and his friend sits down on the bed. "Selena, and Justin are sitting in a tree, they are K-I-S-S-I-N-G" He sing winking at Justin. "Get out, now" Justin say pointing to the door.

He shakes his head and looks at me. "So Selena? Are you watching the schoolplay friday" He asks and sits down comfortable. I smile and nod. "Well you can be excited about it" He say and smirk. "Why?" I giggle. "Well first of all: I'm the main role, second of all: Madison and i are going to kiss and third and last of all: Justin is gonna be there" He say and winks at me. I just laugh andpush him a little. 

"Now get out" Justin say and they walk out. "I can't believe your brother got the main role" I say suprised to Justin who sits down next to me. "Me neither, he just makes it all bad" He sigh. "Hey hey don't say that, they worked so hard on this" I say and place my hand on his shoulder. He sigh and look at me, "Well i hate going to little kids play" "They aren't little kids, they are 12 almost 13" I say and rub my tumb against Justin skin. He shrug his shoulder and stands up.

"Guys eating time" Pattie say through the door. I nod and we walk downstairs. Justin sits down and i sit down a little shy next to Justin. "Hey guys i'm home" Jeremy says walking through the door. We all greet him and he sits down. They are talking like a family and i just sit there. Justin turns to me. He places his hand on my lap and i take mine in his and interwines our fingers. I keep eating with one hand. 

When we were done i take my plate and place it in the sink. "Thank for the food Pattie, it was really good" I say and turn the water on the remove the last food. "You're welcome sweetheart, you don't have to do that" She say and take it from me. I smile and walk in the livingrrom and see Jake and his friend playing on the tv with Jeremy. Justin was just watching on the chair next to them. I walk up behind him and wrap my arm around him and kiss his cheek. He smiles and turns his head to look at me. "Hey babe, come here" He smiles and pats his lap. I giggle and sit down on his lap and he wraps his arms around me and press me closer.


An hour later, its 8.00. "I need to get home, it's getting dark" I say and stand up from Justins lap on the sofa. "yer, i'll drive you home" "No you don't have too, i'll walk" I say and grab my jacket and put it on. He shakes his head and put on his shoes. "I'll drive you" He say demanding. I laugh at him "Alright Bieber, Goodnight everybody" I say and open the door. "Goodnight Selena, come again some other day" Pattie say and wave at me. "I will" I say and Justin close the door. We walk to Justin's car and i get in the passenger seat. Justin starts the car and drive to my house. After 5 minutes we are there. I open the door and get out. "Thank you Justin" I say and smile. "You're welcome" He say and get out of the car.

"What are you doing?" I ask confused. He pulls me into him and hug me tight. I giggle and hug back. We pull away, and see my mom and Brian and Madison, and one of her friends looking at us out the window. I giggle and turn to Justin again. He smiles and take my hand, so we just stand there holding hands. Surprisely Justin starts to move closer and closer and at last our bellys is touching. I smile and look at him in the eyes. Justin starts to lean in. I start to say something "Justin my family is wa--" But i didn't finish before our lips were crashed together. I kiss back adding more passion. He kiss back adding even more. I wrap my arms around his neck and his arms around my neck. I can't believe my family is watching this right now. 

He lift me up and i wrap my legs around his waist. I can't believe my family is watching this! Seriously! I can feel Justin smile in the kiss and i smile back, but then pull away. "Why'd you stop?" Justin ask confused. "My family is watching this makeout" I giggle and jump down from him. "Bye Jay, i'll see you tomorrow" I say and walk inside. "Bye babe" He say and leans against the car. 

I close the door and see my mom and Brian and Madison and her friend Alexis standing there smiling. I smile back and blush. "How was it Sweetie?" Brian and my mom asks. I roll my eyes and oush them a little, just for fun. I start to walk upstairs but then turn around "Amazing" I smile and walk up. I undress so i'm only in a baggy shirt and underpants. I turn the light off and the tv on. I get on my computer and log on facebook. I switch the channel so its on disney. I like watching diney at night. I see that i have 2 messages. I click and see 1 from Demi and one from Justin. 

I click on the 1 from Demi first. 

Demi Lovato: Hey bestiiiiiiiiie,  just wanted to write to you, that i loooooooove youuuuu :-* 

Selena Gomez: What do you want? ;) 

Demi Loavto: Can i borrow your shoes tomorrow? And can i sleep at yours on friday? <3 

Selena Gomez: You don't have to ask to any of them <33 

Demi Lovato: Yay thank you, love ya

Selena Gomez: Love you too Demi

I click close and go to Justins message. 

Justin Bieber: Hey babe, i miss you already

Selena Gomez: You just saw me an hour ago?  :) 

Justin Bieber: I know, but i still miss you :( 

Selena Gomez: Aww i miss you too, but we'll see each other tomorrow, okay? <3 

Justin Bieber: Right <33333333333 

I laugh and see that my door opens and Madison walk in. "Hey Sis, can i sleep with you, i'm scared" She say and dry her eyes. I nod and smile and pat the spot next to me. What a great sister i am huh? 

She close the door and jump in the bed and sits next to me. She pulls the cover over her and look at my computer. "Do you like Justin?" She asks looking at me. I blush and smile. "Yeer, a little" I say and look at her. She nods her head. "Why?" I ask and look at her again. She shrugs her shoulder s and lie down. "I think he likes you, alot" She say and smiles. I smile and close my laptop, ad lies down next to her. "You think?" I ask. She nods and smiles.

"I could figure it out on that makeout session you had outside" She say and giggle. "Shut up" I say and hide my face from the blushing. She laughs and close her eyes. "goodnight sis" She say. "Goodnight Madison" I say and turn the tv off. I lie down and think. I couldn't sleep, i just kept thinking about that heat kiss, between me and Justin. I smiled and closed my eyes, at least trying to sleep. 


Next morning

I got out of bed, woke up Madison and got in my closet to find an outfit. It was still cold and nowing outside so i needed a warm outfit. I pulled on some dark blue jeans, with a black bra and a white long sleeve shirt. You could ee my bra thorugh but not so clear. I took my white winter boots on, short boots. I curled my hair and put on a little makeup. I took my phone and bag and went downstairs. I took my warm coat on and grabbed an pancake. I ate it fast and then took some water. I brushed my teeth, zipped my jacket. "Bye guys, i'm walking today" I say and open the door and walk outside in the snow. I put in my ear phones and start walking. 


I walk inside school, with my jacket covered in snow. The snow got worse and i walked to my locker. I got my jacket of and hung it up. I got my books and walked to my first class. Everyone had already sat down, and when i walked in everyones eyes was on me. I smile and walk to my seat next to Demi. "Hey how did you come to school?" She asked and turned her body around to me. "I walked" I say and smile. "In this snow?" She asked surprised. I nodded and smiled. Someone poked my shoulder and i already knew who it was. I turned around and smiled. "Hey Justin" "Hey babe" He say and wink. I shake my head and laugh, i turn around and look at the teacher who had arrived. 


At lunch

I got my food and walked to the table Demi, Ashley and Ashley's best friend Vanessa was sitting at. We all had our table at lunch. I sat down and talked and ate with them. Suddenly Allison and her two "Friends" walk up to our table. "Hey sluts what do you think your doing?" She say making the whole cafeteria shut up and look at her. I look at her confused and in disguss "What the fuck does it look like we are doing?" I ask raising my voice. Vanessa looked at me surprised.

Allsion looks at me and glare at me "Shut up" She say and walks up on our table. "Everybody!! listen i have some news, you may not know about some people here" She starts yelling. They put an computer and pressed play. It came up on the wall so it was in master size. First there was a picture of one of the nerds on. "Gary is Gay!!" She yells and laughs. Everyone laughs except me and Vanessa. I look at her and give her some eyes, telling it isn't funny. She shakes her head meaning she agreed.


Then a photo of one of the guys on the basketball team came up. "Paul freeman have never had a girlfriend......or a first kiss!" She yells and laughs, with the whole people except Paul who stood up with tears in his eyes and walked out. Then a picture came up i was very surprised over. "Ashley Tisdale is still a virgin even if her and Zac have been dating 2 years!" She yelled making Ashley get wet eyes. That made me so mad i wanted to slap and push her so hard i could. I slammed my hands in the table and stood up and yelled "Just because your vagina have been used more than google!!" I yelled  making everyone shut up. She looked at me shocked.

"What did you just say?" She asked and walked down from the table. "You heard me?!" I shouted not so loud, but a little. She looked at me with her madest look and took my coke and spilled it all over my white shirt. "OMG" I say and look at her with wide mouth. "You fucking bitch, you shouldn't have done that" I mumble and push her so hard that she fall as long as she is. Everybody shouts and everything but then the teacher come. "Somebody get her out of this room" She yells and point at me. "Me?" I ask shocked. "Why me?" I ask stepping closer.

But then Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into the girls bathroom on the hallway. He closed the door and let me go. I turned around and looked at him. "What?" I asked in a bitchy way. "What happened out there?" He asked looking at me in shock. "She was being a fucking bitch" "That doesn't mean you can push her so hard Selena!" He yells at me. "So you're defending her huh? What is wrong with you? Do you think it's funny how she makes people cry by telling people some other peoples secrects, because then there is something wrong with you, you fucking idiot" I snap at him. He look at me hurt. "Excuse me?" He say with sadness in his eyes. "What did you call me?" He ask again hurt. "Didn't  you hear me?! Idiot" I snap again. I was mad like shit right now. "Would you calm down and stop yelling!" He yelled for me to stop yelling.

I looked at him and walked into a toilet box and slammed the door as hard as i could. "Selena, come out" He said on the other side. I sat down on the toilet and let my tears fall, me and Justin hadn't been in such a huge fight before and last night we were kissing and stuff and the next day we fight. "No" I said cold and let more tears fall. "You're acting childish now!" He said. I opened the door again and looked at him mad. "I'm childish?! I was defending MY friends while you were just laughing of yours!" I yelled, and slammed the door as hard as i could.

 I heard the door open and heard a voice, which was the teachers. "Justin go out, we need to talk to her" I heard her say. And few seconds later the door closed again. I let more tears fall on my arms as i was holding my knees. "Selena, please come out so we can talk"  She said, i could hear it was mrs Tater and then mrs Right, weird name right? haha you see what i did there? :D 

I got down from the toilet and opened it to see them standing there. "Omg sweetheart" Mrs Right said or should i call Victoria, she hugged me and i let more tear fall. "Okay come on lets go to the principals office so we can talk about this okay?" She said sweet. These two have always been my favourite teachers, they were always nice to us. I nodded and they opened the door and we walked out. People had gone to their classes already so there was no one in the hallway.

They opened the door to the principal and we walked in. I sat down infornt of mr. Harris, our principal. "So Selena? What happened out there?" He asked calm and sweet. I had calmed down more now and i could speek. "Well, she was telling secrects, mean secrects about other people, like Gary is gay, and Paul has never kissed a girl or had a girlfriend, and that Ashley, my friend is a virgin" I explain them. He nod understanding.

And what did you do to stand up for her. "I kinda said that just becase her virgina was used more than google, she didn't have to take it out on other" I say and look down. Mrs Right took my hand, saying it was okay. "Then she spilled my drink on my shirt as you can see" I say and show them my shirt. "On purpuse and then i snapped and pushed her hard on the floor" I say and look at him again.

"But why are you crying? That is nothing to cry about, it was not okay for her to say that, or spill that but it wasn't okay either for you to push" He said, understanding and calm. "Well Me and Jutin kinda got into a fight on the bathroom, before" I said and let another tear ecape from my eyes. "Here, take this" He say and hand me a napkin. I smile and take it and dry my eyes and cheeks from all the tears. "Am i getting punished for this?" I ask a little worried. He shakes his head and smiles. "No but she will for telling the secrects, we will talk to her" He say. I smile and nod. "Thank you sir" I say and smile.

"Here take this shirt, we have from the box with donations" He say and hand me a long sleeve black shirt. "Thank you so much" I say and stand up. "Now go change and fix up and then walk to class, aren't you in class with mrs Tater. I nodded and opened the door. "Then i'll walk you there" She say sweet. 

I walk into the bahroom and change fix my hair and macara and walk back out. Class started 20 minutes ago, so there was still 25 minutes left. She opened the door and walked in. "Hey class, i'm back" She say and i walk in looking down and just place myself next to Ashley right away. he looks at me worried. "Are you okay? Thanks for standing up for me" She whisper. I nod and smile. "You're welcome" I say and put my books out on the table.

When the belled rang we had a break and then we needed to get to English which i had with Demi, Vanessa and Justin and Ryan. I grabbed my books and walked out on the hallway and went to my locker with Ashley. I put my books in and took my english book. Ashley leaned against the locker. She was looking at Ryan, Zac and Justin who was walking past us. "What are you looking at?" I say and turn around to see Them coming towards us. I sigh and turn to my locker again.

"Hey babe" I heard Zac say to Ashley and then i heard a kiss noise. I remember Justin calling me that, if we hadn't been fighting he would have said that too. A tear rolled down again and i could still hear kissing noises. Ew. I slammed my locker making them stop. I turned around and made eye contact with all of them. I faked a smile and walked away. 


"Selena!" I could hear someone behind me yell. I turned around and saw Demi running towards me. I smiled and opened my arms. She hugged me and i hugged back. "Are you okay?" She asked worried looking at me. Now that i think about it i wasn't okay, Justin and i had been in a fight, which made me feel awful because i was inlove with him...

I shook my head and looked down making tears fall again. "Why?"Demi asked and hugged me once again. I explained the whole Justin and i fight to her. "And i feel so bad, because i'm in love with him" I say and let the last tears fall. "Omg Sel---Wait what? In love with him?" She asked shocked. I nodded and she smiled. "Finally!" She yelled and linked arms with me and walked to class. 


Drama!! :D Hope you like it. Comment on your thoughts!


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