Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


5. 5. Asking you


Today Justin was staying at the house and the rest of the week. I stood up, put some clothes on and went downstairs, took an apple and a cup of coffee. "Goodmorning sweetheart" Brian said and kissed me on the head. "Morning" I say and hear Demi outside. "Bye Brian!" I yell and grab my bag and run outside to Demi. I get in the car and hugs Demi and she drives to school.

Demi parked the car and we got inside. "Ugh History first" Demi groaned at me. I laughed at her face. "That sucks, i have math..." I say sad. "That sucks too" "I know". The bell goes off and i walk to my class.

I sit next to Ashley and a bunch of guys around us. "Hey dude, are you going to Justin's game day?" I heard one of the guys say. What? Justin was coming to my house today? I took out my one earphone so i could hear what they talked about. "Of course, the hole basketball team is coming" The other one said.

"But it isn't at his house, did you know that?" "Yer i heard that, but i don't care" "It's gonna be so awsome, play games all day and night" What?! At my house?! Justin didn't ask me???? Hell no thay aren't staying if they are gonna be up ALL night...

The bell rung for lunch and i was the last one to leave the class with Ashley. We walked to my locker and then off to the cafeteria. When we got in we met Demi, and we walked up in the food line. I looked around the cafeteria and spotted Justin and the basket team at one table laughing. I needed to talk to him about that!


"girls i need to talk to Justin" I say and they nod. I walk to Justin and stands behind him, kinda pissed at him. They all stopped laughing when they saw me. "What are you looking at?" Justin asks confused. They all point at me and Justin turns around and smile at me. "Hey ba--" "I need to talk to you...NOw" I interrupt him, mad.

His smile frown and all the guys go "Ohh trouble", i roll my eyes and walk a little away from them. Justin follows me. "What is it?" "What the hell Justin?" He looks at me confused. "You can't just invite the hole team over to MY house without asking!!" I yell at him. I can see all the guys look at us. "Shit, i'm sorry Selena, i forgot to ask you" He say.

"I'm sorry please let me do it, they will hate me, if i don't" I cross my arms. "Look you can have them over, but please ask me next time!" I yell at him. His smile appears on his face, which makes me smile everytime. "Thank you , thank you, thank you Selly" He smile and hugs me tight. I hug back. He pulls away and looks me in the eyes. "I promise to still  flirt with you, and take care off you" He say smirking at me. I laugh and slap his arm joking. He kiss my cheek and walks back to the guys.


Justin's POV

I walked back to the guys after been talking to Selena. I sat down and kept eating my burger. "You are totally in love with her dude" Some of the guys start saying teasing me. But they were right...I am. I am in love with Selena, she is amazing, funny, beautiful and everything a guy is looking for in a girl. I just ignore them and roll my eyes.

We walk out off the building and i can see Selena taking her skateboard from her bag and starts rolling home. "Lets go dude, this is gonna be a heck of a night" ryan and Chaz says while smacking my back. I laugh and gets in my car.


Selena's POV

I got home on my skateboard and saw a couple of cool cars outside my house. I got inside and took off my shoes and jacket. I looked for the guys and saw them outside playing basketball. I smiled and walked out to them with some water. Some of the guys see me and stops the game. "Wow, wow girl alert" Some of the guys say. Justin and Ryan laughs and i smile.


"Sorry, i wasn't supposed to interrupt you guys" I say and sit down. "No it's okay, do you wanna play with us?" Ryan asks and the guys agree with him. "Umm..." I hesitate but then give in. I walks to them and takes the ball. "What do i do?" I ask holding the ball. "I think Justin should show you" One of them say winking at Justin. I giggle and looks at Justin. He puts his middlefinger up for him. I laugh and looks at him again.


He walks over to me and wrap his arms around me. He places his hand on mine and steps even closer to me. Oh god i could feel his breath against my neck. I shallow hard and he places his opther hand on mine. He lifts it up over my head and tells me to let go. I throw it and............Yes! I jump and screams of exciment. "Yay i did it" I laugh. "Okay guys you can just keep playing, i'm going inside" I say and walk inside. I walk in the kitchen and gets out a juice. I open it and drinks from the can. "Wow calm down" Someone interrupts me.


"Oh hey Chaz, i think" He laughs and nods which meant i got the name right. "I need to ask you something" "Umm sure" I say and close the fridge. "Do you like Justin?" I look at him confused over the question. "Like more than a friend?" "Oh i don't really know.." I say and look away. "It just looks like it" "Well yer we are just friends, nothing more" "Oh okay" He says and walks back out. I sigh and walks out again. I sit down with a magazine and opens it. I put on my sunglasses because it was pretty hot.


The guys were still playing and they had all taking their shirts off. God this was paradise for a girl... I guess you can say i checked Justin out...Alot maybe. He was so hot, and his abs was something to droll over.

I got interrupted of my checking out Justin thoughts when suddenly Brian was standing beside me. I looked up and smiled a fake smile. "What are all of these doing here?" He asked. I just kept quiet and looked over at Justin and met his brown gorgeous eyes. I motiened him to come over and he came right away. "Hey what up?" He asked and then looked and Brian who was standing with his arms crossed inside. I pointed and him. He went in to him and they talked for a few minutes.

Justin walked out again. "So?" I asked him. "He was okay with it" He smiled. I smiled and hugged him. We both pulled away and he went back over to the guys.


At 9.00 pm

I was sitting in the livingroom watching E! news. The guys were playing some game outside. "Hey hunny" Brian said walking in and sittin next to me. "Hey" I say focusing on the tv. "What do you say about going to six flags this weekend, when mom, Pattie, Madison, and Jake comes home, then we can all go there" He asks me. "Yes, that would be nice" I smile. "What are the guys doing?" I ask him switching the channel.


"Playing truth or dare, i thought that was just girls who played that" He laughed. "Yer i thought that too, i'm gonna check on them" I say and stand up taking the blanket with me. I walk out and see all the guys sitting around in a circle and with soda and candels and blankets. I smile at the sight of them having so much fun. I guess they havn't seen me yet. "Okay guys i have a question" Ryan say to them. I lean up the wall listening. "Who was your best kiss?" Ryan asks them all. "Ashley!" Zac shouts, but of course they have a thing for each other. "Umm i  think it is Lucy" One of them says. They keep talking and laughing.


"What about you Justin?" Chaz asks Justin. My smile frown and i look at him. "Um i don't really know" He stutter. "Come on dude!" Nick says, or i think that's his name. "Look i don't know" He say raising his voice at them. "Do you guys think Selena is a virgin?" One of them asks. What?! Why the hell do they wanna know that?


"I don't think so" "I think, she is" "No come on everyone wanna get her into bed" I heard them say. My mouth got wide, shocked of what they said. I walk backwards but suddenly. BANG!

And i was on the floor. I heard footsteps running and few seconds later all the guys was standing infront of me. "Selena?! What happened?" Chaz said helping me up from the floor. "I just fell because i ....didn't see the umm plant" I lied. I looked at all the guys just standing there.


"Excuse me" I said and walked out in the kitchen. I leaned in over the sink and sighed. I can't believe they would think i would sleep with any guy. "Sel?" I heard a voice behind me. "Gosh!" I turn around shocked. "Justin you scared me" I shout at him. "Sorry about that, are you okay?" "What do you mean?" I ask confused. "You sounded frustrated outside" He said taking some water. "Oh that" I look down. "Then what is it?" Justin asks sitting on the counter infront of me. "I was just surprised that everyone thought i wasn't a virgin".


Justin spit out his water. "You heard that?!" I nodded and a tear rolled down my cheek. "It wasn't all of us, not me and Chaz and Ryan" Justin said pulling me into a hug. I wrap my arms around his hips. "Well i am a virgin" I cry into his chest. He nods his head and someone interrupts us. "Dude are you coming?" All and i mean ALL of the guys were standing there seeing me cry. I pushed Justin away from me and walked to my room.


Later i walked downstairs and saw the guys watching some tv, or they were watching a game. I walked up to dvd shelf beside the tv. I looked through them and then saw titanic, and snapped it and walk upstairs again. I put the dvd in and clicked play. I walked out the bathroom and pulled my pants and shirt off and dropped my bra and pulled over a shirt. I heard my door go up and walked out to see Justin standing there with his hands in his pocket. "Hey are you okay babygirl?" He asked while sitting on my bed. I nodded and sat down next to him.


"Thank you" I said and pulled his shirt for a hug. He hugged back and kissed my cheek. What was that? I guess nothing. This was a sweet moment. He pulled away and saw the tv driving. "Titanic huh?" "Yer i love it, when i'm frustrated" I giggle a little. "Yes it is romantic" He says and is about to kiss my cheek but i turn my head around so our lips smash together.

I kiss back adding a little more passion to it. I place my hands on his neck and moves closer to him. What am i doing? I just told Chaz we were just friends. He kissed back, but sooner or later i pulled away, snapping out of the moment. "I'm so sorry" He said standing up. "Yer i'm sorry too, that was not supposed to happen" I say and fake a smile, knowing i enjoyed it. He walks out and i lay down under the blanket, and before i know it i was sleeping.


The next morning

I woke up from my phone beeping on the nightstand. It was playing wake me up. Another schoolday. Great. I groaned and stopped it, sat up and got out off bed. I opened my window and let the cold air in. It was snowing outside, but we are in November, so i guess that is normal. I walked into the bathroom and stripped naked and got in the shower.


After 5 minutés i got dry and walked out of the room in my panties and a black bra. I opened my closet and got some black jeans. Then i took a red sweater. I put on my ring and socks. I took my red converse and i closed the closet and got my money in my bag and my song book in too. I got my phone and threw it in too and cleaned up my bed, closed the window and walked downstairs.

I walked in the kitchen and got a waffle and a glass of juice. I turned on the little tv and watched Ellen. A few minutes later all the guys came out in the kitchen and got a waffle too. They ate it fast and then walked again. "Hey Justin?" I asked Justin before he walked out. "Yes?" "Can you close the door?" He closed the door and walked to me. "Whats up" "You know, what happened last night? Can we just forget about that?" I asked and looked down. He nodded and smiled and walked out.


Justin's POV'

I nodded and faked a smile. I didn't want to forget it. It was amazing really! I walked out to guys but a few minutes later we all had to get to school. We walked out and got in our cars. "Wait Justin!" I could hear Selena yell. I rolled down my window so i could  hear her. "Can i drive with you guys?" I nodded and she got in the car.

I parked the car and walked into school not waiting for Selena, just walking with the guys.


Selena's POV

I walked inside alone off to class. I sat down and got my books ready for the class to start.

At lunch i spotted Demi sitting with all the guys and Ashley too. All my friends. Great and there wasn't any room for me. I sat down at a table for myself and ate my food. I was sitting on the my phone when someone snatched it away from me.


"Hey! Give it back" I looked up and met Justin's gorgeous brown gazed eyes. "Why are you here alone?" I shruged my shoulders and looked away from him. I kept eating my food. "I feel like you are all ignoring me today, did i do something wrong?" I said still looking away from his eyes. He put his legs on each side of me and stroked my lap. "Hey hey we aren't ignoring you, and no you didn't" He said pulling me into him. I hugged back sighing. He kissed my head. "Hey you heard about the winter prom?" He said interrupting the silence. I nodded my head and looked at him. "It's awsome" I nodded and smiled at him.



Today we were all going to six flags, and i was sure it was going to be fun. I got some jeans and a sweater. My converse and a warm coat. I walked downstairs to see that everyone had arrived...even Ryan and Chaz. My smile frowned at the sight of them. Now Justin had them and he wouldnt be with me. Cheer up Selena!

I hugged them all and we drove there. We walked in the park. "Why don't we say that the teenagers can go from us, meet you here again around 5 pm!" Our parents said and walked away. The guys started walking and i just walked after them like a...i dont know. Suddenly they stopped and Justin turned around and took my hand and pulled me up next to him. I smiled of how sweet he was.

We stopped again at the wildest roller coaster of the park. "Come on baby, lets go in it" Just said and pulled me towards it. "No, no, no, no Justiiiiin" I whined when he had pulled me in the line. "It won't be that bad" He smirked and after 5 inutes it was us. We got in and i took Justin's hand and held it....TIGHT. It started out slow and then faster and faster. I was screaming like a pig seriously!


"That was sich!" I said as me and Justin got out. He nodded and took his arm around my shoulder. We walked to Chaz and Ryan who was standing at a calm rollercoaster. Where you just was sitting two in a cart and it drove you around. I saw Justin and Ryan making eyes to each other. "Hey babe lets go in this one"Justin said and we got in it. "What about Ryan and Chaz?" I asked confused. "They will get us an ice" He said. We got in a cart and got the seat belt on. The girl who was standing there started talking. "Enjoy the ride, no standing up or leaning over the sides" She said. We both nodded and it started driving.


"Gosh this is nice" I said smiling. "Yer but it is kinda dark" Justin said and took my hand and interwined his fingers in mine. I smiled at how he did that. It took about 5 minutes and then the ride was done.
We walked out to Ryan and Chaz who took Justin aside fast, and they talked about something, but i couldn't hear it. I was pretty confused. "Lets get something to eat!" Chaz yelled and pulled me towards the big stage and the many people who was there. We sat down at a table and ordered some food.

Justin suddenly stands up and walks up the stage. "What is he doing?" I asked Chaz confused. "Just watch" Chaz said. I looked at Justin on the stage.

"Hey everybody! I got something to ask a special person. And she means so so much to me." And he just kept saying the sweetest powerfull romantic words for me. "So here's the big question" And when he said that he walked down to me with a red rose. "Selena? Will you go to prom with me?" All the people was standing with their cameras snapping pictures. A tear rolled down my cheek and i nodded slow.


Everyone started clapping and shouting. I stood up and hugged Justin as tight as possible. This was so sweet. He was so sweet. I pulled my head away so i could look at him, even if my tears was running from my eyes. "You're the best Justin" I said kissing his cheek. "This was so sweet" "Well you deserve to have the best date to prom right?" He said pulling away and giving me the red rose.

I laughed and hugged him once again. This moment was magical, being invited to a prom was my dream. And this way was just even better. And with this guy is just 1000 better. He is a keeper! Okay i admit it......


I'm in love............With Justin.




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