Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


4. 4. He likes you!

Three days later

Selena's POV

I grabbed a apple and made my way out of the door, waiting for Demi. Madison followed standing on her phone. Can't believe that kid got an iphone! Demi pulled up next to us and we got in. Three minutes later we pulled into the schools parkinglot. Me and Demi walked in on the hallway and we stood at our locker talking when suddenly a girl bumps into. She just keep walking with two other's behind her.

"Aren't you gonna apoligize?" I yell after her. Demi stops me. "What is it?" I whisper to her. "She's new and she's a real witch" "No she's annoying" I say and look back at the girl who was walking against me. "No i'm not, you bumped into me" She said cold when she reached us. "No it was you who bumped your fat ass into me" I said raising my voice. "Excuse me?!" She yelled putting her hand on her chest schocked. "You're excused" I smirked and turned around.


"Why don't you shut up and give the hole in your face a chance to heal" She smirked making the people on the hallway look at us. I turned around and glared at her. "Look, you aint funny. Your life is just a joke" I said to her. "Ohhhhh" All the people on the hallway said. They started doing a circle around us.

I saw Ryan and Justin come through the door looking at all the people. "Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?" She yelled a little of me. Justin and Ryan was looking at me waiting for my answer to her. "Well....With a face like yours, I wish I was blind" "Ohhhhhhhhhh burn Allison" All the people laugh. "I fart to make you smell better" She smirked. Thats all she got!? God she sucks...

"Why are you here? Did someone leave your cage open?" I said making everyone clap and laugh. '"Are you always an idiot, or just when I'm around?" She said. I clearly had everyone on my side. "Shock me, say something intelligent" I say being shocked. Everyone laughs and then the bell goes off. I smirk and unfornatuly i had class with her. Justin walked over to me and hugged me. "Great job girl!" He said highfiving me. I laughed and linked arms with him. We were having the first class together.


We sat down next to her. Today we were Just doing our projeckt, writing an story inspired by a song. I turned on spotify and played a song from 2010. Justin poked my shoulder, and i took out my headphones and looked at him. He pointed to Allison who was looking at me. "That song is so old" She smirked making the class laugh. Not Justin, he just looked at me waiting for an good answer. "Well so is your mom, but you still listen to her!" I smirk and make the teacher even laugh. I smile and put in the headphones again.



I walked out of school and met my sister at the parking lot. "Lets walk today" I say to her and starts walking. She nods and walks up to me. "I heard you burned a girl today" She smirked at me. "Haha yes i did, it was awsome" I laughed.

We walked home and i got up in my room and went on facebook. I logged in and saw i had 3 new messages. From Justin: 10. Demi: 5. Vanessa: 2.

I checked Vanessa's first.

Vanessa: Hey girlie, how are you in Stratford? :) Let me know, call sometime


I smiled and checked Demi's.

Demi: Hey bestiiiii
Can i come over????
Answer fast!!

Dickhead answer me!!

I'm coming over at 5, sleeping there, see ya

I laughed and checked the time. 4.50. Ten minutes more.

I clicked on Justin's name.

Justin: Hey sel skype?! Now???


Please answer!


Selena :(

Gosh you never answer....



Still love you :-*

Answer meeeee

Selena: Skype! Call me in 5!!

Justin: Right, thank you

I laughed and locked on skype. I took of my shirt and changed it to a tank top. I took of my pants and changed into some sweatpants. I sat on the bed and got my hair in a messy bun. Soon Justin called me on skype. I pressed answer. and with webcam. A smile spreed across my face when Justin's face popped up on the screen.

"Hey beautiful...that is your name right?"Justin said making a kiss mouth. "Hey handsome" I laughed. Sooner or later Demi came through the door. "Who are you talking to?" Demi asked and sat next to me. "Oh hey Justin!" She said waving to him. "Hey Demi!" He said waving back to her. ""Do you have any raisins?" Justin asked. "No?" "Then How about a date?" He said smirking. I looked at Demi and laughed. Demi whispered something to me. "Totally likes you" She siad. I shake my head as a no. She nods and smiles.

"Selly?" Justin asked. I turned to him. "What?" "Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?" "Stop Justin!" I say blushing totally. "Why?" He winked. "Because you are gonna make me fall down the bed!" I say looking at him laughing. "You may fall from the bed, you may fall from a tree but the best way fall in love with me" He say making me blush like crazy and Demi smiling at us.

"Awww Young love" Demi say making a funny face. I look at her weird. "It's not love..." I say to her. "Maybe not from your side" She smirks and sits next to me again. "You know what?" Justin say to me. "What?" I smile at him. "It's a good thing i have my library card" "Why?" I ask confused. "Because.....I will be totally checking you out!!" I laugh and blush again like crazy. "Stop it Justin!" I shout stopping laughing. "Why?" He pouts. "Because you make me blush....." "So?...." He asks. "Forget it" I say and smile at him. I loved his smile. It was great to look at, especially his eyes...gosh i loved his eyes. Brown chocalate sweet beautiful eyes. What am i saying about my best friend?!


I thought of what Demi said. Maybe he was in love with me. That is why he is saying all these things about me. He just want me to realise that he means it all......god this is confusing. I decided to flirt a little back.

"Did the sun come up or was it just you smiling at me?" I say flirting. He laughs and giggle. "You're sweet..." He say smirking. "So are you" I say smirking back. I laugh and my mom comes up to us. "Hey girls, dinner is ready" she say sweet and then see me smiling at the screen. "Who are you talking to?" She asks walking over.

"Hey Mandy!" Justin smiles. "Oh Hey Justin" She says waving at him. "We'll go eat now babe, you okay without me?" I say smirking at him. "I don't really know about that.....Mandy?" He asks my mom. "yes Justin?" She asks walking to the screen again. "Is Selena's dad a art thief?" "No why?" She asks confused. "Because she's a masterpiece" Demi laughs and my mom giggles and raise her eyebrow at me.

"What is going on between you two?" "Nothing" I say fast. "Yer right, nothing...nothing at ALL" Demi say giggling. Me moms shakes her head and walks out. "Enough with the flirting, bye Justin" I say and step of the bed. "bye baby" I hear him say. Me and Demi walks downstairs.


"He totally likes you" "Why do you think that" "I wasn't born yesterday you know" She smirks and sits down at the table. "Well he don't" "Come on it's obvious! and you like him too" Demi say cutting the pizza out. "No i don't! Just as a friend" "Then why all of this flirting?" She asked sitting down with my mom and sister and my sisters friend Jessica.

"I don't know, it's just him" "Well you blush, that must mean something" "Well it doesnt" I say and sit down too. "I just think that he tries to show you he likes you" "no he doesn't! He doesn't like me that way" I say taking a bite off the pizza. "Then why did you kiss?" She asks. "You kissed?!" My sister yells at me. "What?...How do you know that?" I whisper to Demi. "Ryan told me, Justin told him, that must mean it is SOMETHING to him" Demi say taking a bite of her pizza.

I was really thinking off the things Demi kept saying. I mean we havn't talked about the kiss, but i didn't like him that way! Or did i? I dont know seriously...


"Selena sweetheart?" My mom asked taking the dishes. "Yes?" I said on the way up the stairs. "Me and Justin's mom is going on a trip next week, and Jake and Madison will be on a trip too, with the class" "And..?" "That means Justin i staying over here with you and Brian" "Where is his dad?" "Well he is working" "Uhh watch them Brian" Demi smirked at me. "Why?" My stepdad asked. "Things may happen" She smirked again. I slapped her arm. "Well that's great news, a hole week with Justin" "yes, but remember the letter about if you got the job is coming tomorrow" "I know" I say to my mom and walks after Demi up in the room.


I searched for a job at the baker down next to the school. "I really hope i get that job, i need some money" "Yer i cross my fingers for you" Demi say side-hugging me. Demi starts running into my room and hops on the bed. "Hey Justin, we are back!!" She says smiling. Justin shows up on the screen smiling. "Heeey, i missed you" He whines joking. I laugh and sits on the bed. "You heard about next week?" "Yes i did, it awsome!" He smiles. "I'm coming over some days" Demi say. "And we would be so happy if you did" I say side - hugging Demi.


"Well we should sleep now, bye Justin!" Demi says laying under the blankets. "Yes we should, bye babe" I say waving to Justin. "Bye babygirl love ya" He say smiling. "Love you too Justin" I say and hang up, and lie down next to Demi drifting off to sleep.


Next morning

"Girls get up, school is waiting" My mom say opening the window to get some fresh air inside my room. I sat up, and rubbed my eyes. I looked over at Demi who was still sleeping, i smirked and stood up. I started jumping in the bed. "GET UP DICKHEAD" I started yelling many times before i landed on the floor. "Stop it idiot" Demi say and step out of the bed and walk into the bathroom. She starts doing her makeup and hair. I laugh and starts doing my hair and makeup too. I went out and pulled some jeans and a black t shirt on. I took my ring on and a gold necklace. I smiled and took my black converse on. I took my soft winterjacket on.

"Lets go Demz" I say and walk out of the door. She followed and and we took a waffle and a glass of milk. "Goodmorning girls, Selena theres a letter for you" Brian say as he walks inside. I turn around and take the letter and opening it fast knowing what it was. I open it and read it:............You got the job, congratulations. "Argh!!!! I got it!!" I yell and hug Demi tight. "I'm so happy for you Sel!!!" Demi yell and pull away. I smile and grab my bag and phone and waves to my parents and me and Demi drives to school. Madison was taking the bus with her friend today. "I gotta tell Justin!" I say really happy because i got it. Demi just smiled at me.


We parked the car and i saw Justin standing with a whole bunch of guys. I smiled and stepped out of the door. I looked at Demi with a look. "Go tell him" Demi say happy. I smile and start running in Justin's direction. "JUSTIN!!" I yell. All the guys turn around and look at me, Justin smiles and starts walking my direction. We reach each other and i look at him in the eyes. "I got the job!" I smile. "What! Omg!" He say and hug me tight lifting me from the ground and spinning me around.

"I'm so happy for you baby!" He say kissing my cheek. I smile at the thought "Baby". I hug him tighter and he lets go of me. "Go to the guys again" I say to him and turn around to walk to Demi. He takes my hand i turns me around. "You're coming" He say while pointing at me. I smile and nods.


We reach the guys and they all starts talking again, and i just stand there awkward listening to the basketball and soccer they were talking about. One of guys were checking me out and winking to me. I looked at him in disgust and glared at him before it slipped out. "It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork" He stood there shcoked, and it caused everyone to look at me schocked.


"Excuse me?" He said, I just kept glaring at him. "If you were twice as smart, you would still be stupid" He said glaring at me. "You must have been born on a highway, cuz that's where the most accidents happen" I said walking away. All the guys just stood there shocked that i would ever say that to someone from the basketball team. He walks and grabs my arm. "Who the hell do you think you are, you can't say that?" He yell at me in my face causing everyone at the school to look at us. Justin was about to grab him, but Ryan held him back.

"I'm Selena, and yes i can" I told him cold. "No, i'm from the basketball team" "So? Just because you're from the basketball team doesn't mean you can check me out, and it doesnt mean you goodlooking because you're not" I say to him cold again.

"Are you kidding me bitch!" He yelled pushing me a little, everyone was looking at us. Demi was standing beside Justin and Ryan and even my sister and her class was looking at us. "I am pretty!!" He yelled again. "Yes you are pretty.........pretty stupid" I say and glare at him. "Fucking bitch!" He yells in my face. And without thinking a hit him right in the face, making his nose bleed. "Omg i'm so so sorry!" I say, because i wasn't thinking at all. Violence is never the right way.

Justin ran to me and took me inside. "Omg what just happened?!" I yell frustrated. "I really wasn't supposed to hit him, he just annoyed....." "Shhh it's okay, he was being a dick to you" Justin say putiing his arm around me and walking to class.



After school

I walk outside and looks around after Justin, Ryan and Demi. We were hanging out today. I spotted them at Demi's car and walked to them. Justin spotted me and smiled. I smiled back at the thought of affection i had on him. "Hey baby" He said and kissed my cheek. "Hey Justin" I giggled and hugged him tight. I saw Ryan and Demi wiggling their eyebrows. I put up my middlefinger and glared at them. "Lets go lovebirds" Ryan interrupted and pulled Justin away from me. Was i really starting to like him? Maybe i was....


"We are here now" Demi said and parked at the movies. We got out of the car and walked inside. "What should we watch?" Justin asks us all. Me and Demi look a lot at Safe Haven. "What about this?" Me and Demi both say and point at the movie. They look at it nods okay. We walk and order tickets. We walk into the candy store and then Demi and Ryan and Justin is taking all the candy they could get.

I just walked to the coke and took 1. We walked to pay and i was paying last. I put it on the desk and was about to pull my wallet out, when justin stopped me. "No i got it" "Justin...." "No it's fine" He say and takes his wallet out. "'s just a coke" I say. "Your point?" He smirks. I just roll my eyes and lets him pay it. We walks in and sit down.

Demi sits and then Ryan and then Justin and then me. "I'm just gonna pee before it starts" I say and stands up and walks out. Justin followed me. I walked into the bathroom to pee, washed my hands and walked out to find Justin leaning up against the wall. I laughed at him. "What are you doing Justin?" "Nothing...Just didn't want you to go alone.." He smirked. We walked back in and sat dwon.

Halfway though the movie, Justin did the trick so his arm lands around me. I giggle and lay my head on his chest. He kiss my head and holds my hand. I saw Demi smirking at us. I rolled my eyes and kept on with the movie.


We walked out of the teater and walked to the car. We drove to my house first and we stepped out. I hugged Demi first and then Ryan. I walked to Justin and he just grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer. I giggled and took my arms around his neck and hugging him. He hugged back and kissed my cheek. I smiled and pulled away. I walked inside and waved at them.

I may like Justin..... just a tiny bit.



If you havn't watched Safe haven go watch it!! It's so sweet!! And Josh Duhamel is extrem HOT


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