Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


3. 3. Movie night with family

Selena's POV 

I woke up from my phone buzzing on the nightstand next to me. I groaned and sat up rubbing my eyes. Pretty strange. It was a text not a call. Demi used to call at this time. She never texted me. I unlocked my phone and saw a text from some random number: 

Random: Hey Selena! 

Selena: Who are you? 

Random: Oh sorry it's Justin, are you awake? 

Selena: Oh hey and no i'm texting in my sleep

Justin: Haha. Not funny, so you need a ride for school? 

Selena: Well let me just tell Demi

Justin: So it's a yes? :D 

Selena: Yes :) 

Justin: Great! Pick you up in 20 minutes. 

Selena: See ya! :) 


I found Demi's number and texted her right away. 

Selena: Hey are you awake

Demi: Sorry i can't drive you today.. I'm sick ;( 

Selena: WHAT? You leave me alone at school you dickhead

Demi: Sorry :( 

Selena: No it's okay, get better soon, love ya

Demi: Thank you, love ya too


I locked my phone and walked to the bathroom, i curled my hair like last night, and got some mascara on. I changed my bra and panties, and walked out to find a outfit. I got jeans and a black top with text on. I took a black scarf and my soft winter jacket on. It was cold outside. When it was in november it was always cold. I went downstairs and took a apple with a glass of juice.

Soon it knocked on the door. "Madison!! Let go!" I yelled getting my bag, phone and shoes on. I opened the door and saw Justin standing with a cap, a warm jackets, supras, and jeans. Wait? With sunglasses. Gosh that boy was special. Madison ran out the door and saw Justin standing there. "Why is he here?" She asks confused. "Bye mom!" I yell and close the door behind me. "Because he i taking us too school" I say and get in the passenger seat.

Madison sits in the back with Jake. "But it's always Demi" "Well Demi is sick today" I say and put my seat belt on. Justin turns to me while Madison and Jake are sitting quiet on the back seat. "never got to say goodmorning" He smirk. I smirk back at him. "Goodmorning Sunshine" he smirks, totally flirting. "Goodmorning Justin" I roll my eyes a him. He laughs and parks the car. 

We get out of the car and wave at Madison and Jake. Me and Justin walks side by side into school when suddenly a group of guys whistles at us. or at me. "Nice ass girl!" One of them shouts. "I would do you right away!" Another one of them shouts making them all laugh. I walk closer to Justin who was just ignoring them. He notices and takes his arm around me. "Get lost!" Justin yells pointing his middlefinger at them. They smirk and finishes the smoking they had going on.


We walk in and Justin walks to his locker. I just follow him even though my locker isn't there. "hey dude...." Ryan starts but then sees me. "And girl" He shallows hard. "Selena" I say holding my hand out for him to shake it. Justin just stands there taking his books out of the locker. "Hey i'm Ryan" He says and shakes my hand. I smile at him. "Dude, what's going on?!" Ryan say patting Justin's shoulder. "Nothing" Justin answers taking my hand and walking off to our first class which we had together.

He was being really protective over me, because i didn't like what happened before. Ryan catched up with us. "Wow wow why are you holding hands?" Ryan asks confused. "look dude i'll explain in class" He say and walk into class with us. Ryan follows and sits next to Justin. I sat down next to nobody but infront of Justin and Ryan. Justin was explaining the thing with the guys outside. "Wow, i understand, i'll help you at anytime Selna" He says caring. I laugh at him saying my name. "It's Selena" "Ohh right" He looks down. I turn around and listen to the teacher. 


Finally it was lunch time. I sat with Justin and Ryan, making people wondering since we hated each other. But i don't hate Justin anymore. I more liked him, but only as a friend. I promise. 


After school


I walked to Justin's classroom and waited outside. I slide down the wall, taking my iphone out when the door opened. Mrs Coder came out and looked at me. "Are you okay Selena?" She asked me while i stood up. I nodded at her "Yes, just waiting for a friend" She nodded and smiled at me. She walked away and all the people rushed out of the classroom, except Ryan and Justin. I walked in and saw them packing their things together. "Hey guys" I say and walk slow to them in the back. They look up and Justin smile at me. "Hey ba- Sel" He say and then looked down fast. He was just about to call me babe, aww. He is so sweet. I smiled and just stood there waiting for them. Then they finished and we walked out of school. Justin was walking in the middle and i slipped my arm into his. He smiled and kissed my head. He was the greatest friend. 


When Justin was about to unlock the cardoor i interrupted him. "Hey Justin" He looked up and put his hand on the roof. "My mom called and we are going to yours for the night, also my parents, we are all having this "Movie night" that's what my mom calls it" I say and look at him smiling. "Well that's great!" He say and sits in the car. Madison and Jake was still in school so we had to wait a little more. "Should i drop you off at your so you can get some things with you?" He asks turning on the radio. I nod and start patting my lap to the music. Finally Madison and Jake shows up and we drive to my house. 


We get out and go inside our house. "Hey mom" "Hey sweetie, Hey Justin" "Hey Mandy" Justin say gently and shake my moms hand. I walk upstairs followed by Justin. I grab my big bag and starts to find my stuff. "Nice room" Justin says looking around the room. "Thank you" I say and find some leggins and a big sweater for the night. I grabbed my pink bra and a black panties. "Aren't you having this with you?" Justin asks while smirking. I turn around and look at him holding my black thong. I grab it from him and giggle. "Stop it".

I zip my bag up and takes my phone. "Lets go Justy" I say with a girly attitude and grab his hand. He giggles and we walk downstairs to find Madison and Jake waiting for us. "You take forever, what did you do up there?" Jake asks us. "You don't even wanna know" Justin smirks making me giggle. "Bye girls, me and Brian will come in an hour" My mom say as she waves at us. "Bye mom!" We both yell and get in Justin's Car. 



At Justin's

I set my bag down on the floor and hugged Pattie and Jeremy. Me and Justin walked upstairs to his room and i lied down on his bed tired. He looked at me and smiled. "What?" I asked him sitting up. "Nothing" He smirked. I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. I opened the door to see Justin sitting on the bed. "I'm just taking an shower Justin" He nodded and smiled. I turned the hot water on and stripped down my clothes.


I stepped in the shower and thought about the first thing which popped up. Justin. What?!  How can the first thing i think about be Justin?! This i weird... Mabe i like him, more than a friend. No way, we just became friends yesterday. But i already felt like i have known him for years, like my best friend. 

I stepped out, took my thong and bra on. I looked around. Shit! I forgot my clothes out with Justin. I peeked out through the door and saw Justin still laying on the bed watching  basketball. God he was obsessed. "Justin can you give my bag?" "Nope" He smirked still looking at screen. I groaned and opened the door wide open. "Don't look" I said and walked over to my bag covering up. I Got my sweatshirt out and some leggins, and got them on. I turned around and saw Justin checking me out. I smirked and walked over to him. If he wanted it that way, i would flirt. And he would flirt back. 

I crawled up the bed and placed my body on his. He smiled and sat up leaning against the wall. I looked him right in the eyes, when suddenly the door fly open and there Jake, Madison and Pattie stands. I get off Justin fast and look at them embarressed.

"I knew you were kissing!" Jake yelled at us."We weren't kissing" Justin mumbled. "Looked like it" Jake mumbled smirking back at him. "Well what do you want?" "Our movienight starts now, get down and take your pillows and everything you need. We are having some pizza first". 


Justin's POV

Me and Selena took everything with us downstairs. We took some pizza and then sat down on the sofa next to Madison and Jake. Our parents sat down on some madrasses infront of us. They put in marley and me with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. We were half way through the movie when Selena leans up against me. I put my arm around her and keep on watching the movie. After 15 minutes i looked down at Selena, who was already looking at me. Our eyes met and we both leaned in at the same time. So close to kissing her perfect lips!

"This is so sad!" My mom and Mandy interrupts us. We both snap out of it and sit like before. The sad scene began, and i looked at Selena who had tears rolling down her cheeks sniffing in at all time. Everyone of the girls was crying. I dried selenas tears and pulled her tight in to me. That sounded wrong but you know what i meant. 

When the movie ended it was 10.30 and we put on the proposal. Only girl movies. Typical! After 10 minutes Selena stands up "I need to use the bathroom, excuse me" She say and walk out there. I stand up and walk after her. When she comes out of the bathroom i pull her back in and she looked at me surprised. "What are you doing Justin?" She asked confused.


That's the thing i don't know!! "I don't know, i'm sorry" I say and we sneak out of the sofa again. When the movie ends all of the parents walk out to get some cake and coffee in the kitchen. Jake was already sleeping, so was Madison. I looked at Selena who looked so tired. I lay down on couch pulling the blanket over me. I pat the spot next to me. "Come here babygirl" She nod and lies down with me. I pull the blanket over her and pulls her close to me. I was about to kiss her cheek but she turn around and i smash my lips on her perfect soft lips. She kissed back. I felt something inside of me.


I pulled away and smiled at her. 


Know i knew i was i love... With her. 



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