Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


22. 22. I'm just scared

Last time in Jelena... 

Next morning

I wake up with a sharp pain in my stomach. I cut a face and open my eyes. "Demi" I say and shake her a bit. She mumbles and turn around facing me. "What?" She says not even opening her eyes. "The pain is back.." I shake her. She opens her eyes and sit up. She gets out of bed and throws some clothes at me. "Lets go" She says and pulls on some jeans and a black top. "Where?" "The doctor". "No Demi, please i don't want to know" "You have too" She says and makes a dissapointed face at me. "Ugh fine" I says and throw on some tight black pants and a white tight long sleeve. I do a fast makeup, still pretty enough to go out, and some black leather vans. I grab my jacket and i straighten my hair a bit, and puts on some jewelry. "Have you even made an appointment?" I asked Demi putting on my jacket. "No, but they usually have time on a thursday" She says and opens the door and walks out. I follow her downstairs where the guys were sitting, and their heads turn around as they hear footsteps coming down the stairs. 

"Where are you going?" Justin asks as he stands up and walks to me. "Umm getting some breakfast" i answer nervous. He looks at me a little weird but lets it go and kisses me one both cheeks. "K baby" He says and smiles. "Wait can't we go?" Christian asks confused. I look at Demi but turns back. "Girl talk today" I answer with a smile. He nods understanding. "Lets go Sel" Demi says and opens the door. I kiss Justin and smile "See you later" He nods and smiles. "Love you" "Love you too" I say and close the door. 


At the Doctor

"Can you fit my best friend in for today?" Demi asks the check in lady. She checks her schedule. "Yes i think we can, in about 10 minutes" She answers with a smile. Demi smiles "Perfect" I roll my eyes a bit and looks around. "Just take a seat, and we'll call your name when its time" She says with a smile. Demi nods and walks to the sofa and sits down. I follow and sit beside. "It's your lucky day huh?" Demi says. I look at her annoyed. "Sorry" She says and looks away. I look around and my eyes spot a couple, where the woman were pregnant. I smile a bit and keep looking at them. They were so sweet. It looked like the belly was soon gonna break and there would come a little baby boy or girl out. "Selena Gomez" I suddenly hear my thoughts getting ruined by. I shake my head a bit and look at the doctor. "Come with me please" I nod and follows him. Demi follows behind me.


In the doctors room

"So i hear you have pain in your stomach" He says and looks at his paper. I nod and put my jacket on the chair. "Lets take a look, have you taken a pregnancy fast?" I shake my head and look at him. He nods "Then we'll just see if you are pregnant" He says and tells me to lie down. I lie down and pull up my shirt. He starts taking a look. "So?" I say nervous looking at him. His face was emotionless. "Well it looks like you were pregnant" "What do you mean were?" I look at him confused. Demi gasps and stands up. I look at her "What?" "I'm sorry Selena" She says and looks at me sad. "It looks like you unfortunately lost the baby, pretty fast after it happened, have you been bleeding for the past days?" I think a bit, and my eyes widen. "Yea, i did last night, when the pain came, i just didn't tell anyone" "That explains it, i'm sorry" He says and hands me a tissue. My eyes begins to water and i pull my shirt down. Demi hugs me. "It's okay sweetie" "I feel like i killed someone" I cry out. "It happens to a lot of girls in your age" The doctor says. "Really?" He nods and smiles a bit. "Lets go sweetie" Demi says and puts my jacket on me. I dry my eyes a bit, and stands up. "Thank you doctor" I say and shake hands with him. "You're welcome" He says and follows us out. 


"I can't believe i lost a child Demi" I say and slams the door in the car. "Me neither, wanna go to a club?" She asks with a smirk. "Are you crazy? I just lost a child, and its 10 am" I say shocked. "Then we go to the beach, then go to a club" She smirks and starts driving. I look at her confused. "Why do you wanna go to a club so bad?" I ask her. "I miss having a boyfriend" She whines. I laugh and opens my window a bit. "Fine, i'll call Justin" I say and pull out my phone. "Is he okay with you going out to a club?" Demi says but then Justin answers "Hey baby" "Hey hun, me and Demi won't be home until late tonight" I say. Demi looks at me as she stops the car at a station. "Why?" "We are going out shopping all day" i lie. She gasp a little. "Oh okay, then i'll se you tonight, love you" he says and hangs up fast. I look at the phone confused. "What the" I say and turns it off. "I wonder what he is going to do today" Demi says and smirks. "Stop Demi, he is staying at home" "Yea right, why did he hang up fast then?" "I don't know, maybe the guys were playing" I shrug my shoulders. "Yea right, probably going to a strip bar" She says and keeps driving. 


At home - Justins POV 

"Guys seriously if the girls finds out, we are dead" i say as the guys gets ready. "We just need to be home at 10 pm, then they won't kill us" Ryan says getting his shoes on. "You guys are sick" "Come on, going to a club at night is normal for guys on our age" They say and laugh. I shrug my shoulders. "Yea your right" I lock the door and we get it the car. 


Selenas POV

"Here we are" Demi says and parks at the club in central city. "God i'll totally regret this later" "But later isn't now, lets go" Demi yells and grabs my hand and walks inside. We had been shopping and i was now wearing a white short tight dress with leather jacket and beautiful jewelry. My hair was curled and my makeup was made my a professional. Demi was wearing a black tight dress with turtleneck, and high red heels matching her lipstick. "I feel really feel bad about this Demz" I say as we walk inside. She laughs and just keeps walking. 

"Heyyyyy girls, wanna dance?!" Some guy yells and pulls us with him. He starts dancing around us fast and weird. I look at Demi but she was gone. Oh god...


"Demi!" "Demi!" I kept yelling after her around the room. "Hey look at that ass" i heard a familiar voice yell. "Ryan?" I thought for a second and turned around. I almost fell backwards at the sight. "Justin?!" I yelled walking to their table. He looked at me shocked. "What are you doing here!" We both yelled at the same time. "You said you were shopping!" He yelled at me. "Well, you lied too!" He shook his head and took a grip of my arm and pulled me outside. The guys followed behind. 

"Please explain to me!" He said. I looked around shivering. It was cold and dark. "Why did you lie?" He asked again. "Can we talk about at home? I'm freezing!" I yell shaking. He sighs and nods. "Come on guys, in the car!" He yells and walks to the car. I walk behind them and sits in the back with Christian, and Chaz. Justin starts the car and starts driving. I pull my phone out to write to Demi, she can take my car home, when she wants to. I put it back down and lie against the window. "Are you kidding?!" Justin yells when he needs to stop at a traffic light. (Don't know what its called) I look at him fast, then look away. Chaz starts taking off his coat. There was no heat in the car so i was shaking. He puts the jacket around me and side hugs med tight. I smile a bit. I Look at him. "Thank you" I mouth to him. He smiles and looks at the road. 


"Dude, we are out of gas" Ryan says to Justin. "Fuck!" He yells and pulls in at the side. We were in the middle of no where. There are 10 miles to the nearest city from here. He pulls in at a gas station and stops. They all get out of car and starts looking around. I stay in the car. They start talking a little away from the car. I step out of the car, and start walking to them. "So?" I ask them. They look at me. "There are no service and we are 11 miles from the nearest city, we gotta stay here" Justin says and looks at me. 




I hope u like it - Freja 

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