Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


21. 21. Biggest dream......worst nightmare

"Selena will you marry me?".

I stand there shocked and nervous. What was i gonna say? Yes? No? We are both too young to do this. I mean getting married, then the next step is having a kid or having a house. We didn't even graduate yet. But then again, i love him more than anything and this just shows how much he loves me. I smile to myself but then hears a cough. I snap out if it and looks around then at Justin sitting on his knee really nervous staring at me. A big smile forms on my lips. I nod "Yes i'll marry you" I say with tears in my eyes. A smile lights up on his face and he brings the ring on my finger. Then stands up and kisses me passionately. I kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck. We both pull away. "I love you so much" He whispers against my lips. I smile and kiss him. "I love you too". 
Suddenly people started laughing and laughing and laughing. All i could hear was laughing and someone yelling "Selena". "Selena, Selena, Selena" The voice became louder and louder and louder. 

"Selena!" I snapped out of it and looked to see Justin standing infront of me and people around looking at me worried. "What?" I asked him. "You have been blacked out for the past 10 minutes" "I have?" I ask him worried. This was all an imagination? What? I cant believe it...

"What happened?" I ask him. "I just walked down to you and then you blacked out, i didn't even say anything" He says worried. "Really?" He nods. I smile and look at all the people. "Oh i'm sorry guys" I laugh akward trying to avoid all the stares. "Come on" Justin says and take my hand, walking outside. He closes the door and lets go of my hand, and looks at me. "What?" I ask him yelling a little. "You just blacked out, what happened?" "I dont know, i was just so nervous and then an imagination just came up in my head, showing what you were gonna do" I shrug my shoulders.
"Really? What was i gonna do?" He smirk. "Umm nothing" I say, not wanting to say i dreamt him proposing. "Come on!!" He whine. "Justin no.." I whine back turning around and around, trying to keep warm. "Baby...." Justin whine stepping closer and wrap his arms around me tight. "Justin you're gonna kill me" I whine out. "Please tell me" He says and starts kissing my neck. "O-okay fine!" I say pushing him off me and turning around facing him. He smiles with a little smirk. "I blacked out and imagined you propoing to me" I mumble out. He looks at me with wide eyes. "Propose to you?!" He yells in shock. I nod slowly and look down my feet. "Baby hats adorable" He says and takes my hands and interwines mine in his. I look up at him. He leans in and kiss my lips slwoly. "That will happen, but not at this time" he smiles and kiss me again. 

"Guys" Pattie says interrupting us. "Are you gonna come inside again? Justin do you still wanna ask her?" SShe ask smiling at him. I look at him confused. He looks at me and smiles. "Well....i will, but not right now" He answers back. She nods and waves us inside. We nod and walk inside.


Later that night...

"guys i'm gonna go to bed now" Justin says and smiles. "I'm coming soon baby" I say and blow him a kiss. He nod and walks upstairs. "Selena?" Jeremy ask me. I look at him and smile. "what?" "Do you think you can take Jake to his basketball game tomorrow?" "Yea sure, what about Justin?" I ask him. "Well he invited the guys over so do you think you can entertain Jake all day tomorrow? Justin will be with the guys all day and we will be out, celebrating our anniversary, okay?" He looks at me and then at Jake. I nod and smile. "Thats fine, we'll find out omething to do, right Jake?" I ask looking at him. He nods and smiles. "Well i'm gonna go to bed, night guys" I say and puts my coffee cup on the table and walks upstairs. I walk in and see Justin laying in the bed on his stomach checking his phone. I close the door making him look at me. I smile and walk to the bathroom, and change into sweatpants and a grey top. Put my hair in a bun and puts on some hot socks. It is pretty cold here in the winter. And in 3 days its new years eve. (Justin and his parents house is PRETTY BIG) (Justins bedroom, + bathroom) 

I walk out and turn the lights off and the big lights off, so its only Justin bedlight which is on. Justin groans and makes a hurt face. I look at him worried while climbing in bed. "Whats wrong babe?" I ask sitting next to him. "I have a headache" He says and puts his phone down and turns around on the back. "You want a pill?" "If you have one, please" He groans. I grab my bag and finds two pills and takes the glass water next to him. He sits up and takes the water, then the pills. He puts down the water and lies down again. "Better?" I ask him worried. He nods and closes his eyes. I nod and lie down facing the window, looking atthe stars.


Suddenly Justin wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck slowly. I smile and enjoy the moment. "Baby?" Justin says. "Mmm" I mumble out trying to sleep. "You know we have almost been a couple for 6 months now" (cant remember how long, but lets just say this) I smile at the thought. "Yea, its amazing" I say and turn around facing him. "I love you, beautiful" Justin says putting a lock of hair behind my ear. I smile and blush. "I love you too baby" I say and kiss him slowly but passionately. He roll on top kissing me harder. We start to makeout as Justin bring his hand to my ass and grabs it hard making me moan. He breaks the kiss and start kissing my neck instead. "Justin...." I moan. "Mmm" He mumbles. He starts taking of my pants, then my undies and my top leaving me naked beneath him. He kisses me all the way down. He smirks then continues. (You know what happens) 

Next morning...

I walk downstairs in some yogapants and a one of Justin big grey sweatshirts, with my hair in a bun and big warm socks. "Goodmorning sweetie" Pattie says giving me a cup of tea. "Morning, umm where is Justin?" "He and the guys are in the gym" (They have like a basketball/gym kinda of thing. I nod and walk to the gym. I open the door and smile at the guys sweating and running around with no shirts on. Jason, one of the friends, whistles at me making them all look. Justin smiles and makes a timeout sign. He runs over to me and kisses me goodmorning. "Morning sexy" I smirk standing close to his lips. "hey hey thats my nickname for you" He smirks. "Sup Sel" Ryan and Chaz says coming up to me. "Hey guys" i smile.

"Wowowowowow you guys had sex last night didn't you?" They ask and winks at us. I blush and hide in Justins arm. "How was it Jay?" they smirk. "guys!" I yell looking at them. "Amazing" He asnwers with a big smile. I look at Justin annoyed. "What?" He smirks. "They do not need to know about our sexlife" I say and slap him hard in the chest. "Its just the guys" He say and tickles me abit. I smack his hands away. "Stop". "Are you mad at me babygirl?" He asks me with his puppy eyes looking sthraight into mine. I smile abit and giggle. "Yes" I say and cross my arms. "Aww i love you" He says and kisses me fast, then walks back to the guys, but on the way he turns around and blows me a kiss, while smirking. I shake my head and giggle. I walk out and upstairs again. 

I change into a outfit. I had to take Jake to the basketballgame and all the guys were going too, just to watch him play, and hopefully win ;) 

I walk down the hall and turns in at Jakes room. I knock the door slightly and peak my hed in. "Hey Jake, ready?" I ask him with a smile. He looks at me and nods. "Lets go then" I say and smile at him. He follows me downstairs where the guys were on their way in the kitchen. I walk to the fridge to get a bottle of water. Suddenly someone starts kissing my neck. I smile and bite my lip from moaning. I turn around and close the fridge at the same time. Justin leans up against me and lick his lips. "You look, sexy as hell" He whispers against my lips. I smile and trace my pointer finger down his abs while looking at them. He smiles and leans in. "Get a fucking room guys, thats disgusting" ryan say as he and all the guys walk past us. Some smack Justins head, laughing at us. "You're just jealous because you dont have a girlfriend as fine as mine" I laugh  a little and push Justin so i can go get my phone a bag. "Thats actually true" Chaz says taking on his shoes. "Are you guys ready?" I ask them all. They nod and we walk out to the two cars. "Wait guys? We have to be 6 in one of the cars?" Chaz says looking at all of us. "I can have Sel on me" Justin says and touches my hip slightly. I nod and smile. "Alrighty, hop in" He says.


At the game...

"Good luck Jake!" I yell when he walks with his friends to the changing room. He waves as a thank you and smile. I wave back and  walk inside. People wre yelling at screaming. I guess this is a big game. The boys had already placed themselves on the front row checking out the cheerleaders. I roll my eyes and walk to them. "Baby here's a seat" Justin says and smiles. I walk over to him and sit next to him.


Later at night...

I was laying on the bed when the guys came in to find some movies they could watch. When they left the room my stomach started to hurt abit. I cut a face and closed my eyes as the pain began to get worse and worse. Suddenly i felt the urge to puke, and there didn't go a few seconds before it all came up. Luckily i made it to the toilet. "Could it be?" I mumble and touch my stomach. I start to cry as the pain gets even worse, almost feeling like its killing me from the inside. "Arg!!!!!!" I scream out.

I picked my phone up and pressed demis number. After 3 rings she took it. "Demi here" She said happy. "Demi. Help. now" I said straight into the phone not wanting Justin to help me. "What happened?" "I dont know..!" I screamed as the pain hit me again. "Pain in my stomach" "On my way" She said and hung up fast.  I cut a face of the hurting and heard someone coming inside te room. I bit my lip hard trying to keep the screaming in. "Selena?" "Yes" I said hurt. "Is something wrong?" I could hear it was Ryan. I let out a small scream. "Are you okay?" HE ask and walsk closer to the door. "Just cut myself when i was shaving, you know" I lied and tried to laugh. "Oh okay, sorry" He said. "What do you need?" I ask him. "Just wanted to ask where the popcorn was?" "The top shelf above the kitchen sink" I answered him and cut a face of the hurting. "Thanks!" I yelled and walked out.


Minutes later i heard footsteps and a door opening. "Selena?" Demi asked. "In here, close the door" i said. She closed it and rushed inside the bathroom. "Did the guys see you?" I asked her. She shook her head and sat down. She opened her purse and found some painkillers. "Take these, then it shouldn't hurt as much" She said and handed me a glass of water. I took the pills and drank the water. It kept on for about 20 minutes then it finally stopped.

"We need to get you to the doctor" She said and stood up. I shook my head slightly. "No i dont want Justin to know" I said and looked at her. "He doesn't need to know, we can just tell them that we are going out for the night" I shook my head and stood up. "Lets just wait for a few hours and see if it gets better" I tell her and walk out. "Fine" She says and throws her body on the bed tired. "You know what i need?"  "What?" "A freaking boyfriend" She whine and turn around looking at me. I laugh and shake my head. "Why?" "Because i want someone to kiss and hug and someone who will text me goodmorning beautiful and it will make my day" "Aww Demz you'll find someone sooner or later" "Well yea...but i cant wait anymore!" She whines and lies down on the bed. 

Next morning

I wake up with a sharp pain in my stomach. I cut a face and open my eyes. "Demi" I say and shake her a bit. She mumbles and turn around facing me. "What?" She says not even opening her eyes. "The pain is back.." I shake her. She opens her eyes and sit up. She gets out of bed and throws some clothes at me. "Lets go" She says and pulls on some jeans and a black top. "Where?" "The doctor".

Thats it :) Short chapter but better than nothing, right? Sorry for not updating, probably wont for a while now.

Thank you for reading, you guys are amazing:)
- Freja


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