Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


20. 20. "ring" me

"Prewies on Jelena:

He walked towards me giggling and sat down on the couch. I sat down next to him. "Does it hurt?" I asked him touching his lip carefully. He nods and cuts a face from the hurting. "Sorry". "It's alright" He says and gets up to get a wet napkin to hold on. "I'm really sorry" I said again. "It's okay, it doesn't hurt anymore" Justin says walking towards me and sitting down again. "Not about that" I said and looked down. "Oh.."...

"Justin please..." I beg and look down in guilt. "Selena you dont know how much it makes me doubt on you" He says and looks at me. "Justin...i'm so so so sorry" A tear rolls down my cheeks a i keep talking to him. "Sel.." Justin says and looks down at me. "You mean the world to me Justin. You did since our first meeting.. Or no but since we kissed the very first time. Everytime i see you it's like my world just automatically lightens up and everything is just where it needs to be. I need you to take care of me when i need it. I need you to hug me when i'm sad. I need you to talk to me when i cant sleep at night. Justin i need you to show that you love me when i need someone to do it. I need you to be here...with me" I cry out from my heart. I dont think i ever said anything that personal and sweet. "Baby...." Justin says and lies his hand on my back and rubs it. I look up at him and see the hurt look in his eyes. "Justin i love you so much" I say and dry my eyes. A tear rolls down his cheek as he dries it away faster then the wind. "Baby i love you too, more than anything" Justin says and pulls me closer. I wrap my arms around his neck and hugs him as tight as possible. "Babe you're gonna choke me" Justin mumbles out. I pull away and stare at him. "Sorry..." I say and look down. "It's alright" "Does this mean you forgive me?" I ask Justin but looks down as he hesitates.

"Yes of course, i cant live without you" Justin smiles and pecks my lips. "Thank god!" i smile and hugs him tight. He hugs back and kiss my head slowly. "Aww guys!" Pattie says staring at us frm the stairs. I pull away and laugh a little. "I swear you are the cutest. "Have you asked her yet?" Pattie asks Justin. I look at him confused as i he makes a "are you stupid" face at her. "Asked me what?" I ask him confused. "Nothing!" He yells and groans at his mom. "Whoopssss sorry hun!" She smirks and walks in the kitchen. I look at him confused. "Asked me what?" "Nothing you need to worry about" he says and stands up. "Justin.." "It's nothing sweetie" He says kissing my forhead. I cross my arms and looks at him annoyed. "What?" He says looking at me. "I wanna know" "You will, but not right now" he says and smirks. I groan and walks behind him. "Is Jake home?" I ask standing infront of Pattie while she is making the food. She nods and points to the stairs. I smile and walks upstairs. I walk down the hallway and reaches his room. I open the door slowly and peaks in. I see him sitting on his bed listening to some music while writing something down. I step in and he removes his headphones and look at me.

"Hey Jake" "Hey Selena" He says looks down. "Hey whats wrong?" I ask and close the door. He shrugs his shoulders and steps of the bed. I sit down and look at him. "I wanna do something fun" He says. "what do you mean?" I ask confused. "well since Justin has had so much going on his mind that he doesn't have time, you can help me, right?" "With what?" "A prank", he smirks. 

"no no no he will be pissed" I say shaking my head. "Come on you pussy" I gasp and looks at him. "Fine what do you want me to do?" "Well you need to buy a cheap ihpone" he says and looks at me. "I can do that, but why?" "Well okay lets say tomorrow when he comes back from work you "accidently" smash his phone when he finds out that i accidently ruined his favourite shirt" "How do you want me to smash his phone" "Well he walks in and finds his shirt ruined upstairs, and by that time he will have lied his phone down here, and when he makes his down you have mashed his phone, which is not his but its the fake one", i nod and smile. God i hope this works out...

Next day...

I sit down and read the rest of my book as Justin comes through the door. "Sel? What are you doing here?" He ask setting down his things and walking towards me. "I came to surprise you" I smile nervous. He lloks me and lies his phone down on the table. "Well how did you get in?" He ask grabbing my hands and pulling me closer. "Jake.." I smile. His smile fades away and he pulls away and walks uptairs. Seconds later i hear Justin yelling "Jake you son of a bitch! What the hell!". I grab his phone and puts it in my pocket as i take the old one and throw it on the floor and breaking it into thousands of pieces. I close my eyes as its pretty loud and holds my ears. "Sel? What happened?" Justin says coming downstairs holding Jake in his arms. I look up at him nervous, then looks down again. He looks down and sees his phone. He lets go of Jake and walks towards me. "What did you do?" he ask sad and bends down. "Umm... i was just gonna play something on it, and then it just fell" I say nervous. His jaw tightens as he  pick all the pieces up. He looks at me and throws it in the dustbin and walks upstairs.

"I think its time for you to tell" Jake says handng me his real shirt. I nod and walk upstairs. I open the door to his room and see him sitting on the bed with his face in his hands. "Babe..." I say and closes the door holding the phone and shirt behind my back. "What?" He says sad. "I have something that belongs to you" I say and sit down next to him. I turns his head and looks at me smiling at him. "Why are you so happy?" I pull it out to him. He sees it and looks at me. "What is this" "This is your phone and your shirt" I say and hands it to him. "This was a freaking prank?!" He yells and stands up. "You really got me this time!" He says and shakes his head and laughs. I laugh and stand up and pulls him closer to me. "I love you" I say and smile. He strikes my cheeks with his thumb and smiles "i love you too" he says and kisses me slowly holding my cheeks. "Justin" Pattie says walking through the door. We pull away and looks at her. "oh hey sel" She says and smiles. I smile and wave. "Guests will be here in 1 hour, so you two get ready, they havn't met you yet, Sel" She smiles and winks. I look at Justin nervous. "Everybody loves you beautiful" He says and strikes my cheeks and kisses me walking backwards, then letting go and taking me to the bathroom. "Can i take a shower first?" He ask me. I nod and grab his macbook and sit down. 

"Your turn" Justin says walking out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. I nod and walks inside. I strip down and step in and turns on the water. I grab the shampoo and puts it in my hair and on my body. I wash it off and steps out and dries up. I grab the towel and puts it around my body. I walk out and sees Justin putting on a tux. I smile and walks up behind him. "You look amazing" I say and rubs his arms. He smiles and looks down at his tie. I giggle and ties it for him. "Thank you baby" He says and kisses me slowly. I kiss back adding more. I wrap my arms around his neck as he lifts me up, so i can wrap my legs around his waist. He grabs my ass and i moan in his mouth. He walks to the bed and lies down keeping my legs around him. He pulls away and looks at me. "What?" I ask him. "You need to get ready" He says and helps himself up then me. ""Lok at my hair now!" Justin groans and tries to fix it in the mirror. I laugh and shake my head while doing my makeup in the bathroom. Justin comes out and points to his hair and looks at me with a serious look. I look at him and laughs. "I think you look sexy babe" I say and pulls him closer by his tie. He smirks and grabs my ass. "You would look sexy without that towel" He winks. I giggle and push him away. "Jerk". 

"Be ready in 20 minutes" He smirks and closes the door. I roll my eyes and grabs some underwear. I walk to the closet and looks for some clothes. I see my dress lying on the top shelf. I smile and reach for it. As i pull it down a blue box hits me on the head, then the floor. I look down at it confused. "What the.." I say and garbs it. I open it slowly and guess what i find? A freaking beautiful diamond ring inside it. I gasp and looks at in shock. I hear Justin coming so i close it and throws it up on the shelf again. "Hey aren't you even dressed yet?" He says and looks at me. "sorry, blacked out" I say and grab the white dress and the black shoes. I curl my hair fast and puts on some jewelry. The guests already arrived. I put on the last ring as i think of the diamond ring again. Is it a engagment ring? Omg what if it is? I smile and look at myself one last time before walking out of the bathroom. 


This was like a party Pattie held every year. It was almost like new year. All the family and all the friends, including Justins guys, i guess its gonna be alright... I open the door and hear loud talking from downstairs. I sigh and walks slowly to the stairs. I take a look down at all the many people drinking their welcome champagne. "God.." I mumble and sigh. "Selena! Come on down sweetie!" Pattie yell from downsatirs. I fake a smile and walk down to her. "Meet Justins aunt and uncle, this is Selena" She says and points to them. I smile and shake hands with them. "Nice to meet you" I say and smile. "You too" they answer back with a huge smile. I walk through the crowd trying to find someone i knew when i finally spot someone. "Sweetheart!" Diane yells from the side. I smile and walk fast to them and gives her and Bruce a big hug. "You look so beautiful!" She says and looks at my rings on my hand. I suddenly feel a hand being wrapped around my waist from the side and look to see Justin there. I smile and kiss his cheek. "My beautiful baby" He smiles and chekcs me out. I giggle and blush a little. 

"Umm i'm just gonna get some champagne" I say and walks away from Justin and them. I walk out in the kitchen and get myself a glass of champagne. I drink some and then walks back out, with the glass. "Heyyy Sel!" Ryan yells, making me turn around and look at him. I smile and hug him. "Sup Ry!" "Have you seen any hot ladies here, except yourself?" He asks me looking around. I giggle and smack his cheek slowly. "god, you dont have anything else than sex on your mind" I laugh and drinks. "Hey! Who mentioned sex?" He winks. I shake my head and laugh. "Welcome everybody, now lets go in the dining room and sit down" Pattie yells out. I smile and starts walking in there. I sit down next to Justin aunt and next to his grandmom, apparently girls at a table, guys at another...

"Selena?" I turn my head and see Justin aunt looking at me. I smile at her. "Whats up?" "The sky, no i'm kidding can you take Jason and Cecilia to the bathroom?" I look beside me and see her kids standing there. I smile at them and nod. "Of course". 

I help them in the bathroom and wait for them outside. "Are you done?" "Yes, we are coming" Cecilia says and opens the door. I smile and takes their hands and walks back inside. "Selena?" Cecilia asks me. I look at her. "Do you wanna dance with us?" She asks with a cute smile. I smile back and nod at her. I take their hands and they hold hands and we start dancing to the nice music, as the only ones dancing. 

"Umm excuse me?" I hear in someone say in the mic. I turn around and look at him on the stage. "I have something i want to say" Justin says looking down nervous. I look at him confused. "Selena" He says and looks at me. I look around nervous and confused. He starts walking down to me. He takes my hand and pulls me closer to him. "What are you doing?" I mumble. He pulls out the box from upstairs and i gasp with everyone else. "Justin.." I sigh. He goes down on one knee and looks at me with a smile. I look around nervous. If he is doing what i think he is i'm gonna kill him.. 

"Selena i love you so so much, and i wanna spend the rest of my life with you, i dont wannna be with anyone else than you. I wanna wake up every morning, where your beautiful face is the first thing i see. I wanna make a family with you. I wanna live with you. I wanna fight with you, but at the end we make up and love eachother like we always have. I love you Selena" He says and open the box, takes out a black one and open it so it shows the most beautiful diamond ring ever. "Justin please.." I whisper looking down at him.


"Selena will you marry me?".

Next chapter is here!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy hope you like/love it or whatever
It took pretty long time to write thi so i really hope you appreciate it .. 







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