Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


2. 2. Great time

"Pinch me" I whispered to my sister. She looked confused but did it. Ouch! I can't believe it! It is really Justin, are you kidding me?! 

I shook hand with his mom, Pattie, his dad Jeremy and his i guess littlebrother Jake. I stepped over to shake hands with Justin while we both glared at each other. "Lets sit down" My mom and pattie says as they sit down. I sit next to my sister and Justin infront of me.

"Selena?" My sister ask me while looking at the menu. "Yes?" I say looking at her. "You have to drive me to their house tomorrow" "What? Why?" "Because he is my History partner" She say pointing to Jake infront of her. My mouth got wide open, and i groaned at her. She shruged her shoulder and told the waitress what she wanted.


"Bullshit" I mumbled and looked at my menu again. "What?" Justin asked. "Nothing" I said cold. "Sorry for asking" "Well that's what you did at school today" "Yes, because you were stupid" "Well you were more stupid" I said making Jake and My sister look at us. "You are a lesbian" He says making Jake laugh. "Why do you think that?" "Because you don't check guys out" "What?! I do when you don't see it" "So you check me out huh?" "Never said that" "Sounded like it" "Urgh you are annoying" "I would slap you but that would be considered animal abuse" He smirked. I opened my mouth schocked.


Our parents started looking at us but i didn't really care. He was annoying me. "Well if you ran as much as your mouth, you would be in good shape" I smirked at him. "Shhh did you hear that?" He whispered. I looked at him confused. "that's the sound of no one caring" He smirked back. I hate that guy. "Well sometimes i wonder...." I start "What?" He asks confused. "...I wonder if your ass gets jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth" That made my mom spit her water out on Pattie and making My sister and Jake laugh. I smirked at Justin. "Well if you were on fire, and i had water...." "Yer?" "I would drink it" He smirked.


Ugh! "Want to lose ten punds of ugly fat?" I yelled at him. "Then cut your head off" I yelled and sat back down. "No one would care if you did it" I mumbled but loud enough for him to hear. He looked pissed but sad and stood up. "Excuse me, i'm going home" He said while we all just stared.

He walked out and my mom looked at me pissed. "What?!" I yelled at her. "You just had to ruin the night huh?" She said pissed. "Well lets go to our house and get some cake" Pattie interrupted us. I stood up and walked out folowed by Madison and Jake. 


We walked in their house, i could see from outside Justin was in his room, or i guess it's his room. When we all got in the house i sneaked upstairs to find Justin. Een though i hated him, i needed to apoligize to him. I walked around but when i reached the last door i opened it queitly. I sneaked m head in and saw Justin laying on his bed with a notebook. Wait? A notebook? A diary? No way. 

"Justin?" I whispered and stepped in. He turned around fast and looked at me. "If you have something else mean to say just go out" I shaked my head and placed my body on the bed. "Look i'm sorry for insulting you about the fat head thing" "It wasn't that that hurt me" I looked at him confused. "Then what was it?" "When you said no one would care" "Well it was only a thing who slipped out of my mouth" "No the thing is that it's true, only my family and Ryan would care" "What? No all of the school would care" "no" He say shaking his head.


"Why do you think that?" I asked him sitting up next to him. "Because even though i'm popular it's only because all the girls think i'm handsome and all the guys think i'm a good basketball player" I looked at him and felt sorry even though i felt the same way. I only had My family and then Demi, my best friend through everything. I hugged him from the side rubbing his arm. He placed his hand on my lap and rubbed it still. "I can't believe it" I laugh. "What?" He laugh smirking "We are enemies and sitting here hugging" "Me neither" He laughs.


I stop hugging him and stand up walking around the room. His eyes follows me and then i spot a guitar covered in the corner. I reach for it and sit in the bed. "Can you play?" I ask smiling at him. He nod his head and sit next to me. He place his hand on tops of mine and places my fingers the right places and then makes me strike the guitar. "Omg" I yell happy. "Well that is how you play a C Record" He laughs. "Can you play something for me?" I ask making puppy eyes at him. "Sure" He say taking it from me and start playing. He played it so well. My mouth dropped at his voice when he started singing to it. (He played be alright) 


"Wow Justin you're amazing!" I shout at him. "thank you" He smiles back. Me and Justin was laying on the bed talking about everything about our lifes, when suddenly Madison and Jake come running in the room. "Get out!!" Justin yells and pushes Jake out. "You can push my sister too, she can handle it" I say laughing. He starts pushing her out when Jake comes running in again. "Why can't we be in here with you instead of our parents?" Jake asks jumping on the bed.

"Because you guys are annoying" Justin rolls his eyes and push him down the bed. Justin gives up and sits down on the bed. They both stand in the doorway. "You just want us to go out because you guys are going to kiss" Jake say and smirk at Justin. Justin stands up and push both of them out of the door "No matter what we are going to do, if it was painting, singing, waterfight, kissing or even sex you guys would not get the permission to go in here" He smirk and slam the door.


He sits down next to me again scratching his neck. "Sorry about my brother" He say looking me in the eyes. "It's okay, my sister is like that at all times" I answer laughing. "I'm just going to change my shirt, it stink of my brother" He smirk making me fall down the bed laughing. Then they knocked on the door yelling "We heard a bang, and your moms said we should tell you guys that you should stop". I just kept laughing with Justin who was taking his shirt off.

I stopped laghing when i saw his abs. O M G He works out!! I kept looking so much that i didn't even realise he wasn't standing there anymore. "Hey you wanna see something awsome?" He asks. I nod and he takes my hand and walks outside with me. We walk in the garage and there it stands... My mouth drop at the sight of it. "You wanna go for a ride?" He ask taking his helmet and one for me.

I nod like crazy and gets the helmet on. He sits on it and backs out of the garage. I held my dress down, gettin up on the bike. Me and Jutin drove for about half an hour around the area. I never had so much fun before. He was like not annoying but really sweet. 


Justin's POV 

We drove on the bike half an hour. I was really starting to like Selena. She was sweet and caring. She was beautiful and funny, everything i was looking for in a girl. When we got home our parents was standing in the doorway about to seperate. "Selena we are going home" Mandy says hugging my parents, still talking. She nods and hugs my mom and shakes hand with my dad. She walks to me and hugs me. I hug her back tight and kiss her on the cheek making her smile.

We pull away when Jake and Madison come running down form upstairs. They walk out and we stand there waving at them. Selena waves back at me and smiles. We close the door and i walk upstairs locking my door. I got in the shower and just thought about things. If i became good friends with Selena, i didn't need more, than Ryan, her and Demi, her bestie. My life would be perfect. I would feel loved. She was amazing...



Chapter 2, hope you like it :) 

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