Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


19. 19. Love trouble

"Zac!" I yelled as i ran through the hallway. He turned around and smiled. "Hey Sel, whats up?" "Umm do you think you can help me with something?" "Yea depends on what?" "Well i need to paint my room, and my parents cant help me today" "What about justin?" "He has practise today" He nods and smiles. "I will help you" He smiles and closes his locker. "Thank you!" I smile and hug him tight. He smiles and i walk to class. 


"Okay so this is about the project thing" Justin says to the new girl Camryn and Ryan who were sitting in the cafeteria working. I smile and walk up behind Justin and hug him. I kiss his neck slightly and he giggles and turn his head. "Hey babe" He says and kiss my cheek. "hey" I say and smile at him. "What are you doing here?" "Class is cancelled, mrs henry is sick" I say and run my fingers through his hair. He giggles and keeps on with the project. "Okay so you two should come to my house tonight and then we'll do the finish" Ryan tells Camryn and Justin. "Alright" Camryn laughs. Justin laughs and looks at her. "What?" She ask and blush at him looking at her. Cough! Hallo?! My boyfriend! No blushing! Sorry...jealous type...

"Your laugh is cute" Justin giggles and smiles. "Youre cute" She blush and looks down. Oh hell no...bitch did not just say that..


"Hey Sel, i can drive with you home right?" Zac asks as i close my locker. "Of course, but can we make a quick stop at starbucks?" I ask him taking my backbag over my shoulder. "Of course i'm hungry too". We walk out and go to my car. I get in the drivers seat and Zac gets in the pasenger seat. I turn on the car and drive out of the schools parkinglot.


Justin's POV

"What are Sel and Zac doing today?" I ask Demi watching Sel and Zac getting into a car togther. "Umm he was gonna help her paint her room at home" Demi answered not even looking up from her phone. "I need to go, bye Justin" She says and leaves me there. "Hey there" Someone says behind me. I turn my head and see Camryn standing there with her books. "Heyyy" I smile and hug her. "Whats up?" She asks me. "Nothing much, i'm going to practice soon" I answer and we start walking to my car. "Can i come?" "Why?" She shrugs her shoulders and giggles. "I wanna see some basketball" "Well okay hop in" I say and open my car door and get in. She smiles and get in. 


Selenas POV

"Okay here we are" I said and pulled out infront of starbucks. "You want anything to go?" i asked Zac. "Just a coffee please" He answered with a smile. "Okay" I smiled and got out. I walked inside and ordered two cups of coffee. After a couple of minutes it was finished, i payed and left. "Here" I handed Zac the coffee. "Thanks Sel" He said and drank some of it. I turned on the car again and left to home. 


"Okay so which color?" Zac asked standing up looking down at the to painting bottles. "White or grey?" He asked. "White, but one of the walls needs to be this" I said and showed him the New York wallpaper. "Wow, cool!" He said surprised. I iggled and put it down. "Get to work!" I yelled and put some music on as we started painting my room. 

"So do you like it?" I asked Zac. He nods and smiles. "It's beautiful". I smile and look around my new room. (Not completely like that but the furniture is) 

"Okay so Zac, my car has like this problem, do you think you can help me out?" I asked Zac drinking some water. He nods and smiles. "Yes, i think so" He says and shrugs his shoulders. I nod and walk out in the garage. 

"Do you mind if  i take my shirt of? It's pretty hot doing this" Zac says as he stands leaning over the car. I shake my head and look up from my phone. He smiles and takes of his shirt. I swear i almost fainted! II know Justin is my boyfriend, but holy mother fucking! Those muscles! I didn't realise i starred before Zac pressed his lips against mine, and before i knew it, we were making out. 

I opened my eyes and realised what i was doing so i quickly pushed him away from me. "What the hell?!" I yelled him in the face. "What? I thought you liked it?" He asked smirking. "No-o" I stuttered. He laughs and shakes his head. "You have Ashley!" "She wanted to have a break like 2 days ago!" He yelled back. "Well i have Justin and you and Justin are friends!" "Okay you jump on me like it was only my fault, you did it to, remember?" He smirked. "Urg! I cant Justin!" "Then dont" "I have too, he deserves to know" I looked at him mad. He threw his hands in the air of defens. "Fine do what you want, but dont tell him it was me" Zac said, then left out of nowhere. Fuck my life....................


"Hunny get up!" I heard my mother yell from outside my door. I opened my eyes and groaned. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. It was a sunny day today. Not like really hot but still sunny. I stripped down and stepped in the shower. It took about 5 minutes then i got out. I dried up and took the towel around my hair. I took some underwear on and walked out in my room again. I walked in my walkin closet and picked out a cool outfit to wear. Today i had to tell Justin! I just had to...even though its gonna be hard, he deserves to know...

I walked downstairs to find my mom making pancakes. I kissed her cheek, grabbed a pancake and computer, my phone and bag, then walked out in the garage and got in my car. I turned it on a drove to school.


"Goodmorning students, a storm is hitting the town and nearby today so you can go home at 12.00 instead of staying until 15.00" Mr Joley announced in the speakers. I smiled to myself and put everything but my computer in my locker. I walked to Demi and hugged her. "Hey boo" She said and smiled. "Heyyy, do you want to sleep over at mine tonight?" "Hey its friday! of course" She smiled and giggled. I saw Justin and the guys coming towards us. My smiled fades away as i see Justin and Zac walking, and talking. "Hey baby" Justin says and kiss my lips. "Hey sweetie" I smile nervous. "Whats wrong?" "No-othing" I stutter out. He looks at me confused. "I can see youre lying" He says and looks at me. "Guys, we are going now" Demi says and walks away with the others. I lean up the locker and close my eyes. Justin shuts his locker and turns to me. "Whats wrong with you?" He ask worried. I swallow hard and opens my eyes. "Me and Zac kissed".


"Excuse me?" Justin says shocked. "I swear it just suddenly happened and it wasn't suppose to happen! I promise" "Then why?" "I dont know, i guess it just happened...out of nowhere" "Did you like it?" He asked hurt. "Well...." "Omg Selena!" He yelled and hit his hands hard in the locker. "Justin please, it didn't mean anything!" I yelled at him. He turned his head to me and starred hurt and angry at me. "I'm gonna kill him" He said and started walking to the cafeteria wherethey would be now, it was lunch time. "No! Justin please dont..." I yelled running after him. He ran in the cafeteria and spotted Zac standing in line with some of his food.


"Dude, whats u---" More Zac didn't get to say before Justin punched him right in the face...hard. "What the hell bro?!" Zac yelled holding his hand over his bleeding nose. Everyone was watching now. "Dont you ever touch my girlfriend again! You understand?" Justin yelled hard at Zac. "What is he talking about Zac?" Ashley asked. "He kissed Selena" Justin said mad and pushed him in the floor. "Oh..". "Dude she kissed me too" Zac said defending himself. "I dont care, you were still also a bad friend!" Jusin said but suddenly one of Zacs friends attack Justin and punch him in the face. "Justin!" I yell shocked. Justin punched back and suddenly both of their noses were bleeding.


Suddenly a loud whistle was heard through the cafeteria. "What is going on?!" One of the man teachers yelled at all of us. Everyone of the teachers was looking at us. "He just started going on on my friend here" Jake, the guy who attached Justin said. "Is that right Justin?" Justin nodded. The teacher sighed and took Justin and Zac up in the office. I waited outside on a bench. "Thanks bro, sorry again" Zac said as he shook hands with Justin and man hugged him. I stood up and walked to them. "Sorry Sel" Zac said. "Yea sorry too" I said and hugged him. Zac walked away and i looked at Justin. "I'm so sorry" I say and look down. "That wont make me forget it" "I know" I said and looked down in guilt. "I need to think, we can talk tomorrow" He says and walks out. I sigh and a tear rolls down my cheeks.

"Hey hun, ready?" Demi says happy but as soon she sees me crying she starts hugging me. "I'm sorry, but i know something that will make you happy" Demi smirks. "What?" I say and smile a little. "Lets invite the girls over to a girlparty tonight!" Demi yells and runs out with me. 



Okay so i have called all the girls and they are all coming. We are gonna be 20 so lets fix this place up a little! Demi hit the music and we started making food and getting all the alcohol ready. "Okay 2 hours till they get here! Lets go get ready! Demi and i hurry up the stairs and in the shower fast. Then we pick out three sets for each we could wear. First i should show Demi my three outfits for her: 

"So which one?" I ask Demi who was trying the last dress on. "I'm gonna go with the first" She smiles and holds up the the first dress again.  smile and nod. "That was my faverite too" i smiled and looked at her who had the first dress on again. "You look beautiful Demi" I say and smile at her. "You will too, as always" She smiles and sits down next to me. "Now go try your three dresses on!" She yells happy and claps her hands like a retard. I laugh and walks to the bathroom and tries the three on: 

"Sooooo? which one?" Demi ask walking out of the bathroom. "I think i'm gonna take the second. It fits my body really good" She nods and smiles. "You look beautiful" She says and smiles. "Thank you Demz, so do you" I smile. We start doing our hair and makeup, nails and toe nails and then we were finally done after 2 hours and only 5 minutes till the girls came. 

"Lets put some music in this party!" Vanessa yelled and put on some music and started dancing. Everybody eventually joined in except me and Ashley. "Hey Ash" I say and sit down beside her. "Hey sel" She say and drinks a shot. "I'm sorry i kissed Zac, it didn't mean anything" I said and felt really sorry. "It's alright, we weren't together, still ain't" "Yea well, you should, i mean you are so cute together" I giggle and smile. She laughs and smiles. "Thanks, but no one wins over you and Justin, youre like made for eachother" She says and purs up a shot for me. I drink it and laugh."Thaanks". 

next morning... "Morning sweetheart" My mom said as i walked down the stairs. "Morning" I said and rubbed my eyes once again. "How are you feeling?" "Fine, not so bad as i tried before" I say and get some food. "IT looks like you had fun" My mom says and wash the floor. "Sorry, it went wild" I said and looked at her. "It's fine, what are you up to today?" She asked me. I stood up walked to the fridge. "I'm going to Justins house to talk with him" "About?" "We got in a fight" I said and walked upstairs. I grabbed some jeans and a black top. I threw a grey hoodie on and took my white converse. I did a fast simple makeup and just brushed my hair. I put on my jacket nd grabbed my keys and phone. I walked out and drove to Justins.


"knock knock" I knocked slightly on the door and soon it was opened by Pattie who was smiling at me. "Hey sweetie!" She said and hugged me tight. "Heyy pattie" I said and smiled at her. "Come on in!" She said and pulled me in and closed the door. "I'll get Justin for you" She said and walked upstairs. I nodded and smiled. "thanks". 

I sat down on the couch and just starred out in the blue. "Hey Sel" I heard Justin say from behind. I stood up and turned around and looked at him. "omg" I said as i looked at his blue eye and his red lip. He walkd towards me giggling and sat down on the couch. I sat down next to him. "Does it hurt?" I asked him touching his lip carefully. He nods and cuts a face from the hurting. "Sorry". "It's alright" He says and gets up to get a wet napkin to hold on. "I'm really sorry" I said again. "It's okay, it doesn't hurt anymore" Justin says walking towards me and sitting down again. "Not about that" I said and looked down. "Oh..". 



There will probarly go awhile before i update but now you got two chapters on 2 days, right? But i'll try to write one as soon as possible, but i dont have alot of time.. 

Thanks for reading my story, it means alot all of you!! And if the English isn't so good, then it's because i'm danish and its not my language... 

- Freja xx





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