Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


18. 18. College talk

"Selly!!" I heard yelling through the halls of the school. I turned my head and saw Demi walking towards me with a new girl.  I smiled and closed my locker, walking towards them. I hugged Demi tight and pulled away. "Selena this is Camryn" Dem said pointing to the blonde girl beside her. I smiled and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you" I said. "You too" She answered nervous but with a small smile. "Dont worry, theres nothing to be worried about" I said and looked around till i catched Ryan at his locker. "See you in math!" I smile and walk towards Ryan. 

"Sup Ry" I said as swag as possible. He looked at me with a grin and laughed. "Good one, sel" He giggled and shook his head. I giggled and looked around. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Looking for someone? Maybe Justin" He said and winked. I giggled. "Maybe.." I blushed and smiled. "He's in the cafeteria" He said and smiled. "You can go you know, dont have to wait" He said and closed his locker. "I know, but we have drama together" I smile at him. "Well what about Justin?" He ask confused. "He'll live" I smirk and starts walking toward Drama class. He laughs and follows.


After school

"Demi, you heard Paul Walker died two days ago?" I say and look at her. She nods and does a sad face. "It the saddest thing ever!! He was such an incredible actor and he was hot!!" She answers. I nod agreeing with her. Suddenly a carhonk is heard loudly. We both turn our heads to see Justin sitting in his car looking at us. I smile as i catch him winking at me. I look at Demi and smile. "Tonight, my house, homework" I smile and hug her. She nods and smiles. I pull away and wave at her. 

"Hey handsome" I say looking in Justins window. He takes his sunglasses down, and check me out and smirk. "Hey beautiful" He winks. I giggle and shake my head. "You wanna come with me?" He ask smiling. "Depends on where?" I smile. "I'm going shopping with Ryan" "So its not just you wanna come with me, but wanna come with us?" I giggle. He giggles and nods. "Right, sorry" "Well yes i would love to go shopping". 


"Guys this is boring, checking boys caps and games" I whine as we walk around the gameshop. "Pussy" Ryan mumbles checking out a game. I gasp and smack his head. "I'm going to victorias secret, see you later" "Wait babe here" Justin says handing out is creditcard. "No no no i'll pay for my own" I say pushing his hand away. "Babe, i want you to have it" He says and smiles. I smile and take it. "Fine" "Buy something nice" He winks. I giggle and and smirk. "I will". 


I walked inside victorias secret and looked at a few bras. I found 3 i could use with the bottom with it. I walked up to pay and put my things on the desk. "Hello mrs" The cashier said smiling. I smiled back and pulled Justins card out. "Just these 3?" She asked. I nodded and smiled. "Okay, that will be 50 dollars" She said. I put the card in and typed Justins code. I pulled it out and out it in my wallet. "Thank you mrs, come some other time" She said and gave me the bag. "Thanks" I smiled and took it. I walked out and saw the guys sitting at starbucks waving me over. I smile and walk over there and sit down next to Justin. "Hey baby" He smiles and pecks my lips. I smile. "Hey hun" I say and take of my jacket. "What did you buy?" He ask looking in my bag. "You can see it later" I smirk. He winks and laughs. "Cant wait".


"Demis coming over soon, i need to make food" I yell stressed running through the livingroom. "Babe chill, just order a damn pizza" Justin says drinking a beer on the couch. "WOuld you get your ass up and help your girlfriend here" I yell starting to cut the greens. "babe calm down, its just Demi" He says and stands up. "Well she needs food too!" I stress and remember a forgot to turn on the oven. "Ugh!" I groan and turn it on. I put the potatoes in the bowl and get it and the meat fast in the oven. I start cutting the greens again. "Babe calm down, youre gonna cut yourself" Justin says standing on the other side of the counter. "I'm not gonna cu--Auch!!" I say making a groan face and holding my bleeding finger. Justinsighs and walks over to me and take my hand. "Justin it hurts" I say as he starts washing it. "Dont look, thats whats making it worse. You cut it pretty deep" He says and wash it. I grab Justin shirt hard when he touch the cut. I make a urt face. "Baby dont worry" He says and wash it a little more than puts some bandage on it. "Thanks" I say and kiss Justins cheek slowly. "Now sit, i'll do the rest" I smile and sit down. 

"Knock knock" Demi stepped inside. "Hey Sel.. and Justin" She says and smile. "Is he staying?" Demi ask putting her shoes down and walking over at the table. "No Ryan is picking him up in 5 minutes". i smile and set the table. "baby ryan is here!" I yell to Justin who was upstairs.  He runs down and puts his shoes on. "Bye babe" He says and opens the door. "Justin!" I yell before he close the door. He turns and looks at me. "What?" "I love you" I smile. He smiles back and walks over to me. e garbs my cheeks and pushes his lips down on mine. I kiss back but then we pull away. "Be home later!" He yells and runs out. 

"I guess you didn't tell him about college?" Demi ask sitting down at the table. I turn my head as my smile fades away. "No, i cant" "You have to sel! He needs to know you got accepted!" Demi says eating some food. I thin a little then just keeps quiet. 


"Okay so this suck!" Demi says throwing her mathbook across the livingroom. I laugh and shake my head. "Lets drink" She says opening the fridge. "What?! No!" I yell at her. "Come on, just a beer. Wont hurt us" She says and opens two beers. I shake my head and sigh. 


"Bye Demz, i had fun" I say pulling away from Demi. "Bye, me too Sel" She says waving. I close the door and walks upstairs. I lie down on the bed and opens the drawer takig out a letter. "We have accepted you into julliard" I read out loud. I groan and lie my head down taking a deep breath. "Babe?" I suddenly hear. I open my eyes by the sound coming closer. "Babe?" Justin says opening the door. I jump up and hide the letter behind my back. "What are you doing?" He giggles. "No-othing" I say nervous. "I can see when youre lying" He says walking over to me. "No theres nothing" I say stepping backward until i hit the wall. Shit! 

"Babe? Whats behind you?" "A wall, duh?" "What are you holding?" He ask. "No-othing" "Babe please...dont make me do something" He says coming close to me. "What? You are not gonna hit me!" I say scared. "NO! Never! Show me what you have!!" "No!" I yell but he tarts to tickle me hard and grabs my hands a takes them over my head. "Babe please dont..." i say as he takes the curly letter out of my hand. He turns around and starts reading. 

"College? Really?" He says and turns around. I nod and look down. "Babe thats amazing!" He says and kisses my cheek. "What? I thought you would be mad" I say and look at him. "Of course not! Its amazing! You know why? This i why!" He says and walks to his drawer and pulls out a letter. "I got in too!" I smile and jump in his arms. "So are we gonna do it?" "I dont know, do you?" Inod and smile. "We are going to college togther!" I yell and kiss Justin. "I know" "I love you" I love you too Selly" He says and hugs me tight. 


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