Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


17. 17. dont think i dont love you, because i do

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I open the door to me and Justins house and steps inside. I sigh and drop my bag and closes the door. I get chills down my body because of the cold. I close my eyes and breath out hard. I open them and turns on the heat. I take my bag and walks upstairs. I unpack and walk downstairs again. I make some popcorn and place my body on the couch. I turn on the tv and watch Super 8, which was in the tv. 



"SELENA!!" I wake up by someone yelling. I open my eyes and rub my  eyes. I guess i fell asleep on the couch. I look at the time. 6.30 pm. Shit! I need some food! I sigh and get up from the couch and waks to the door. I look out of the window and see Miley standing there. I smile a little and open the door. She smile at the sight of me. I sniff and pulls her into me and hugs her tight. She hugs back tighter almost choking me. "I brought Pizza" She whispers. I pull away and chuckle. "Thank you" I laugh and walks inside. She brings the food and walks in and closes the door and locks it. I get some plates and soda and bring it to the couch. I sit down beside Miley and we eat some pizza.


"So how are you feeling?" Miley ask changing the subjeckt. I sigh and frown. "Sel?" "I'm feeling bad, i mean i left Justin just like that and i love him so much!" I say and look down. "But why did you leave him then?" She ask again. "I guess i needed some time to think about things and get them settled" I sigh. "Get what settled?" "I'm thinking about going to college" I burst out and looks at her. "What?" She looks at me shocked. 


I sigh and nod. "I just considering it" I say and breath out. "I understand, but you always told us you were just gonna find a good job and stuff" She say pulling out some cigarette. "What are you doing miley?!" I yell at her shocked. She shrugs her shoudlers and turns the smoke on. "But Justin is the reason why i cant get myself to go" I say and cough. "Justin is the reason? Why? Because he will think you're gonna hook up with someone else? Or break up with him? Not getting to see him everyday?" She say breathing out some smoke. "Yes, i wont get to live with him or see him everyday!" I sigh and fall back on the couch. "You wanna have one?" Miley ask holding the smoke to my face. I sigh and shake my head. She shrugs her shoudlers and take it back to her mouth. I cough as the smoke goes in my mouth. "But why do you want to go to college?" Miley ask turning off the cigarette. I shrug my shoulders. "I wanna get better in school, i wanna meet new people" I say. "Better in school??! You get like A in every subject" Miley yells. "No i dont" "You do in math, language, german, spanish, biology, chemistry, everything Sel!" "No i get a B in chemistry!" I laugh a little. "So?!" She laughs. 



3 days later...

I wake up by the rain hitting the windows. I open my eyes and roll over to expect Justin to lie there I sigh and sit up. I step out and run to the bathroom and gets in the shower fast. After i get a thong, a bra with jeans and a white top and a grey sweatshirt over on. I put my hair in a messy bun and some warm socks and walks downstairs. I take some juice and a piece of bread with fruit and turns on the tv. I switch to the news and watch it. 

"Why does it have to rain all day?" I sigh sitting down on the couch with my macbook. Suddenly the phone rings in the kitchen. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" I groan and get up again. I walk out and look at my phone seeing Justins picture. I let it call until it stops and then sigh and walks back. 


At 01.00 am..

I lie on the couch with my phone a little scared because of the thunder. I sigh and turns the tv on louder. I need to talk to Justin now. I mean i need to tell him i'm okay and i miss him but i just need to be alone for alittle, to think things though. Maybe i should tell Justin about my college plans? Or what? I havn't even made up my decision? I dont know...

I find Justin's number and press call. After about 5 rings it goes to voicemail. I sigh and tears drop. Why am i crying? He is probarly just sleeping or maybe the guys are out to party? I sigh and text him instead. - Call back when you see this.. Sel xx Just a little reminder..haha. 


My eyes are just about to close when i hear my phone ringing. It's Justin. I smile and pick it up as fast as possible. "Its Selena" I say a calm. "Babe? You called?" Justin says calm and worried at the same time. "Umm yes, i did" I look down playing with my fngers. "Are you okay?" He ask me. "Um yes, i just need to tell you something.." I say letting tears fall. "Yes?" "I love you so much" "Babe..i love you too, but why are you crying?" He ask worried and calm. "I just miss you so much, and i want you to know that i didn't leave because i i didn't love you, it's just..." I start but he cuts me off. "Sweetie its fine, you needed time, i get it dont worry" He says with a smile. I smile a little and dry my eyes. "I cant wait to hold you in my arms again" He says calm. "I cant wait to kiss your perfect lips again" I chuckle. "....and i'm sorry for that thing" He says a little still. "it's fine, i'm sorry too for freaking out like that, you should also look at girls" I say. "No! I dont want you too flirt with guys either, but it's fine, i'm the idiot here" He say with a chuckle. "Fine whatever you say" I laugh. "But it's bedtime now sweetheart, i love you so much, dotn ever forget that" Justin says with a smile. "I love you too, dont you ever forget that" I chuckle. "Sweet dreams babe, bye" "Bye Jay" I smile and hang up. I lie my phone down and fall asleep fast.


2 days later...

I am looking at the gate just waiting to see Justin and the guys come out. I bite my lip nervous, i dont really know why but i just am... "Hey" Someone beside me says. I turn my head and see a guy smiling at me. "Hey" I smile a little and look back. "I'm Jason" He says holding his hand out. "Selena" I smile shaking his hand. "nice to meet you, who are you waiting for?" He ask smiling. "I'm waiting for my boyfriend and my friends" I smile crossing my arms in rest. He nods and smiles. "What about you?" I ask looking at him. "My girlfriend, she has been in England for the past 6 months because of her job" He says. I gasp and look at him. "How long have you been together?" I ask him. "4 years" He smiles. "Wow, how old are you?" I smile. "21" He smile. "Wow you have been together since you were 17?" He nods and smiles. "How old are you? And what about your boyfriend?" "I'm turning 19, so is Justin, my boyfriend" I say and smile. "Great, maybe we can meet up sometime, a double date" He say and chuckle. I nod and smile. "That would be great" I smile. 

"SELENA!!" I hear someone yell. I turn my head and look at all the guys coming out of the gate. "Excuse me" I tell Jason and starts running towards Justin and the guys. Justin drops his bags and picks me up as i wrap my legs around his waist and hugs him as tight as possible."Aw my baby" He whispers in my ear. "I missed you so much" I say and pulls away and looks at him. I grab his cheeks and kiss him. He kiss back adding more. "Enough lovebirds!" Ashley yells pulling our faces away from each others.I laugh and Justin puts me down. I hug the others and we walk out. "Hey wait! Selena!" I hear from behind. Justin stops and turns around. I turn around and see Jason and his girlfriend walking towards us.

"Who are they?" Justin ask looking a little confused at me. "I just met him, and thats his girlfriend, i think" I whisper looking at them. He nods and they reach us. "Hey Justin nice to meet you, Jason" Jason say holding his hand out. Justin shakes it and nods. "You too". "Hey Selena, nice to meet you i'm Kate" Jason girlfriends says holding her hand out. I shake it gently and smile. "Nice to meet you too Kate". "Heres my number, call and then we can figure something out!" I say and han them my number. "Thanks, we will" They say and wallk away. 



"Home!" Justin yells as we step in the house. I lugh and close the door and locks it because it was bed time. Suddenly Justin wraps his arms around my waist and  kisses my neck slowly. I moan and hold my hands ontop of his. "I missed doing this" Justin says turning me around. I nod and close my eyes while leaning in and kissing him. He kiss back harder making me walk slowly backwards until i hit the door. He places his hands on each side of my head and leans his body against mine. He starts taking my shirt off but i stop him fast. "What's wrong?" He ask me worried. "Time of the month, sorry" I answer him shy. He chuckles and kiss my nose. "What?" I ask him. "You're sweet" He chuckles and looks me in the eyes. "Why thank you, you're not bad yourself" I answer flirty. He shakes his head chuckling and takes my hand and walks with me to the kitchen.


"You want anything?" He ask me. "Depends on, will you make it for me?" I ask flirty. "Well anything for my princess" He wink. I laugh and nod. "Then i would like a cacao, with whipcream sweetie" I say and lean over the counter. "Be ready in 5!" He yells and makes it. I laugh and walks to the couch and sits down turning on the tv. 


5 minutes later...

"Here baby" Justin says handing me the cup. "Thanks babe" I answer him and takes it. He sits down next to me and pulls me closer. "What are you watching?" He ask kising my head. "White house down, it's premiere" I answer with a smile. "Is it good?" "It' amazing!!" I smile and takes a sip. 

"Babe are you coming with me in bed?" Justin ask me almost sleeping. "Yes" I smile and turn off the tv and stands up. Justin takes my hand and walks upstairs with me. I change into my nightclothes, and put my hair in a bun. I lie down on the bed and pulls the cover over me. Justin lies down next to me and turns off the lights and pulls me closer, so i'm laying on his chest. "I love you so much Selena" Justin says and kisses my head and then my hand. "I love you too J" I smile and close my eyes. 


I missed him so much... 

Now all i need is talk to him about college...

But i cant leave him...


I need him...


He needs me...


We need each other...


 <3 Love <3




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