Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


16. 16. Why did you do it?

The next day...

I wake up in Justin's arms to thunder and rain which was hitting the windows. I groan and sit up from Justin's arms. I rub my eyes and stand up. I walk to the bathroom and strip down. I step in the shower and moan as soon the water hits my cold skin. I wash my hair and get out. I dry up and put on some underwear and then some comfy black pants with a white top and a cardigan. I brush my hair and puts it up in a bun. I put on some hot socks and walks out to find Justin putting on his clothes. "Morning baby" I smile and pecks his lips. "Morning" He say witha tired voice. I sigh and walks out to the girls and boys. "morning guys" I say and place my body next to Zac on the couch. "Morning Sel" They answer with a smile.

"Morning guys" Justin says with a tired voice walking out of the room. "Morning baby" I asnwer him with a smile. "I'm going to starbicks to get some coffee, anyone of you who wants some??" He ask putting on his jacket. "No thanks" Us girls answer. "Can you get me a blueberry cookie?" Zac asks. He nods and walks out. I sigh and takes the remote from Zac. I switch the channel till it hits Friends. I smile and lie back down on the couch. 


Justin's POV

I open the door to starbucks and gets in line. I guess everybody needs a morning coffee, ugh. I sigh and follow the line for 15 minutes, then it's my turn. "Hey, what do you want?" A girl around my age with blonde curly hair ask with a british accent. No wonder, we are in England, bro. "Umm a coffee and a blueberry cookie" I say and smile. She was pretty, not like Sel but she was'nt ugly. "Yes that will be 2,34" She says and smiles big. I smile back and hands her my money. She takes it and hands me the cookie. "I'll bring your coffee" She says and smile. I nod and walk over to a table and sit down.


I sigh and open the cookie. I take a bite but remembers it was for Zac and stops eating it. I chuckle and open my phone. I scroll down Insta checking Ashley's 2 pictures. 1 of her and the girls and 1 of her and Zac. I smile and like the photo, they were cute together. "Here's your coffee sir" a light girly voice says. I look up and meet two blue eyes. I stare at them and takes the coffee. "Thanks" I smile and snap out of the moment. What the fuck just happened?! "Your welcome" She says and walks off. 


I was done drinking my coffee and walks up to buy one more for Selena. I think she will like it. "A coffee more" I smile at the girl. She chuckles and hands me one more after 5 minutes. "Thank you" I smile and walks out of the shop. 


Selenas POV

I laugh as Zac tells me one of his lame jokes. "That was bad" I chcukle at him. "No way, it wasn't" He says with a smile. I nod and laugh. "Okay your right, it was" He laughs. "Hey babe, hey Sel" Ashley says while sitting down in the middle of me and Zac. "Hey babe" Zac says kissing her cheek. "Hey Ash" I smile and puts my legs on hers. She glares at me but then giggle and holds Zac's hand. "I'm back" Justin says walking through the door. "Hey baby" I say as he closes the door. "I brought my favourite girl a coffee" He says and pecks my lips. "Thank you" I say and smile. My smile frown as i look at the cup. "Justin?" I ask him a little pissed. "Yes baby??" He ask taking off his jacket.


"Who the fuck is Janice and why does she want me to call her?!" I ask him pissed. He looks at me confused. I groan and stands up and throws the cup hard at his face. "Wow wow chill" He says grapping my arm. I turn around mad. "What?!" I yell at him. "I dont know her babe, seriously" He say calm. "Then why did she write that on MY cup?!" I yell at him. I hear a loud cough coming from ´Zac and Ashley who is sitting shocked on the couch. "Guys stop yelling" Ashley says a little scared. "No i wont!! Why did she?!" I yell at Justin pissed. "I dont fucking know okay! Ask her?!!" He yells back. I step back shocked. "Fine, i will" I snap and pulls on my shoes and runs out of the door. 

"Selena wait!!" I hear Justin yell after me. I keep running and out of the hotel until i reach starbucks. I run inside and see a big line. I groan and walks past them. "Mrs you have to get in the back of the line" A blonde girl tells me calm. "Do you know a Janice?!" I snap at her. She looks at me hocked and nods. "Where is she?" I say more calm. "I'm her" She says and gulps.


I look at her in disguss and groan. "Why did you write on MY boyfriends coffee to call you???" I snap at her. She shallows hard and shakes her head. "I dont know, i'm sorry, i thought he was single since he was flirting with me" She says and gulps. "He what?!" I yell pissed at Justin. "I'm so sorry, if i knew he had a girlfriend i wouldn't have done it" She say begging. I nod and calm down. "Sorry for yelling at you, i'm mad at him" I say and look down. "I'm sorry too" She says still. I nod and look at her. I turn around to see the whole shop looking at me. "Sorry guys, you were not supposed to see that" I say and walk out. I walk back to the hotel a little sad but also mad at Justin. I walk inside with tears running down my cheeks. I press my  floor and it goes up.

I walk out and to our room. I open the door and walks inside not making eye contact with any of them. I walk directly into th bedroom and takes my suitcase on the bed and starts throwing my things in with tears running down. Why would he do that?! Flirt with someone else?? Or did he flirt?? Thats what the girl said. And she was tellign the truth, i could tell by her eyes. No wonder Justin would like her...She was so pretty, and looked so sweet. I can hear the door open, but dont give a shit to see who it is. "Babe?" I hear the person says. I look up to find Justin there with a wide mouth. "Dont you dare call me that asshole" I snap pointing at him. He looks at me confused. "What did she say?!" He ask me closing the door.


"You were flirting with her! That is why she wrote her number on the cup!" I yell zipping my suitcase up. "No i didn't! I just smiled at her! Thats all!" He yells stopping me from walking out the door. "Thats not what she said" I say. "No but she could be lying! You wont know if she is baby! I promise! Nothing could ever be as good as you are! You mean the world to me, baby, seriously, i love you more than anything in this entire world! I mean it, you are my angel, my princess, my doctor, you are mine" He say while a tear is rolling down his cheek. I shake my head a little and looks down. "I'm sorry, i need some time" I say and walks past him and open the door. "Baby please dont go!" He yells grabbing my hand.

"Justin please stop, you liked what you saw, just admit it, you did flirt, i have seen her. She was gorgeous, which guy wouldn't have flirted with her?" I say to him with tear rolling down. "But your more beautiful! Okay i admit, she was pretty, but nothing compared to you! And your right who wouldn't flirt with her? But you know who actually wouldn't? A guy who loves his girlfriend more than anything" He say holding my hand tight. I hear a sniff and look at Ashley and Demi standing there crying. "Then where is that guy?" I say and lets go of his hand. He sighs and looks down. "I'm sorry, i need some time" I say and looks at the girls. "I'll call you later babes" I smile and blows them an airkiss. "I'm sorry" Justin says stepping closer. "I know" I say and looks at him in the eyes. "Then why are you leaving?" "I just need some time, please just understand me" I say and open the door and walks out. I know Justin is sorry, and i get him, but i need to think about everything. Everything in my life. I feel stressed. 

I know i will go back to Justin. 

I know i will be with him soon again. 

But right now...'

All i need....



is time...


There it is!!! A short one, but you insisted so i gave in, hope you like it. 

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