Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


15. 15. England

"We will be landing in Heathrow airport in about 10 minutes, we hope you enjoyed your flight with us" The speaker say. I smile and look out the window. My smile grow bigger as i see London eye and big ben. Such a beautiful view.

Soon the plane land and we get out of it. I walk in the back with the girls and the guys walk a couple of metres infront of us. We walk out to the place where you get your bagage and finds ours and walks out of the airport to find a bus ready to drive us. We put our suitcases in and steps in the bus. I sit down next to Justin at the window. As we drive Justin grabs my hand and leans in and kisses my cheek. I blush a little and smile at him. "I love you" He whisperes against my lips. I smile and kiss him. "I love you too" I whisper against his lips.


An hour later we arrive at the hotel. We get out and hurry inside because of the rain. We check in and get our roomkey. We get in the elevator and presses the top button. I sigh and lean against the wall. Soon the elevator stops and we get out. Justin unlocks and we get in. I gasp at the sight of a beautiful view. "Wow its beautiful" I mumble while looking out the window. Then two strong arms wrap around my waist and Justin kisses my cheek. I blush and smile. "You're more beautiful" He whispers in my ear. I giggle and turn around and kiss him. "Okay lovebirds, you're room is that one" Demi say and point at a door. I pull away and look at the direction. I nod and get out of Justin grib and walks to the bedroom.


I turn the doorknob and opens the door. I smile and take my suitcase in there. While i unpack my stuff i hear the bedroom door open and Justin screaming. I turn around and see him jumping up the bed and starts jumping like crazy. I laugh and shake my head. He smirks and jumps down and walks over to me. He presses me in against him and walks backwards. He then turn me around, push me down on the bed and before laying down on me, runs to the door and closes and locks it. He smirk and hovers over me. And before i know it he crashes his lips on mine, making me moan in his mouth. He kisses my cheek, then my neck.


"Justin..." I moan. "Mmm" He mumble against my neck. "I dont wanna do this..." I say. He pulls away a little dissapointed and looks at me. "I'm sorry if i dissapointed you, it's just--" I start but Justin interrupts me by kissing me soft and nice. He pulls away and smile. "It's okay, i respect it" He say and strikes my cheek. I sigh relieved and sit up. "Thank you sweetie" I say and hugs him tight.


"I got a idea!" He yells pulling away. I ook at him confused. "What do you say about a date my lady?" He say with a british accent holding his hand out. I nod and smile. "I would love that" I say and giggle. "Be ready in 1 hour!" He say and pecks my lips and runs out the door. My eyes widden and i run out and takes Demi and Ashley's hands and brings them in my room. "Emergency! Date in 1 hour!" I yell and strips down my clothes. They widen their eyes and hurry finding some clothes for me.


I run out the bathroom and turns on the water. I get my shampoo and shaver ready. I jump in when it's warm enough. I shave everywhere and wash my body and hair. I moan massaging my head. I wash the sobe off and turns the water off. I jump out and dry up. I pull on some panties and a black lace bra. I put a towel around my hair and walks out to find the girls standing beside the bed with a dress and some beautiful high heels and jewelry. I smile and pick it up and walks out in the bathroom again. I change into it( In comments) I walk out and smile at the girls who were standing ready to do my makeup and hair. I sit down on the chair and they do it.



After a half hour they are done and a knock is heard on the door. I smile and hugs the girls. "thank you babes" I giggle and open the door to find Justin in a sexy outfit. He smiles once he sees me and takes my hand and pulls me towards the door and we walk out. We walk out of the hotel to find a white limo standing there. I gasp and press Justin hand a little harder. "You did this..." I mumble schocked and looks at him. He nods and smiles. I smile and kiss him fast then lets go and walks to the limo. He walks after me and opens the door. I smile and get in. Justin follows and closes the door. "You know where to" Justin say to the driver. He nods and starts the car. "You look amazing" Justin whispers in my ear. I blush and smile. "Thank you, so do you" I say and interwines our fingers.


After about 15 minutes we arrive. "Okay so now you need to close your eyes" Justin say. I sigh and close my eyes. Justin takes my hand and helps me out. I almost stumble on the way but Justin catches me. I giggle and hold on to his hand tightly. "Come on babe" Justin says and pulls me with him walking slow, for me to keep up. "Is this the part where you let go and run away leaving me in a place i dont know?" I ask a little worried and scared. Justin laughs a litttle. "No way! Dont think that way princess" He say and tells me to step up. Suddenly something moves and some doors closes.


"Now you can open them" Justin says and lets go off my hand. I open my eyes and gasp of the sight of us being inside the London eye with a small table, champagne and fruit with candles and a perfect view over the city lights. A smile appears on my face and i walk over to Justin and pecks his lips. "You like it?" He ask smiling. I nod and smile. "I love it" I giggle and sit down on one of the chairs. Justin sits down too infornt off me. He hands me a glass of champagne and i gladly take it.

"I'm sorry this isn't like a fancy dinn--" Justin says but i interrupt him schocked. "Not fancy??! This is really fancy and romantic! Justin we are sitting on top of the london eye with candles and champagne. He smiles a little and blushes. "It's perfect! I would enjoy just laying in bed with you all day" I giggle and moves over beside him. He smiles and kisses me. I kiss back holding my hand on his cheek soft. We slowly pull away and look into each other's eyes. "I love you baby" Justin says and ppeck my lips. "I love you more" I giggle looking into his brown hazel eyes. "Not possible" Justin smirks and pulls me into him. I giggle and kiss his cheek.



Next morning... 


I wake up by Justin moving in his sleep. I open my eyes and look over at him sitting up in bed. I smile and place my hand on his lower back making him look at me and smile. "Morning baby" Justin says with a sexy voice bringing his lips to mine. "Goodmorning sexy" I say and kiss him. He smiles and pulls away. I cough loud and brings the covers over my entire body. "Are you okay?" Justin ask standing up. I nod slowly and close my eyes. "No you're not, are you getting sick?" Justin ask walking to my side off the bed. I nod slowly and cough loud so it hurt in my neck. "Aww baby, lets get you some food and tea" Justin say striking my cheek with his tumb. I smile a little and sit up and hugs him tight. "Thank you" I whisper and close my eyes. "Lie down now, i'll be back with something as fast as possible" Justin says and kisses my head. "I love you" I say as he opens the door. He turns around and smile. "I love you too" He says and closes the door. I smile and close my eyes. Within a minute i was asleep under the covers in Justins big sweatshirt.


"Babe??.." I can hear someone say. Thinking it's Justin i open my eyes and look to see Demi sitting there smiling. "Hey Demz, whats up?" I sniff and look at her. She shrugs her shoulders and then holds up three movies with a big smile on her face. I giggle then cough because of the cold. Demi jumps down next to me and hands me the movies. Sleepover, 21 Jumpstreet, and Bridewars. I giggle and pick Bridewars out. I was in a mood for that movie right now.


Just as Demi puts in the movie the door opens and Justin walks in with a smile on his face. I giggle as he throws chips, cola, juice, candy, fruit and hot choko on the bed. "Thanks babe" I say and stands up and jumps up in his arms wrapping my legs around his hips. "You're welcome baby" He says and lies me gently on the bed again. "Are you girls gonna have some fun today??" He ask and moves a strand of my hair behind my ear. I nod and eats a chips. "Can i go watch a game with the guys then?" Justin ask striking my lap gently. I nod and smile then cough loudly. "What about Ashley? Where is she?" I ask looking at Demi and Justin. "She's watching some series in the livingroom, i'll ask if she want's to join you" Justin says and stands up. "Please do that" I say with puppy eyes. He giggles and nods. "Bye babe, i love you" Justin says blowing me and airkiss. "Love you too" I yell after him. 



Drama coming up! I think......

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