Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


13. 13. i'm in love with you


Today me and Justin were going on a real date. I just hope he actually shows up this time really! I was laying in my bed watching some tv. It was rainy outside and not like warm, so i really dont hope that Justin planned out something outside. He told me to be ready at 5.30 and have an bag with a towel. Like what are we doing? I switched the channel and saw that national treasure was on.

Suddenly the door opens. I look over to see Demi standing there with some breakfast. I smile and sit up. She gives it to me and close the door and sit down next to me. "Hey Bestie" Demi say and hugs me. "Hey Demz, what are you doing here?" "Helping you get ready to your date!" She yells and grab a pancake. I smile and laugh. I check the time, it says 11.01, and i'm getting ready at 2.30, that means we have 3 1/2 hour to do random stuff.




"Sel you need to shower now!" Demi yells while we walk upstairs to my room. I nod and walk in the shower. I take a shower and dry up. Put a black thong and a black lace bra on. I walk out and see that Demi picked out 4 dresses. I smile and she throws on at me with some shoes and i put it on. I try on the rest. ( In comments) I pick number 3, a long black dress with silver shoes.


"Let me do your hair please!" Demi say and pull m down on a chair. "Okay" I laugh. She does my hiar and pick out some jewelrys to put on. "Now you're ready" She say and spins me around so i can see myself in th mirror. I smile at the sight. "Thank you Demi" I say and hugs her. (I comments) I look at the time, it say 5.29. I sigh and grab my bag and jacket and walk downstairs. "Have fun" My mom say and kiss my head. "I will" I say and pull away from her. And then the doorbell rang. I smile and hug Demi. "Thank you for helping me" I say and pull away and open the door.


Justin is standing there in jeans and a blue shirt with leatherjacket. I step out and close the door. "You look beautiful" Justin say and kiss my cheek. "You dont look to bad yourself" I smirk and hugs him. "Lets go" Justin say and take my hand. "Where are we going?" I ask excited. "You'll see" Justin say and smirks. I roll my eyes and smile. We get in the car and Justin drives. "We'll be driving for an hour so i hope you dont mind" He say a little nervous. "I dont care, as long as i'm with you" I say and rubs his arm. He smiles and takes my hand. We interwine our fingers and i turn up the music a little. We sit there singing a little, we talked and laughed, so the time just flew!


Justin pulled in at a big acvarium. I look out confused. "What are we doing here?" I ask confused. "You'll see" He say and steps out. I look out confused and Justin opens the door for me and we walk hand in hand inside. "Justin it's closed!" I whisper. He shakes his head and smiles. "Yes it is" I say and point at the sign. "Dont worry" He say and walk into a room where there is a man and a woman. "Hello, you must be Justin Bieber, I'm naomi and this is Jakob, we'll help you tonight, nice too meet you" The woman says. I look at Justin confused.

"You must be Selena, nice too meet you" She say and shakes hand with me. "i am, nice to meet you too" I say and smile. "Follow us" Jakob say and walk out. Justin takes my hand and we walk after them, for about 10 min, until we are at a big acvarium in a really big hall i think you can call it that. I walk and look down the water until a dolphin jumps in the air. "OMG!" I scream shocked. They all laugh at me. I smile and look at the dolphin again. "Now Selena, you need to change" Naomi say and takes my hand. "What? Why?" I ask confused and look back at Justin who waves at me. "You're going swimming" She say and leads me into a room with some water suits. I change into one and put my hair up in a ponytail.


"You ready?" I nod and smile. I cant believe Justin did this! He is the best! Now another thing is crossed off my list. We walk out and see Jakob standing at the water and Justin talking with him on the bench. "Good luck babe!" Justin say and takes his phone out to film me. "Thank you!" I say and smile back at him. "Okay go in the water" Naomi say and i go down the steps and go in. "Omg it's deep" I say a little scared. "Dont worry they need that, now just stand calm ad put your hands out" She say and shows me. I do it and wait... Suddenly the dolphin grab me and swims. "Omg this is awsome!" I say as they drop me. Justin laughs and walks to Naomi to get a closer pic. The dolphns swim over to me and i give them a kiss. I could do this ALL day seriously!






"You're done now" She say after a half hour. I nod and swims over and get up. "You liked it?" Justin ask while we walk in the changing room. I nod like crazy and smile. "I loved it" I say and try to get the swims suit off. "Look away" I say and look at Justin. He smiles and turns around. I change and dry my hair up again. "You ready to go get some food?" Justin ask and takes my bag. I nod and takes his other hand. We walk out and into a tunnel under the sharks. "Wow" I say and look up to see them swimming over us. We walk a little in it and i find a table for two and some food and a waiter.

"Justin..." I say and cover my mouth. "You dont like it?" He ask nervous. "Yes, it's so romantic" I say and walk over to the table. Justin takes my chair out and i sit down. "Thank you" I say and place a napkin on my lap. Justin sits down infront and we take some food on our plates. We talk and eat and just have fun. "You need to see the vido i recorded off you" Justin say and gives me his phone. I press play and watch where i scream when they drop me. I laugh and gives the phone back.


"What an experience" I say and look at the sharks. "Yer now you can cross that off on your list" He say and gives the note to me. "Where did you get this?" I askc confused. "I took it from your bag" He say and smirks. I roll my eyes and laugh. "Now you got 2 things crossed off, and soon to be 3" He say and smirks. "Why 3?" I ak confused. "You'll see" He say and smirks. "Justiiiin..." I whine. "You know i hate surprises!" I say and laugh. He nods and stands up. He hold his hands out to for me to take it. I take it and stand up. He places his hand on my waist and pulls me close. Suddenly some slow music start playing, and we start moving to it. I wrap my arms around his neck and lies my head on his shoulder. "This i nice" I say and smile. Justin nods and looks down at me.


"Selena?" He ask nervous. "Yes?" I ask and look at him. Please just say it! "I'm in love with you" He say and looks me in the eyes. Finally!! YES! Omg answer him Selena! "I'm in love with you too" I say and smile at him. "so, will you be my girlfriend?" He ask and looks at me nervous. I look at him blankly. He finally ask and here i stand totally blacked out...


I nod slow, because that was all i could do..."I mean yes, i waited for so long for you to ask me that question" I say and leans in. He smiles and crashes his lips on mine. I kiss back adding more passion. We both pull away and smile. "Now you can cross the next thing of your list" I look at him confused. "Bacuse now you are someones one and only, me" He say and pecks my lips. I blush and a tear roll down my cheek. "I love you Justin" I say and hugs him tight. "I love you too" He say and pulls away and moves a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Lets go" He say and pulls me out of the tunnel. We walk out and get in the car.


We drive back to my house. "Now before we end this evening, i have something so you will remember your experience" Justin say and hands me a gift. I smile and open it to find a picture of me kissing the dolphin. "How did you make this?" I ask confused and smile. "Well Naomi took a few pictures and she got me that one to give you" "Thank you babe" I say and kiss him. "You're welcome" He say and kiss back. "Now i'll see you soon baby" Justin say and leans in. I smile and kiss him. We both pull away and look in each other's eyes. "I love you" I say as i open the door. "I love you too" He say and waves while i walk backwards inside. I wave back and walk inside. I smile and lean against the door. Tonight was amazing!






"Hey Sel, how was it?" I hear Demi say tired walking down the stairs. "Wow, you stayed here all night? It was amazing" I say and walk with her upstairs. "So what  happened?" She say and lies down on the bed. "Well lets just say, you got your wish" I say and change to Justins white shirt. "OMG FINALLY YOU'RE DATING!!" She say and jumps up and hugs me. I hug back and we lie down on the bed. "What is that?" Demi ask while ponting to the picture of me and the dolphin. "Justin crossed 2 things more off my list" I say happy. "Awwww" She say and lie down. "Wow i cant believe you got to swim with dolphins!" She say and smile. "Me neither..." I say and close my eyes.


Finally me and Justin was a couple! 


(Just pretend it's Selena) 


*** Hope you like it *** Check out my new story, about Jason Mccan ***

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