Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


10. 10. Fuck you

I woke up by a big BANG. I opened y eyes and saw that Justin wasn't next to me anymore. I panicked a little and looked for him to find him rubbing his head on the floor. "Omg Justin, are you okay?!" I say and run down to him. "Who are you?" I heard him say confused. I looked at him shocked. "You dont remember?..." I say sad. He shakes his head and look down. NOOOOOOO THIS CANT HAPPEN "Im Selena, your best friend" I say and fake a smile. He smiles back.


"I'm kidding Sel, i only fell from the bed, i wasn't hit by a car" He say laughing a little. I look at him shocked and pissed. "FUCK YOU!!" I yell and stand up and walk out. I could hear him laughing, what a asshole! Or actually, what a actor!! I walk down to my find my mom and Brian and my sister and all her friends looking at me. They were eating at our table.

I tramp in the floor pissed and wal over to the table they are sitting at and take some juice. I can hear footsteps coming down the stairs but i'm so pissed because i believed that i wouldnt care to turn around and look. "You guys slept good?" I ask and look around on my sisters friend. "Yes, very" Some of they answer and some others just nod and smile.


"Sis, you know youre not wearing any pants right?" MAdison ask me. I nod and take a bite off the cherry. Suddenly i could see everyone smiling at me, and i look at them confused. Suddenly i could feel Justins breath on my neck. I get shivers and he wrap his arms around my waist and plant little kisses on my neck. FUCK THIS IS FUCKING SEXY I bit my lip to keep me from moaning, because my sister and her friends were her, and not to mention my mom and Brian were watching.

I walk a little backwards for Justin to do same. I turn around making him stop. "Stop it, it makes want to rip of your clothes!" I whisper at him. He giggles and kiss my cheek. "Are you mad at me?" He ask and bite his lip. SEXYNESS TOO MUCH


I nod my head and bite my lip. "Are you sure?" He say with a sexy voice closer to my lips than ever. I could feel my mom and Brian looking at us, and my sister and her friends too. I shake my head at first but turns it into a nod. FUCK Justin winks and grabs me by my waist. He was shirtles and his scent just went all the way in...gosh he smelled good. Suddenly i hear a lloud cough from behind and turn to see my mom with a "I know you're gonna give in and kiss him, not infront of the kids" Look. I shrug my shoulder and smile.


"Lets get some food bby" I say and look at him. "Are you guys dating?" One of my sisters friends, Windy ask me as i sit down. I think about the thought then shakes my head and smile. "Oh okay, but you would look cute" She say shy and smile. I smile back and take some food. 






"Hey sis, do you and Justin wanna go swimming with us?" Madison say as me and Justin watch tv. I look at Jutin who was smiling and nodding his head. "Yer, okay" I say and smile. Justin stands up and looks at me. "Come on lazy ass" He say and smile. I give him the puppy look and he gives in, and picks me up. I laugh and kiss his cheek. We walk upstairs and change into bathing suits. Justin smacks my ass as we walk in the pool area.


I gasp and look at him. He wink and jumps in the pool. All my sisters friends, who are guys, jump in after and they have some fun, playing with the volleyball. My sister and girlfriends jumps in too, and then theres just me. Justin pass the game and swims to the side where i was sitting. "Come in please" He say and smirks. "Why?" I ask winking. "Because i need you in here..." He say and smile.


I smile and take off my flip flops and walk to him. I sit down with my legs in the water and Justin swims in between them and wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me dwon in the water. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck. We swim around for another hour and then me and Justin walks up. We walk wet up in my bedroom, dripping a little on the floor. I laugh and walk into the bathroom.


"Justin i'm gonna take a shower..." I say peeking out of the door. "May i join?" He ask flirting. "No" I say and laugh. HE shurg his shoulders. I walk in and take a shower. I dry up and wrap a towel around my body. I open the door alittle and see Justin isn't there. I smie and walk out. I walk to my closet and drop the towel down. I take some underwar on and some comfyclothes and turn around to see Justin standing in the door. I gasp and step back shocked.


"What the hell Justin?!! How long have you been standing there?" I yell at him. "Long enough to see you drop youre towel" He say and winks. I gasp and walk to him and hit his arm. "Chill, you have a drop dead gorgeous body" He say and smiles. I smile back and felt pretty. I blush looking down. "I love you" Justin randomly say and look down at nothing. I smile at him. "I love you too" I say and blush. He smiles and puts his hands in his pockets. "I cant believe we have christmas break in 1 week" He say and smile out in nothing. "Me neither" I say and make the bed. 






Today i was going on a date. In 1 hour he will be picking me up. We had school today but 1 of our teachers were sick so we got early off school. I had taken a shower and was standing in front of my closet and looking for what to wear. This was a real date, a real dtae, with Justin. I am so happy!! I picked out a cute dress and and some high heels with a blazer. (In comments) I curled my hair and put on some makeup.


Suddenly the doorbell rang and i checked 1 last time my look and then walked downstairs. I grabbed my phone from the table and opened the door. I smiled big but my smile frowned when i saw who was standing infront of me. "Hey heres your pizza, you look pretty" The pizza guy say and hand me some pizzas. "Thanks, iam waiting for someone" I say and sigh. "oh there is our pizza, here is the money" My mom say and hand him some money. He waves and drives again. I sigh and close the door.


"Sweetie he is only 10 minutes late" My mom say and hand my sister and Brian some pizza. "Well thats it, Justin is NEVER late" I say and sigh. I sit down and unlock my phone. I find Justin and calls him. It goes riht to the voicemail. I sigh and text him: Hey Justin are you okay? Where are you? xx Selena. I sigh and wait.


1 hour later i was still waiting when i heard a honk. I stood up and looked out the window to just see someone on th other ide off the street. I cant believe this!! I hate him so much right now!! A tear roll down my cheek and i can feel my mom sidehugging me. I sigh and turn around and hugs her tight making all my tears fall. "I cant believe him" I say sobbing. "shh sweetie dont cry" My mom say and strike my hair. I nod and pulls away.


I walk over to the couch and sit down next to my sister. She moves closer to me and hugs me. I hug back. "I'm gonna kick his little ass tomorrow!" She say mad and kiss my cheek. I laugh and lie down on her lap. "I love you sis" She say and strike my hair. I smile and nods. "I love you too, more than anything" I say and close my eyes. 








I wake up my sister walking in my room. I smile and open my eyes. "Hey Selly, how are you feeling?" she ask and pull some clothes out for me. Sweetest sister ever. "Not much better" I say and sigh. I get up and take the clothes on and put my hair up in a ponytail. I put on a little makeup and put on some converse. Right now i just wanted to slap Justin across the face. I walk downstairs and grab some breakfast.


"LEts go girls!" Brian say and open the door. I grab my jacket and phone with my bag. He closes the door and take his arm around me. "Are you okay?" He ask me. I shake my head and look down. "It gonna be okay" He say and kiss my head. I nod and get in the car. We drive to the school and me and Madison get out. We wave and she takes my hand. "What are doing?" Ask confused. "Lets go!" She say and walks in the diretion of my building. I just follow confused. Then i realsied she was heading to Justin who was standing with the whole team and Ryan and Demi. Goh no.... We reach them and they all look at us. I look down.


"You fuckin idiot!!" My sister snaps at Justin. He looks at her surprised. Or they all did actually. "You fucking didot for dumping my sister!!! She loves you more than anything you fucking moron!! Asshole!!!!" She yells mad and go ready to hit him but i grab her hand and walk away with her. I let go of her and looks at her. "What was that?" I ask a little mad. "That was bitchy me, you dont dump my sister without getting payed!" She say in a bitchy way before walking off to her building. I smile a little and head  to Demi.


"What the hell happened, taht i dont know?" She ask and look at me, then Justin. I just smile and look at her. "Well you see he dumped me" I say and smile, just to annoy Justin. "About that Sel..--" And more Justin didn't get out before  i slapped him across the face. He hold his cheek hurt. "Selena i have a good explanation to this!" He yells and grabs my arm. "Then tell it!!" I yell mad at him. "Okay,first.........". 





There it goes, hope you like it. Next one soon....


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