Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


1. 1. I hate you

Selena's POV (Point of view) 

I woke up by my cellphone ringing on my nighttable beside me. I groaned and sat up taking it. "Hello?" I said annoyed. I'm not the morning person when it's before 7.00 am. Seriously! "Hey sweetpie, i'll pick you up in 30 minutes" Demi said happy. "Great, see ya" I say and hang up walking out the bathroom to take a shower. 


5 minutes later i hop out, get my black thong and black bra on my warm body and walk out in my bedroom. I look through my closet to find an outfit... I got black jeans and a blue/grey seater on showing a little of my stomach. I got my black converse and straighten my hair down. I got my ring on and walked downstairs. I wasn't really the high heels girl, i'm more the flat shoes girl, and not a makeup girl but just a mascara on and then not more. 


"Morning mom" I say to my mom and eat a pancake. I love my mom, she was always home in the morning making food to me and my sister. Did i forget to tell you? I have a sister, her name is madison and she is 12. She's so annoying really!! But i do love her....sometimes.


"Morning sweetie have a nice day today" My mom smiled. I got my bag and my jacket. Took my phone in my pocket and yelled for Madion to get ready. "Get ready Madison, Demi is here" "Okay okay" She answered back and got her bag and shoes on. "Bye mom" We both say at the same time and walk out.  

"Hey Demz" I say and close the cardoor. Madion sits in the back. "Hey Selly, hey madison" Demi says driving. "So you ready for another day at school?" I ask Demi. "Not really, i mean it's so boring" She says making a boring face. I nod and laugh. 


At school

Demi pulls in a parking lot and steps out followed by me and Madison. "Meet you here Madison, we are walking home today" I say to Madion before linking arms with Demi and walking in. "Okay, see ya" She answers and walk away to the smaller building. 


Justin's POV

Here we go again, another day in school with basket and bored classes. I pulled in the parking lot next to a black car and right away i knew who it was. Demi and Selena. Or should i say Gomez. She annoy me so much, she is pretty and hot but so annoying! I get out of my car and send my brother over to the smaller building. His name was Jake and he was 12. I was 18 and the leader of the basketball team. 


I walk inside and meet Ryan at my locker. I do the handshake with him and gets my books. "Hey dude what up?" He says while opning his locker. "Nothing much, you?" I answer finding my german book. I hated german, i suck ass at it. "Not much, you know the same old thing. Checking girls out everywhere" He says smirking. I laugh at his response. 


Selena's POV

I walked into German class and sat i the back with Demi. Luckily we were in the same class, but it was German, i hated it because i suck at it. Th bell rung and in walked Ryan and Justin or should i call him Bieber. I hate him, he annoy me so much more than everthing!! He walked past me and send me a glare. I glared back and followed his eyes until he walked into the wall. I slightly laughed and turned around. They sat behind us and we all stopped talking when Mr. Gilson walked in. 


Then the bell rung, finally lunch time! That meant FOOD time!! I love food really much!! I got up my seat and got all my books and started walking out from my chair, but Justin bumped into me so all my books fell to the ground. "Ugh Dickhead" I mumble and get down to get my books. "I should say sorry but i wont Gomez" He laughed with Ryan. "I hate you so much, asshole" I say pissed and get out of class. "Hate you too" He yell after me. 

I look around the cafeteria to catch Demi. There she is! Wait... With Ryan and Justin?! Seriously?! i walk over and tap her shoulder. She turn around "What Selly?" She asks smiling. "Why are you with them?" I say pissed. "Because me and Ryan just talked about something in the hallway, and didn't finish it" She answer. I groan and sit down and eat my food.

I look over at Justin and see him sitting there picking his food. "Aren't you gonna eat?" I ask him. He shakes his head and look at me. "Why?" I ask him. "I'm not hungry, why do you think?" He say raising his voice at me. "God sorry calm down Bieber" I say standing up and walking to the next class. 



After school

I walk out of school and see Madison waiting for me. I walk to her and we start to walk home. It would take about 30 minutes. "Did you have a great day?" I ask her. She nod and smile. "Why are you smiling?" I ask her. "Me and this guy Jake has a history projeckt together" "Really is he sweet?" She nod and smile. "We are doing it at his tomorrow, do you wanna drive me?" "On a friday?" She nods. "I guess at what time?" "Around dinner he said to me" She answers. I nod and keep walking. 

Madison and i walks inside of our house and see my mom doing some work at her desk. "Hey mom, what are you doing?" I ask her while setting my bag down. "Just work, how was school?" She asks me. "It was ok" I say and sit down on a chair next to her. "We are going to dinner with someone tonight" "Really? Who?" "One of my old friends live here, and we are going to eat at a restaurant and then go to her and her husbands house after" "So it will be late?" I groan.


She nod and stands up. "At what time?" I ask needing time to get ready. She looks at her watch. "Well it is 3.30 so in 2 hours" I nod and walk upstairs to get ready. I strip down and get in the shower. 15 minutes later i walk out and get some black panties on with a black bra. I walk out and look through my dresses. I got in a black short dress and my red converse, with red nails and red lips. I curled my hair a bit and put on my rings.


I walked downstairs and waited for my sister and mom and stepdad to finish gettin ready. "Lets go girls" My mom say opening the door. We walk out and get in the back of the car. We drive to a fine restaurent and walk inside. I look around and then my mom walks to a lady, a man, a small boy and....... Justin?! No no no.....please tell me you're kidding right?! 


First chapter! What do you think? ;) 





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