Let Me Go (Harry Styles)

“I just want you to be happy again, Harry.” I heard her say. I looked at her. “But I am happy.” I told her. “I know you’re not Harry, you don’t have to lie to me” She sighed. “I’m telling you the truth, Em! Being with you makes me happy. I love you !” I said to her. “But you always break down every time I disappear again” She said. “Then don’t, just stay with me.” I begged. “I can’t and you know that! You also know that one day, I won’t come back anymore and...” “No please don’t say that!” I cried. She sighed. “I’m sorry Harry, but you just have to let me go.” She said before she disapeared again.


4. Author's note

Omg!!! I'm so sorry guys! I didn't know people actually read this lol. I promise that I'll update this as soon as possible. There's one tiny little problem though: I don't even remember writing this story so I have no idea what will happen next tbh. I'm gonna reread this story and try to find my draft on my computer (:


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