The Boy Band Next Door

Sometimes people seem annoying but when you spend time with eachother.You
Instantly fall inlove.The same happend to me,my to best friends and my cousin.We hated this U.K band One Direction.And guess what they were our neighbors.....


1. Nobody Wants Me To Leave

Katy P.O.V

"Honey are you sure you want to move out of the house?''my mom said."Yes,mom."i said as I put the last 2 boxes in my new room.''But what about Briana she'll miss you.''my mom said helping me with the boxes"Mom,Briana hates me.I'm sure she won't miss me."i said putting the boxes to the floor."Hey,Katy don't fall inlove with anybody in this neighborhood."my dad said.''Dad,don't worry.''i said making a weird face.I think Nobody wants me to leave.''Okay bye hun."mom said as they left.

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