The Boy Band Next Door

Sometimes people seem annoying but when you spend time with eachother.You
Instantly fall inlove.The same happend to me,my to best friends and my cousin.We hated this U.K band One Direction.And guess what they were our neighbors.....


6. Dont Tell Anyone Its Our Little Secret

Harry P.O.V

''Umm harry."Carla said''Yeah."i said"Remember when whe made out?"Carla said"Yeah"i said worried."Well i accually liked it.''she said wow she liked it."Okay well so did I.''i said."Well dont tell anyone its our little secret okay."Carla said as i nodded."Okay well i have to tell you something so when theres a new neighbor we have to have a sleepover.''i said"But we dont have sleeping bags."she said worried"Dont worry we got that covered.''i said as i winked."Okay.''carla said with a weird face.But she still looked cute.

Niall P.O.V

"Katy.You.Are.Beautiful.I.Love.You."i said very very quitely as she read my lips."Me too."she said as i was reading her lips.I smiled.She smiled too.Oh god damn.Her smile is just speechless it was beautiful.And mines used to be crooked.

Katy P.O.V

I liked Niall.But he LOVED me.''Niall come with me."i said ''okay.''he said"boys im going to my room with Katy okay.''he said"Okay."Louis said.We walked to the room.''Niall i hate you.''i said

Niall P.O.V

''Niall i hate you."Katy said.My heart sank.I had a knot in stomach.But she just said she loved me.I could fell my tears in my cheeks.''No Niall i love you its just."Katy said.I was confused did she me or not.''Its just sometimes im deeply inlove with you.And sometimes i hate you''she said.I just kept on crying.She leaned close to me and wispered into my ear"But i mostly love you.''i could fell her warm breath that made me have goosebumps.I stopped crying."But its our little secret.okay."she said as i nodded.She then leaned very close to me and kissed my lips.It didnt involve anything just our lips.i then started kissing her.Her kiss was magical.We then separrated.''I hate these things."she said"what."i said"My invisible braces."she said wait she has braces."why do have braces?"i said"Because i had crooked teeth."she did."I had braces for the same reason."i said shoked"Cool."she said as she put her invisible braces back."Well dont tell none of the boys about the braces okay its another secret u have to keep."she said as i smiled.


Wow i bet you never expected that from Katy right.Well what you dont know is Amy also had braces.Again invisible braces.Love you bye

                                                                      love ,Rachel

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