I Found You

I have known Harry Styles my whole life. After the X- Factor One Direction goes on tour and then he finally comes back for a few months, bringing the boys along with him. One of his best mates asks me out and Harry does something very unexpected.


10. New Start

Torie's POV:

I lay in bed with Liam..I didn't want to get to close to him cause knew he had a girlfriend so I didn't want to ruin anything. I couldn't sleep. I quietly get out of bed trying not to wake him.
I tiptoe downstairs only to find the front porch light on. I'm surprised to see Louis sitting on the porch trying to quietly talk into his phone. "El I know you've been cheating on me. Stop pulling this bull shit with me! Sorry doesn't cut it! We are done!" He ends the call and slams his phone down on the ground. He buries his face in his hands and I hear small sniffles. "Lou?" I say walking outside and crossing my arms because of the coldness. "Are you ok?" I ask sitting down next to him,putting my hand on his arm. "She fucking cheated on me! I never would of thought she would." He says looking up at me with puffy eyes. "It's ok Lou..there's plenty of others girls out there." I say putting my head on his shoulder trying to comfort him.  He looks into my eyes and grabs my wrists trying not to grip to tight. "Will you go out with me?" He asks giving me a sweet smile. "Lou you just broke up with her! You can't just ask the next girl you see." I say releasing his hands from mine. "Babe, I've liked you ever sense I set my eyes on you when we first met." He says scooting me closer to him. "Oh really now." I say shocked. "Yeah." He says chuckling. "We'll then come here." I say flicking my index finger. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him into a passionate kiss. He follows along and puts his other hand on my leg making me get on top of him. I pull away and ruffle his hair. "Now will you go out with me?" He asks looking at with a smirk. I don't answer him and just pull him into another kiss.

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