Outcast (Marcel)

Marcel is the school nerd. Katie is the school 'it girl'. What happens when these two worlds collide.. And one of them has a secret nobody can know about...?


20. Chapter Eighteen.

"What are you doing?" I gasped as he threw me against the wall, pressing himself against me.

"Don't act surprised," He smirked, running a hand up my leg, "You know what I am, I told you first hand so don't act like little miss perfect."

"Get off me!" I shrieked, pushing him off me, the shock caused him to fall to the ground. He picked himself up from the floor, grinning at me.

"So, that's how you wanna play it, eh?" I tried to escape but by now he had a firm grip on me, I was pinned against the wall, Edwards lips pressed against mine. I gave in. I kissed back because if I chose the other options I'd be in a far greater danger than that I'm in now. Our lips moved together in sync, butterflies erupt in my stomach and swarm throughout my body, fireworks explode leaving behind a trail of vibrant colours, bombs explode, our lips pull apart.

"Edward, I can't! Please, let me go!" I beg.

"You kissed back!" He smirks.

"N-no I didn't!" I retort guiltily.

"You still like me don't you? Even after all of this, you'd still choose me over Harry!"

"Never! You're a killer! You're a murderer! You're a prisoner, a sinner, a monster! I hate you!" I scream, emotions sweep across Edward's face and I almost regret what I said. He takes a step back, his head hanging, his face registering shock, anger, disbelief, I can't really tell. Suddenly, and at the worst  possible moment, he lunges himself at me, his arm presses against my neck blocking my windpipe and effectively cutting off my voice.

"What? What did you say?" He spits, "A murderer? Is that what you think I am? I told you the truth Katie! You know what happened! How could you say that?"

"You.. K-killed... her!" I manage.

"I didn't! I didn't! I didn't!" He bellows, pressing his arm harder against my neck, blocking any air from entering.

"Katie?" Gasps a familiar voice, "Edward! What the hell are you doing? Get off her!" Relief floods through me and air fills my body as Edward is hauled off me. I collapse to the ground trying to remind myself how to breath.

"Harry, it wasn't how it looked!" Edward insists.

"You! It's always you! You took Charlotte and I will not let you take Katie!" Harry yells taking Edward by the collar and punching him in the jaw, I stay still, mesmerised. Harry hits him again, and again. Suddenly I find courage, the harsh slap inflicted upon Edward brings me to my senses because I feel it on my own cheek. I feel the throbbing that comes after and the red mark it leaves behind. I feel my dads hand slap my cheek and I stand up and run at Harry.

"Harry! No!" I charge into the pair, breaking them up and land in Harry's arms.

"Katie, stay out of this!" Harry orders, wiping the blood from his face.

"Just stop! Please!" I beg.

"Look, Katie, you don't understand, he's ruined my life from when we were kids, I can't let him get away with it all!"

"Harry, look! Just look at yourself, you're angry, you're full of blood, you're injured! You both need a hospital! Please, just stop this!" I plead, tears brimming in my eyes. Harry looks at me for a long moment, his emerald orbs studying mine.

"Ok," He says gruffly, "Ok, Ed, I'm sorry... I just lost it." I turn to look at Edward but it's too late, he's stood smugly, his finger pulling the trigger, aimed at my heart.


"NO!" Harry cries, pushing me aside, taking my place. He falls to the ground, clutching his side, blood's already seeping out through his shirt.

"Harry! Harry no!" I blubber, "Please, don't die, I-I'll call an ambulance! Just.. Just don't die, please!"

I pull out my phone and dial 999, clutching Harry's hand all the time.

"Hello, what's your emergency?" Asks a friendly voice.

"M-my boyfriend, he's been.. he's been shot! I don't know what to do!" I babble, barely audible.

"Ok, calm down. Can you tell us your location?"

"I-I don't know, we're near some abandoned apartments, I don't know!"

"Are there any signs, on the apartments?"

"Um, y-yes! It says West Drumlins! We're at the back, h-he's breathing, he's conscious!"

"Good, good, we've sent some people out but can you tell me where he's been shot?"

"Um, his left ribcage, I don't know for sure, it was aimed at me but he took it!"

"Right, yes, thank you, somebody will be with you shortly."

"Oh, thank you!" I gasp and the line goes dead, "There you go Harry, somebody's coming! They'll make you better, I promise."

"Katie..." He struggles.

"Don't.. don't try to talk."

"Katie... I love you."

"Oh Harry! I love you too! I really, really do! You just have to stay with me, yeah? And get better."


Oh, Harry, please, please don't die. Please. I think to myself over and over, because if I wish hard enough, maybe he wont, maybe everything will be alright. Maybe.


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