the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


2. this is the end

My morning was spent with very strong coffee accompanied by some reece mastin, I sipped my hot coffee waiting for my flight to be called.

I tossed and turned in the un-comfy plane seat almost half way through my journey after stopping off in china or some shit. However sleeping was something I did not to on my flight to London. My phone buzzed on my lap, not on flight mode cause I'm a rebel. "You're beautiful" it read. Oh lukey, will you ever learn? I slipped my phone back in my pocket after fight mode was resumed. I popped my headphones in still smiling at how completely perfect my boyfriend was.

When I finally arrived in Brit land I must of peed about forty times, i walked out just to feel my phone buzz again. After flight mode got bored and left. Ashypashytheswegking; ''where are you, ya muppet x x"

I rolled my eyes at the older boy standing with his back to me.

I took a running jump landing on his back before he squealed, like a girl may I add. As he turned me around throwing me on the floor before pinning my arms over my head as he licked my face. Yes I said it. Licked my face. LICKED. MY. FACE. Around five minutes later people had become bored of staring and Ashton stopped "you fat ass" I grunted throwing him off me and wiping my face. "Nice to see you too sum" he winked pulling me into a hug. "Common Leggooo, I've been here since 6am luke will be wondering whaat on earth I'm doing" I nodded in reply as I followed him.

"So this is your home for the rest of the tour, ur lets just go see the boys yeah?" I hopped out of the car leaving my bags there momentarily as I walked into the tour bus no signs of life at all. Ashton followed behind nodding his head in the direction of Luke's bunk as he brought my things in. I mouthed a thanks and walked that way. "Uhh ohh luke fuck yess" a extremely fake of American accent squealed in the bus. Calum I thought as I pulled the covers off of the moving shapes. Calum I think not. Unless Callum is 5ft with long bleached hair and a rather orange face. I blinked. Few times to be sure of what I was seeing, "Mike Man fuck- summmmer-r" the blond boy stuttered his eyes widening. "Save it" I replied my eyes filling with liquid as I turned on my heel and ran out.

Too much homework to update for ages sorry, unedited I just wanted to get it out i will be updating sooner x comment x

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