the girl that started a boy band war, 5SOS V.S 1D

What happens on tour, stays on tour. Until Summers on tour.


5. I'm sorry

"I didn't want to hurt you, it hasn't been happening long.. But we started the tour there was so many girls. Luke began flirting and we thought it was harmless, until he was out with girls.. Bringing them back to the tour bus. Ignoring your calls, he told cal you guys were having problems. Me and mikey saw it, all of it. We wanted to call you and tell you but we knew it would break your heart and cal wasn't there, he swore the girls were over it was done.. I didn't know he'd have that girl with him sum I swear if it had carried on you know I would of told you! He knows to so he hid it, I'm so sorry sum" Ashton said quickly tears in his eyes "don't cry baby, it's not your fault" I told him in a voice you talk to children with "I-we thought it was over done with I hate seeing you like this sum" he said pulling me close and sobbing in my arms, I wrapped my arms around holding him tight "shh ash it's okay love" I repeated pushing him shoulder length and looking him in the eyes "why are you crying ey?" I said beginning to cry myself. I ran my index finger under his eyes. "I love you sum, you know that right?" He said his voice cracking "I know love, I know. I love you too babe" I cried pulling him closer, I could feel his breath on the side of my face as he wrapped his arms around my waist slowly "let's just go yeah?" I smiled pulling away once again and grabbing his hand. Leading him towards the car.

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