How Do I Even Explain This Feeling???

Emily is your average know it all. She stays concentrated on her schoolwork to get a scholarship. It's hard to do that when your constantly being hit on by the many guys in the high school.


1. Where The Story Begins

Emily's POV

     My pencil tapped my desk as I stared down at my test. This was way to easy. As the time ticked by my test was completed and I headed out to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I exited the restroom only to run into the most annoying guy ever. Zayn Malik.

"Hey Emily looking fine as always." Zayn said looking up and down my body.

"Thanks." I responded coldly. Everyone admired Zayn but I hated him. We used to be the best of friends and I used to think that he was the one for me but when high school came along. He became really popular to the point where he didn't acknowledge me anymore. Now we are next to each other all the time and not by my choice. We sit next to each other in the classes we shared, our lockers are next to each other, we're neighbors, and our rooms are even close together.

"Say can you tell me the answer to number 10 on my chemistry homework?" He asked me. 

"Figure it out your self." I spat at him.

"Feisty!" Zayn said before leaning close to my ear. "That's how I like my women." He whispered.

     I Walked quickly back to class with him on my tail. I could feel his eyes boring in to my back. The bell rang just as I sat down. I began to walk away when my phone vibrated. It was my mom. "Hey can't pick you up today I have to stay over night and possibly through the next day. You can either ride the bus or get Zayn to take you home." The text read. There was no way I was taking the bus because of the many guys who hit on me. Shit now I have to spend a 20 minute car ride with him. I closed my locker and turned towards Zayn. "Will you please take me home my mom can't get me?" I sweetly asked. Zayn's head turned towards me and he hovered over me menacingly. 

"Ok." Zayn said with a sly smirk on his face. Uh Oh. Zayn said good bye to his friends and led me out to his car. I put my bag in back and Zayn recklessly threw his in the back. I climbed in the passenger seat and Zayn proceeded into the driver seat.

     The Car ride was the longest ride of my life. About half way through I realized I had left my house keys in my locker who does that? "Shit." I gasped. 

"What did you do this time Emily?" Zayn asked me.

"I left my house keys in my locker. Can I crash at yours my mom won't be home till tomorrow and I have no way into my house." I pleaded looking at Zayn. 

"Hell yeah you can my folks are gone for the week we can have some fun." Zayn said with another smirk on his face.

"Thanks." I said with a confused tone. Something is definitely not right here.

     We pulled up to Zayn's house and i reached for my bag in the back. Zayn quickly took the opportunity to slap my ass. I gasped at the impact and as I got out of his car he did it again. 

"Damn Emily that is one fine ass!" He yelled. I walked over to his side and when he got out I smacked him right across the face. He held his face and I just walked up his porch to the front door. Zayn came right behind me and threw me over his shoulder. 

"Put me down you asshole!" I shouted kicking and hitting his back. Zayn finally put me down on the couch and laid on top of me. "Get off!" I shrieked. I wriggled under him until i was actually able to roll us right off the couch. Zayn got the wind knocked out of him and I broke free and ran away out the door closing it behind me. Good thing i wore sneakers today because I wouldn't be able to run with out them. Zayn bursted out the doorand began to chase after me. He began to get closer and closer but I began to climb a very hard to climb tree. I was always very good at climbing but for Zayn it was a different story.I was already out of his reach when he reached me.

"Emily come down from there!" He yelled at me. 

"Never!" I shouted back. 

"Then I'll just have to come up!" He yelled as he began to climb the tree. Shit when was he good at climbing trees. He reached the branch I was perched in with ease.

"Hey Emily." He greeted me.

"Asshole." I muttered. Zayn just shook his head. he then forcibly took my face and pulled it to his making us kiss. I Immediately pulled away and looked at him for a second before kissing him again.

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