Crushed *Completed*

A girl named Payton is torn. She is dating Niall Horan but is slowly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson. Find out what happens with this problem on top of hundreds of other problems drama in this story, Crushed.


7. Falling Out Of Love...

Falling Out Of Love...

I am kissing Niall... How come my heart isn't beating fast like it use to? Does it mean I'm use to him? He pulls me closer to him. I can feel his heartbeat... Wow it's fast.

How come I feel more in love when I kiss Louis? No. I love Niall.

We stop kissing.

"I really love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I couldn't say I really love you too. I would lead him on more. Maybe kissing does. Zoe and Louis walk into our house.

"Hey Zoe." I say smiling.

"Hey Payton." She says with a fake smile.

"Can I talk to you alone." She asks.

"Sure." I say. She pulls me into Louis' bedroom.

"I know you have a thing for Louis so back off. He loves me and only me!"

"What makes you say that?" I ask.

"He told me. I'm not going to tell Niall, but I will if you lay another finger on him. He's mine. He said we'll get married. That's why I let him go all the way." I roll my eyes.

"He's a liar." I say.

"Look who's jealous. Louis loves me. Not some slut like you!"

"Say that again I dare you!" I yell.

"You are a slut." I slap her.

"No I'm not. Niall and I are getting married... It's okay for us to have sex. How do you think God would think of you going all the way before even getting engaged?"

"You're right... I'm going to hell!"


"But that doesn't change the fact that you're a slut." She says.

"Look who's talking. I know you brought a boy here last week." I say.

"I thought no one was home."

"Nope. Look who's the lying cheating slut now." I stand up and walk out.

I wasn't about to be called a slut by a Christian.

I walk over and kiss Niall.

This doesn't feel right... I don't like this feeling. The feeling of no love in my heart.

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