Crushed *Completed*

A girl named Payton is torn. She is dating Niall Horan but is slowly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson. Find out what happens with this problem on top of hundreds of other problems drama in this story, Crushed.


8. Confused


I sit in my room. I don't know what to do. I think I love Louis, and I think I only like Niall. I look at my engagement ring. I don't think I want to get married anymore... I think I only want to marry Louis.

I hear a knock on my bedroom door.

"You can come in!" I say. Someone walks in.

"Payton, you okay?" I hear Harry ask. I turn around. I shake my head.

"No..." He sits beside me.

"You want to talk about it. I wont tell anyone." I take a deep breath.

"I think I don't want to marry Niall." I whisper.

"Why?" He asks.

"I don't know..." I say.

"Is it Louis?" He whispers.

I shake my head, "No it can't be..."

"I've seen how he looks at you." Harry says.

"How's that?" I ask.

"With love..."

Wow who ever thought I would be talking to Harry about this...


"Do you love Louis?" Harry asks. I don't answer, "I wont tell anyone I swear." I nod.

"Yes..." I whisper. Harry hugs me. I start to cry.

"I don't know what to do." I whisper.

"Don't tell Niall that you love Louis it'll crush him."

"So what am I supposed to do? Marry him even if I don't love him." I ask.

"Just give it some time... It might get better..." Harry says. I hug him one last time.

"Thank you." I whisper.

"You're welcome." He whispers. He stands up.

"We're going to Nandos. Wanna go?" Harry asks.

"No not right now." I say.

"Okay. I'll tell Niall that you have a stomachache." I give him a thumbs up. He walks out.

I really needed that talk.

But what is love? Is it the butterflies you feel around someone you like? Is it the stupid stuff you do that you think is 'flirting'?

It's not one of those things. It's the one guy you want to marry. The one guy you want to say I do with. The one guy that makes you happy when everything else is getting you down.

Love is hard to explain in so many words... But love is love. That's it.

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