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Everyone has been hurt, but we all find love at one point. But this girl doesn't know if her emotional wounds will ever be healed. Here's the story of Holly, and how a guy who just stumbled into her life, fixes everything.

And btw this story isn't like a normal ass girl end up who ends up dating someone from one direction and gets married and all that other crap. i made this story have problems and situations that people can actually relate to and stuff that i actually been though.
i really hope you like it! ~ tnotswizzle

if you want someone to talk to: tnotswizzle@gmail.com


4. Chapter 4

"Are you sure she's not gunna get mad?" Liam said giving me a worried look. 

"No" I said giving him a reassuring smile. "I think she is going to be too shocked to be mad anyways" 

It's Saturday night and Jillian, Hailie, and Liam were all at my house. I thought up of the plan to trick Megan thinking that Liam was grounded for a week since he texted me at lunch yesterday saying that he was released from suspension. She doesn't know that he is coming to Applebees and we are going to surprise her with Liam. 

"Hey guys Megan just text me that she's one her way!" Hailie yelling from the other room. 

"Okay everyone let's go!" I yelled walking my way over to the front door. 

Liam is old enough to drive us so we all got into his car as i recited the plan. 

"Okay guys remember" i started "Liam, park your car and stay in it until we are all seated that the table. And girls, if any of you ruin the surprise, I'll punch you in the face." I said smiling in their direction. 

"Yeah yeah , okay" Jill sarcastically said, rolling her eyes at me. 

After a few minutes of us making small talk in the car we noticed Liam turning onto a rode that was not on the way to Applebees. 

"Liam where are you going?" Hailie said with the same confused look on her face as we all had. 

"Oh, right, i forgot to tell you guys that im picking up one of my friends. It's cool if he comes with us right?" Liam said pulling into the driveway of a huge house. 

The house was tan colored with a black roof and a huge front yard. As we saw a blonde-haired boy walk out the front door and come our way Jill said "Yeah it's cool, only because your friend is really cute". 

She was practically drooling as she watched his every move. She finally snapped out of it as he threw himself into the passenger seat. 

"Girls, this is Niall" Liam introduced "And Niall, this is Holly, Hailie and Jill" 

Niall smiled and gave us a small wave "Hey guys".

We all said hi back before he turned around in his seat. The rest of the car ride Jill stared at him until we parked are car in front of the restaurant.

"Okay, you guys stay in the car, and ill text you when you should come in" Hailie told Liam and Niall as we made our way out of the car. Liam noticed the confused look on Niall's face when he told him "I'll explain".

On our way to the front door of the restaurant Jill couldn't shut up about Niall's eyes. "Guys, did you see his eyes? They are honestly so blue, i just-i just can't.." Jill told us like if it was the most important piece of information she ever said. We walked in we saw Megan sitting in the waiting area staring down at her phone. I told Hailie to tell the hostess to save us a table for six, as i made my way over to Megan.

"Megan!" i said as me and Jill came up and hugged her. She had the biggest smile on her face as she hugged us back. Hailie came and joined the hugging party. We let go and Hailie said "Well, you look happy" as we followed the waitress to our table. 

"Well" Megan said as we all sat down in our seats "I found out the Liam is not suspended". 

We all pretended to be shocked and congratulated her."Wow what a great surprise!" Jill said distracting Megan as I gave Hailie the signal to bring Liam in. 

"Yeah" Megan began "His parents are still kinda mad so he's grounded for a week. But it's okay because we're all gunna be taking test all day so i really wont be missing anything" She said smiling as she stared into the menu. 

Me, Jill and Hailie all looked at each other smiling when Megan caught us. "What?" she giggled smiling with us. 

"Megan" Hailie said grabbing her attention "We have a surprise for you". 

Still smiling she put a confused look on her face as we all turned our heads to Liam and Niall who were coming our way. 

Megan's eyes basically popped right out of her head as she covered her mouth with both her hands. She sprinted towards Liam and pulled him in a tight hug. For a minute or two they stood there hugging and whispering things to each other. Meanwhile Niall came to our table and sat right next to Jill. I could tell by the look on her face that she was flipping-out inside. Soon Megan and Liam joined us and telling by smiles on both their faces i knew tonight was gunna work out perfectly. 

We all ate our food and told stories and jokes and had a really good time. I think Niall might have a little interest in Jill too. After a hour and a half or so, we were all on our way out to the parking lot when Liam noticed one of his friends was here also. "HEY" Liam shouted across the parking lot grabbing that guys attention. As he came closer and i got a glimpse of his face, i stopped in my tracks. 

That is one of the most beautiful guys i have ever seen. 


Hey everyone! sorry ive been posting so late but alot of things kinda came up tonight but tomorrow ill be posting at a normal time so dont worry! Thanks love ya! ~Tay

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