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Everyone has been hurt, but we all find love at one point. But this girl doesn't know if her emotional wounds will ever be healed. Here's the story of Holly, and how a guy who just stumbled into her life, fixes everything.

And btw this story isn't like a normal ass girl end up who ends up dating someone from one direction and gets married and all that other crap. i made this story have problems and situations that people can actually relate to and stuff that i actually been though.
i really hope you like it! ~ tnotswizzle

if you want someone to talk to: tnotswizzle@gmail.com


3. Chapter 3



"Oh my God i still cant believe that Liam would do something like that" Jill said still stunned.

"I know, he is always the one telling us to stay out of trouble. I wonder what Harry did to drag him into this." I said as we walked though the halls heading to the lunch room. 

"I just feel bad for Megan." she said as we entered the cafeteria. 

We walked over to the table we always sit at but Megan wasn't there. I scanned the room hoping she was here and not crying in the bathroom somewhere. But then i saw Megan talking to Louis, a friend to both Harry and Liam. I couldn't make out what they were saying so i turned to Jill and swung my head at Megan's direction. 

"Should we walk up to her?" She asked me looking worried as she noticed Megan still looked upset. 

"No, let's just give her some space." I said sitting down, rummaging though my backpack looking for my lunch. She sat down too and took a bit out of her sandwich and sighed as she scrolled though her instagram feed on her phone. I couldnt find my lunch when i realized that i didnt have enough time to pack it this morning. 

"Shit" i sighed as i bought my head up to look at Jill's. 

"What happened? Forgot lunch again?" She said giving me small smile before looking back down at her phone. 

"Ugh yeah. Maybe Hailie has some change i can use to buy something." I said as we both realized that she wasnt here. 

"Where even is she?" Jill said looking around the room searching for our beautiful blonde best friend.

"I dont know" I said looking around as my gaze hit Megan. She was coming out way looking more devastated than before. "But Megan is coming back. Let's just not bring it up i dont wanna upset her." 

"Yeah" Jill said sitting up straight as she gave Megan a smile as she approached us.

"Hey guys" Megan said in a tired voice. Her face was slightly pink and puffy, It was like that for crying i suppose. 

"Hey" we both said giving her comforting smiles. She sat next to me and put her head on the table. She didnt even notice Hailie came and sat down across from her. 

"Guys, did you hear what happened this morning? Some stupid juniors pulled the fire alarm, that's why we had a late start." Hailie said taking a bite out of her salad. 

She noticed that Megan's head was face down on the table. She looked at us as me and Jill both looked like what she just said was gunna make Megan explode into thousands of tears.

"Yeah i herd" Megan said lifting her head up looking straight at Hailie. "Liam is one of those stupid juniors."

Hailie covered her mouth and looked at all of shocked. 

"Oh Megan I-I'm so sorry" She said as Megan put her head on my shoulder. I patted the back of her head as she slightly sobbed. A minute later she wiped her eyes and looked at all of us as she cried "And the worst part is, Louis just told me that Liam was trying to stop Harry from doing it but when Harr-Harry pulled the alarm the teachers who caught him thought Liam was part of the act too." 

She took a deep breath and continued "Liam is going to get suspended for something he was trying to stop and its not fair! How is he going to take the test next week if he cant even come to school?" She said with such a devastated look."I just dont want him to get in trouble by his parents cause they would ground him like for forever and we would never see each other" She finished putting her head in her hands. 

I rubbed her back and told her "Shhy Megan dont worry. I'm sure Harry will tell the principle that Liam had nothing to do with this and that he was just trying to stop him from doing it. Harry and Liam are best friends and he wouldnt just let Liam get suspended for nothing, would he?" 

She looked at me and gave me a weak smile. "Yeah i guess you're right." she said sitting up and wiping her eyes. 

"Everything will turn out fine. Now, go buy some lunch and relax for the rest of the lunch period would you?" I said smiling, sending her off to the lunch line. 

"Yeah, okay." She said slowly making her way over to the lunch buffet. 

I sat back down and looked at Hailie and Jill. They both were just staring down eating their food not knowing what to do with Megan. My phone buzzed as i pulled out of my back pocket. I smiled as wide as i possibly could as i read the text that appeared on my screen.

"What are you so happy about?" Hailie said giving me a curious look

"Applebees is still on for tomorrow, right?" i said way to excitedly 

"Um yeah i guess. why?" 

"Because Megan needs us, and i got the perfect idea on how to cheer her up"


Sorry for how boring that was but i just got my computer back and i couldn't help myself. Guys, again thanks for reading it actually means so much! Love all of yall! ~ Tay

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