Abused and Left to Die-complete

"Honey get down here now!" "Yes daddy" "Im out of beers u fucking asshole!" "Come here BITCH!" "Ok daddy" " Make daddy happy pumpkin" "How" take off your clothes for me " "Dad!" " Do it now" ok and thats how it started after a simple rape but will one blonde irish guy save me?


4. One direction and gun shots


We all get dressed and i see Annie in a strapless pink dress with a leather white jacket and white flats on with a fishtail braid, Izzy in a baggy blue shirt with i luv Niall on it with white jeans and blue flip flops and a bun, Millie wearing a red summer dress with spaghetti straps and heels, and Macy wearing a black shirt with neon pink quote saying i refuse to sink with a white infinity simble at the bottom and an anchor with white skinny jeans and flats. We walk over and see.......


Izzy's Pov.

We walk over and see THE ONE AND ONLY ONE F*CKING DIRECTION we stutter and say H-hi "Hello loves what brings you hear today" and i see Niall Freaking James Horan. "ughhhhh" "oh here" he looks down at my shirt and smirks. I quickly cover it and blush down at my feet. "Do u want to come in girls" Liam says gawking at Annie. "Sure" i say uneasy. We go in to see it just like ours I sit on the couch awkwardly and say "Wanna play a game?" "TRUTH OR DARE" "ok louis ok" "Liam u go first" "ok" Macy truth or dare" "dare" "i dare u to whisper some thing dirty to your crush" "ok" she bends down by Zayn and Zayn grows a boner. "ok done" "ok Niall truth or dare" "dare" "i dare u too kiss izzy" "WAIT WHAT!" "cmon izzy i know u like him" "fine" "we lean in and he kisses me passionately. We pull away and its Nialls turn. "Izzy truth or Dare" "truth" "Are u a virgin" i run out crying and go to my bedroom and lock it.

Niall's Pov.

"Izzy are u a virgin" she runs out crying "What did I say?" the girls look at each other til Chloe says "She was raped by her father on her 19th birthday he was abusive thats why we moved away we all got bullied since Macy, Millie, and Annie were in a foster home she took them in but ive been her best friend. She was called ugly fat slut and a bitch and they were called them unwanted and i was fat and a bitch and Macy was bullied for being Scottish." "oh were is yalls house." "Next door" "ok" I leave and everyone follows me. I hear crying and a gun shot and more crying. I run up the stairs and find the bedroom locked "Is there a key?!" "yeah here" i open it and Izzy runs by my side "Who is that"  .................... AN sorry cliff hanger im thinking  making a brother for Niall and Zayn so i need names and i will put in a car accident so every one meets and stuff thinking Chloe and Annie become married to the brothers  So i need girls for Harry and Liam. THANKS MY LITTLE LEPRECHAUNS.

i need


-age doesn't have to be real

-hair and eye color

-which boy


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