If you already thought going to university fresh out of high school wasn't hard, well try this. Going to university, not knowing anyone, get embarrassed the second you leave your room and to make matters worse something happens to you that you can't even explain.

So what do you do? Live life like nothing ever happened? No way. 'Cause after you've been changed once there's no way in getting out when you're fully transformed.


24. Chapter 20

Adrienne's POV

I let out a sigh. Ever since Justin left for tour my life's been a total bore. I just sit around the studio reading magazines thinking something will come to me. But nothing does.

I miss him a lot. It feels different without having someone you rely on gone from your life. I know it's just for two months. I know he's probably having the time of his life touring around Europe seeing his beliebers. But that doesn't make me feel any less lonely.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I quickly received it thinking it was Justin. Boy was I wrong.

"Hey Adrienne." Scooter spoke. He sounded like he was moving around in a room. He sounded busy.

"Hey. What's up?" I put my magazine down and started playing with a pen and notebook.

"Just wanted to check up on you. How's the song writing coming on?" He asked.

I rubbed my forehead in frustration. "I'm feeling a bit stuck. Writers block I guess?"

I heard someone call Scooters name in the background and he shouted something back.

"You know, when Justin gets writers block he usually does a cover. He says that focusing and something that had nothing to do with his music gives him a fresh start. Maybe you should give it a try."

I sat back contemplating whether or not this was a good idea. I liked the sound of it and I honestly had nothing better to do.

"Sounds fun. What song should I pick?"

Scooter laughed. "That's up to you kiddo. I'll talk to you soon alright. Justin's about to go on stage to perform Die in Your Arms."

We said our goodbyes before hanging up. I sat quietly for a good ten minutes before I started playing around with the sound board.

A cover, eh?


I had just finished filming my cover and I posted it to my youtube account. I told Scooter about it and he watched the video. He said it was amazing and that I should show Justin. I was a bit afraid to be honest. I did cover one of Justin's songs and I wanted him to like it. I didn't want it to make our relationship all messed up.

I grabbed my phone without thinking and quickly texted Justin the link to the video along with I miss you.

Scooter was right. Making a cover did help and eventually I wrote two songs. One was titled Right There. It's mostly about how I'll always be there for Justin. I'll be supportive and I'll be by his side. Writing this song felt effortless. It felt so easy that I literally wrote it in two hours.

The other song I wrote was called Daydreamin'. It's actually pretty much all about him. It's kinda embarrassing when I think about. But it's the way I feel.

Justin Drew's POV

I got onto my tour bus and collapsed on my bunk bed. After a whole while of just sitting around I grabbed my phone and opened my iMessage. I saw a text from Ad with 3 words: I miss you.

I let out a sigh. I miss her like crazy. She's on my mind 24/7. I hate it but how can I not miss her? The way she smiles at me. How her one dimple shows when she's excited. Her voice. Damn.

I can't think of anyone that's as perfect as her.

I looked back at the text to see she also sent me a youtube link. I clicked it feeling curious.

The link sent me to her youtube channel. I saw the name of the video and I felt my stomach do back flips. I remember Scooter saying something about Adrienne having writers block and that she was going to do a cover. I just never expected her to cover one of my songs.

I pressed play to see Ad sitting at a piano. She looked at the camera before saying 'this is for you'.

I watched the whole video once over then ten times more. She was absolutely perfect. I loved her version of Die in Your Arms.

I didn't hesitant when I grabbed my laptop and signed into Skype. When I saw Adrienne's contact I pressed call immediately.

When her face showed up I couldn't help but smile.

"Hey!" She greeted me. I smiled wide before replying.

"Hey babe. I just watched your cover." Adrienne eyes widened before she put her Starbucks down.

"Did you like it?" She questioned nervously.

"I loved it Ad, what did you expect? For me to hate it?" I questioned, my eyebrows furrowed.

"I don't know. I was just scared of how you'd react. I didn't want to look like an obsessive girlfriend. I just felt like I had a connection to the song."

I let out a sigh. "You're not being obsessive. Don't ever think that. It was amazing, really. I should ask Scooter if you could sing that song with me when you come on tour. I'd love that."

She looked at me wide-eyed. "You think it's that good?"

I smirked and pulled my phone out and clicked the twitter app. I made a quick tweet to my fans saying: Hey guys, how would this song sound like on the #believetour next month?

"Justin, what're you doing?" Ad asked.

"Check your video and see how many people like it." 


 Adrienne's POV

After I had shown Scooter the video he told me catch the next flight to London since Justin was performing there next. It was gonna be a surprise for Justin and Scooter also wanted me to perform that song with Justin. I totally freaking out.

It got a notification from Justin to Skype me when I was at a Starbucks in the airport. He told me he had seen the video and liked it. I was so happy he actually thought it was good. I didn't want this to mess anything up.

Kenny picked me up at the airport once I landed. Justin was still performing so I decided to head to the hotel. I got settled and took a quick shower.

Once I was done I changed into some boy shorts and one of Justin's shirts. I took a deep breath in and let the scent intoxicate me. I loved the way Justin smelled.

I flopped on his bed before feeling my phone vibrate.

Justin's coming up.

It was Scooter. I jumped off the bed and quickly hid myself. Hopefully Justin doesn't react to bad.

Justin Drew's POV

I pushed open my hotel door and collapsed on my bed. All I wanted to do was sleep but something felt off. I couldn't figure it out though.

I sat up and looked around the room. I couldn't see much since it was dark so I turned the lamp on. The room instantly brightened up. I turned around only to be tackled back down by someone.

The person was giggling and they started to tickle my sides. I couldn't help but laugh. When I finally could control myself I flipped us over.

"Adrienne?" I asked in shock.

"Hey babe." She leaned forward and captured my lips in a sweet kiss.

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