If you already thought going to university fresh out of high school wasn't hard, well try this. Going to university, not knowing anyone, get embarrassed the second you leave your room and to make matters worse something happens to you that you can't even explain.

So what do you do? Live life like nothing ever happened? No way. 'Cause after you've been changed once there's no way in getting out when you're fully transformed.


16. Chapter 12

Adrienne's POV 

I had just finished a column for the schools newspaper in the library and I was exhausted. As soon as I finished, I gathered my things and scurried out. 

As I was walking down the sidewalk towards my dorm, I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket. With a sigh, I pulled the device out and hit ignore. I knew it was Justin. I knew he would call again but I don't have time for that anymore. It feels like Justin and I are slowly drifting apart and I could care less.

I had to push my feelings for him away. Justin and I were just a fling. Nothing intimate ever happened between us and we weren't even a actually couple. So he can't get mad at me if I cut him off or push him away. I need to focus on school. I just need him to leave me alone. 

I finally made it to the dorm rooms when I heard a faint sound, like music. Once I had gotten closer, I pushed the door open. 

People were everywhere. Drinks were everywhere. 

I sorta panicked and ran to my room without saying anything. Everyone was staring and laughing but I didn't really care. 

I sprinted to my room, my whole body shaking. I fumbled with the keys since my hands wouldn't work properly. 

"Shit." I swore under my breath when I dropped them on the ground. I reached down for them when someone's hand grabbed the for me, touching my hand in the process. 

"Do you need some help?" A deep raspy voice with an accent that I couldn't figure out spoke. Our eyes finally met and I could feel my cheeks turn two shades darker. 

"I-I." My voice came out as a horrible stutter which only made me feel worse. 

"I saw you struggling with your keys for a bit. I could help you, but only if you want." 

I couldn't help but stare. For a good moment I looked at the guy. He had a cute smile and big brown eyes. 

"Hello..." The guy waved his hand in my face breaking my trace. He gave me a smile as he grabbed the keys from my hands. 

"Here," He pulled me into my room after flicking on the lights. 

"Uh thanks." I walked further into the room only to turn around. Our eyes met again making me nervous.

"So, why'd you run so fast back there?" I watched as he pointed back downstairs. I nervously chewed on my lip thinking of a good excuse. I didn't want to tell him that I avoided being around people. It just made me feel socially awkward and hated it. Maybe I should just be honest. 

"Well, I'm not much of a party girl." I wrapped my arms around my waist suddenly feeling a lot colder. He slowly walked over to me, the front of his black converse hitting my sparkly flats. He was much taller then me so I was forced to look up into his eyes. 

"Maybe we can change that." He was so close to me when he spoke that I thought he was gonna kiss me. I could feel his hot breath against my cheek. 

He pulled away and turned around, walking to the door. He only turned back when he reached the frame. 

"By the way, I'm Jai."


Justin Drew's POV 

"Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system, Adrienne Parker is not available. At the tone please record your message." 

I wanted to through my phone against the wall which is what I did. I didn't care that the screen probably had a huge crack or that it wouldn't work anymore. I honestly didn't care anymore. 

I lay back on my bed letting my eyes shut for a brief moment.

Why wasn't she picking up? Did I do something wrong? I'm tired of not hearing her voice. I want her back in my arms. 

"Why are you doing this to me, Ad." 

Adrienne's POV 

I sat in my bed thinking of what Jai said. He wanted to change me. Did I need changing? Was I considered different if I didn't like going out or partying? Was that such a terrible thing? 

I rolled onto my side finding my phone on the side table. When the screen was back on I noticed Justin had called numerous times. 

I went through the messages when I noticed he left me a message. 

"Hey, it's me again. I'm not sure if your busy or just...I don't know, ignoring me, but I miss you Ad. I really do. Just call me back please. I need to hear you voice again. I need to know if your okay."

I hit delete already feeling tired. Not tired, like I needed sleep, but tired from this. Justin and I. I want to have fun. I want to just have a good time. 

So with that final thought in my head, I turned my phone on silent and headed back downstairs to the party. 


I nervously looked around at the people drinking and dancing. Couples were kissing and getting way to intimate which only made the room feel hotter then it really was. 

"So you decided to come." I swiftly turned around at that familiar accent. Once again our eyes met and I don't think anything could break it. 

"Well, I decided to keep you company." I gave him my best fake smile acting like I loved being here even though it felt totally wrong. 

"You don't look too happy about it." My smile faded at his words. "Y'know, you don't have to be here." 

I looked down at the ground feeling awkward all over again. Wasn't the whole point in coming to this party was to break free of my insecurities? To have a life for once?

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't be here. This isn't me anyways." I turned away to go back to my room when I felt his fingers lace through mine. 

"How bout we just go for a walk instead. Maybe that would be right for the both of us." 

So I let Jai pull me through the masses of people to the front door until we were on the school grounds. 

"So, what's your name." Jai asked. I gave him a small smile before telling him my name. 

"Adrienne, I like that. It's a pretty name for a pretty girl." 

I could feel my cheeks heat up once again from embarrassment. 

"Thanks, but it's nothing special." 

We continued to walk down the street until a phone started to ring. 

"Sorry, it's my sister." Jai walked a few feet away from me as he started the conversation. 

"Yes, I miss you too Angel. I'll be home before you know it." 

I tried not to listen, but he sounded so cute with her. 

"Ya, really? I wonder what everyone thinks of her. Okay, tell mum and dad I love them. Love you." 

Jai hung up his phone before turning back to me. 

"That was your little sister?" He nodded. "Yep, she was giving me her daily update on all things Justin Bieber. She's obsessed with the kid." My eyes widened but I quickly covered it up. 

"What'd she say?" I looked down at the ground as we continued to walk. 

"Oh that he's dating some new girl and apparently he told everyone over twitter. My eight year old sister has twitter. It's ridiculous." 

I tried not to freak out in front of him so I made up an excuse. 

"Ha-ha well, your conversation with your sister has reminded me that I have an important call with my parents. It was nice meeting you again Jai. See ya." I quickly made a dash back to the party until I made it to my room. 

I was breath heavily until I crashed onto my breath. I grabbed my phone and headed straight for the twitter app. 

My hands were shaking and I couldn't sit still. 

I finally made it to Justin's page to see something that made my stomach churn. 

@justinbieber: I've made a lot of mistake in my life and one of them being not telling my fans, MY BELIEBERS what's really going on.

I clicked onto the next tweet which only made it worse. 

@justinbieber: I love my fans so I'm not keeping my relationship with Adrienne a secret anymore. You guys deserve to know and I didn't want you to find out any other way but me telling you myself. 

I hadn't noticed the flood of tweets I had received over the last last day. Tweets were coming in every second. Some were mean and some were nasty. 

@SwagOnMe: who do you think you are? LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE. 

@JustinsBABE: you fucking slut. Stay away from Justin or else. 

@JustinsBoyfriendxo: I miss Jelena. She needs to go away. 

@kidrauhllover94: why does Justin always have to pick the ugly ones?

Those were just the couple few that caught my eye. 

They didn't even know me. They had no clue what I went through. Sometimes I forget myself how Justin and I traded lives for a while. It honestly feels like it was part of a different life time. But it wasn't and I treated his fans with so much respect and this is what I get. 

Why be in this relationship if this is what I get. I don't think I could handle it. I don't want this anymore. 

I wanted to crawl under the sheets but I heard someone frantically banging on my door. 

I quickly got up thinking that it was Jai but when I opened the door my jaw almost hit the floor. 

"Justin what're you doing here?"

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