This is the first time I ever wrote a book so I hope you guys like it!

Sara is a mermaid, she lives with her aunt and her mom is lost at sea. Jake is a pirate, he is the son of the well known , Blackbeard. One day, Sara was swimming in the ocean, then she get trap in a net , Jakes net. Will he spare her life or will he have to kill her.
Read to find out.


1. The Beinging

" Ariel, run " yelled Prince Eric. I ran faster than I ever ran in my life. As I was running , I heard  her coming closer, and I was coming closer to my older sisters house Amanda. " Come on Eric, hear up I can see her house from hear." I said, " Give me the child" said a cold voices." Never!" I yelled, holding my baby daughter Sara closer to my body. " Then I shall kill you then" she said, after she said that I ran even faster as I ran I saw Eric stop, " What are you doing?" I said " Keep on running, I'll fight her off" he said, then I saw him take off his huge, silver sword and started running to her and that's when I saw her, her black, cold eyes,long  legs and arms, and long jet black hair. In one hand I saw a long silver sword the same one I thought that killed her 2 years ago. " Ah, I see you haven't change much" she said to Eric that's when than started fighting, and that's when I started running again to my sisters house. When I got there I saw her coming closer again, that's when I new who won. I started to cry so hard I forgot why I came hear for, when I stop crying I rang the doorbell and left Sara at the door and started running to the ocean ." You can't run away from me " she said then that's when I hit the water and that's was the last time I saw my baby Sara intill ..........      

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