Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


5. Crumbling like pastries

 jc's p.o.v 

 I don't even know what happened with me and Connor I punched him and he punched me and probably broke my nose I walked away and when I got home the police were there. da hell is going on? "excuse me officer but what happened here?" I ask "i'm sorry sir but I can't tell you" he says "I live here!" I say "oh well in that case im gonna need to see your I.D"
 he says I pull it out and show it to him "now, tell me, please" I say "your roommate i'm guessing Mr. franta was injured  he has a small skull fracture and has lost a lot of blood, we don't know how this happened" he said kian I think "I think I do" I say "please tell us" he says "our friend kian has feeling for the girl that lives with us, her name is savannah, and well Connor does too, and so do I, actually we just broke up, but that's not the point, you see Connor and I got in a fight before I left and I swear both of us were fine, but I think he broke my nose, anyway we have a YouTube channel  called our2ndlife and Connor made a video saying that he loves savannah and i'm pretty sure that could of set Kian off" I say "thank you sir, now you said your nose could be broken?" he asks "yeah, I've broken it before and it feels just like it did" I say "okay follow me" he says he brings me to an ambulance and has them examine my nose, and of course its broken. Just lovely now isn't it? I ask them what hospital Connor is at and they tell me it's the one about 5 miles away
 and they offer to drive me, so I say yes, I hop in the cop car and the driver starts driving.

*skips car ride*

we get to the hospital and I walk into the waiting room and I see Savannah sitting in one of the chairs,  biting her nails. she's the only other one in the room so I say her name "savannah" "JC, thank God!" she says jumping up into my arms, tears rushing down her face "I-i t-thought m-m-maybe y-y-you got h-hurt t-t-to" she sniffles out "nope, i'm fine I just have a broken nose" I say "are you okay?" she asks "yes, i'm fine" I say "thank  you Jesus" savannah says "I-i'm sorry" I say "fir what?" she asks "everything. I was such an idiot I shouldn't have overreacted about the whole bra and underwear thing I shouldn't have let you walk out I love you and I always will, no matter what, please give me another chance" I say "I-i don't know if I can, JC" she says "please" I say tears in my eyes "JC, I used to think you were amazing. I would have done anything for you, I never thought I would have had to move on and find love somewhere else, but you broke my heart and I had to move on. I can't hold on to the past so I'm just gonna live my life and one day I'll find someone who actually deserves me, someone that stays with me through not only the good times but the difficult and bad ones too." she says "I will, you don't have to move on please, just please, stay with me" I say "JC, I don't know" she says "well maybe this will change your mind" I say I tilt her head up and gently lay my lips on hers, and to my surprise she kisses back, she wraps her arms around my neck  , and I put my hands on her waist, pulling her so close I can feel her heart beating in her chest, and it's beating fast. She pulls away "you drive me crazy, JC" she says I smile "is that a good thing?" I ask "ye-" she begins but she doesn't finish I hear a loud bang!!  and savannah falls to the ground and there, standing behind her with a gun in her hand, is the girl I hoped I would never see again, Alexis Jada, my ex-girlfriend "JC, I love you" savannah chokes out before her eyes close I run over to her and Alexis points the gun at me "don't move, Justin" she says "someone help!!" I yell a security guard comes up behind Alexis and throws her to the ground  an E.R nurse runs towards me and kneels down next to savannah she checks for a pulse and finds one that is surprisingly strong for someone who was just shot in the back. she's still breathing, but probably because the injury occurred a couple seconds ago, the nurse thinks, two more nurses come in with a stretcher and load savannah onto it they take savannah of into another room, leaving me in the waiting room "gahh!!!" I scream, smashing my fist into a wall, tears stinging my eyes. I bite into my cheek harder than I expected and warm blood flows into my mouth, I walk to the trash can and spit into it, I walk back over to the wall that I punched and slide my back down it, burying my face in my hands, letting the tears fall. 

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