Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


2. are you seirious???

savannah's p.o.v

  I walk into the apartment and slam the door shut "f**k!!!!!" I yell I punch the wall , resulting in a hole in the wall and a bloody hand. I walk to our room and flop on the bed (side note: since the room is so small our 4 twin beds are all touching from one wall to the other) the white sheet on my bed quickly turns red where my hand is laying "sh**" I mutter I walk to the bathroom  wash it off and wrap it up. I walk back in and change my sheets as Connor walks in he asks "what happened to your hand?" "I uhm punched the erm uh erm wall" I say "I wondered why there was a hole there" he says "uh ya well i'm gonna take a shower really quick" I say I grab my iPod, a towel and washcloth and head into the bathroom I tale my clothes and glasses off and jump in. I start singing I need your love by ellie goulding when I hear a guy voice , I peek my head out only to see Connor singing along with me "CONNOR WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!!!!!!" I yell I grab my shaving cream and start to spray him, the raspberry scent fills the room "ok , ok i'm leaving" he says he grabs my towel and walks out "ARE YOU SEIROUS!!???" I  yell I slide my back down the wall and  "this is going to be a looooong day"

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