My Stalker is... WHO!?

What would you do if you found out you had a stalker that was famous and something supernatural? I would run like hell! This is the story of Savannah Jones, 18 years old.


4. BITE ME!!

*Quick author note! I'm not sure what to call the rest of the chapters so they're gonna be random, and make absolute no sense to the story! - Bri*


As I was walking home my phone rang. It was Hanna.

*phone convo- Hanna=H, Me=S*

S- Hello?

H- Are you coming yet, I'm so bored!

S- Yea I'm on my way now.

H- Okay k! Bye

S- K, byee!

*end of convo*

I walked up the path to get to the door and unlocked it. As I walked in I saw Hanna on a chair next to the kitchen island. She was eating a piece of toast while I walked up behind her and stole the toast. I took a bite out of it and kept eating until she yelled at me to give it back. I just yelled back saying "BITE ME!" She gave me the look saying oh you know I won't hesitate to.

*AUTHORS NOTE- so this is the third chapter hope you liked it I might write another tonight but most likely tomorrow so yeah and I won't be able to update Thursday through Sunday. I am camping. - Bri*

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