All of your little things..

When the Niall Horan comes to Ireland he bumps into Emily a 19 year old geeky girl who supposedly finds her attention. With her natural brown hair green eyes he has quote «Found the perfect girl»

Can their love be confusing or too busy for each other??


3. The mall


When me and Hannah go to the mall we both saw One Direction performing on the little stage how Fantastic!!! Hannah decides to go to the other shops while I see their lovely performance

Wow so much for that US time :/ As I headed to the crowd They were performing little things I always loved that song ahh. My eyes fluttered to Niall. I studied his eyes so blue and dark, his hair blonde and half brown I love it. When I kept staring at him he winked at me blew me a kiss. I felt like I was getting dizzy I reached in my purse and got water. AGHH OMG NIALL THE HORAN BLEW ME A KISS AND WINKED AT ME AHH!!!

Minutes later... 

When the performance was over everyone else left to other places at the mall. I walked to the exit door because Hannah told me to meet her there. Fine how great.. When I reached for the door a warm hand touched my shoulder. I turned around and saw Niall deep inside I was screaming but on the outside I was as shocked!!

"Hi I am Niall nice to meet you."

"H-h-Hi I am Emily "

"That's a nice name,"

"Thank you so much I love your eyes"

"Thank you "

"What brings you here with me ;)"

"Oh" he blushed, " I noticed you from the crowd how beautiful you are .. want to go out to dinner with me??"

"Sure I'd love to" 

"Great I will pick you up at 7:00"

"Okay that's fine"

He gave me his number and I gave him  my address awsome!!



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