All of your little things..

When the Niall Horan comes to Ireland he bumps into Emily a 19 year old geeky girl who supposedly finds her attention. With her natural brown hair green eyes he has quote «Found the perfect girl»

Can their love be confusing or too busy for each other??


1. Here we go..


 As the hot humid air hits my skin I wake up to a weird feeling. My head feels like someone

is hitting me with a hammer. Ahh Mondays. I HATE MONDAYS. I have to be so busy with school.

I turn off my alarm and head to the bathroom to take a nice cold shower. When I take a shower I

think about what I want to wear for the last week of school, something fresh,in style and really

cute for the summer. As finish I pick up my phone and I got a text from my BFF Hannah.


From Hannah: 

Hey girl ready for the last week of school?? ;)


To Hannah: 

Yup are you and wear something cute we will both be Gorgeous!! ;)


As I finish sending the message I find a cute white dress half way to my knees and it was strapless. I added a brown braided belt ,a short denim jacket, with a pair of white flats. I comb my shoulder length hair and dry it and straight it. I do my makeup and make breakfast. I was so hungry I ate cereal, fruit,and some bacon. My head stopped hurting when I finished eating so that was great news!! It was 8:48 so I'd probably be heading to college by now it was my Second year so I was so lazy to go. 

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