Kidnapped By My Brother's mates

Jade Tomlinson, Had grown up with her older brother till the age of 9. they were always 3 Years apart. Louis was 12 when he ran away, he left her with their abusive parents. Years later* She and her friends head to a club, she didn't think it was safe... what happens if someone tries to get her? When she goes missing what will her friends do? When she finds her brother will she hate him for betraying or forgive him? Will Jade fall in love?


2. 2

Jade's POV

I was in the back of the van screaming. They stopped the truck and opened the back doors, Some one put a rag over my mouth. I started hitting and slapping him but I passed out, it was Chloraphorme. I woke up to a loud noise but i squinted my eyes so they wouldn't notice.They were talking,

"DUDE! what did you do?!" A deep voice yelled.

"What we just kidnapped her" A british boy spoke.

"Thats just messed up man" A light british voice said.

I think they noticed my eyes move and they all came towards me.

"Open your eyes we know your awake" one spoke.

I opened my eyes and saw 5 boys standing in front of me. I went to move my hands and noticed that my shirt was ripped and my sneakers were off. I looked up and them confused and fear probably showing.

"Wha-" I tried to say but the boy with the quiff interupted me.

"Don't ask love"

"DONT CALL ME LOVE" I screamed.

"Woah Woah it's okay! calm down! You want a shirt and pants to wear?" The boy with red pants said.

"Yes" I mumbled.

He ran in the other room and came back in with a white and blue striped shirt. How many did the kid have? I went to go change in the bathroom, I didn't trust them so I locked the door. When I got out I heard them talking in the other room so I just listened.

"Man, you weren't suppose to get her. You weren't even suppose to kidnap ANYONE!" Some one yelled.

Louis's POV

She seemed... so familiar. I wasn't sure what it was, but she was soo, idk. I was very mad that we kidnapped her. I didn't even mean it I was drunk, I wasn't thinking. When I saw her face when she noticed her shirt and shoes, I almost cried for her.She was so scared I gave her some clothes and we went downstairs to talk.


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