Fragile girl *SHORT STORY*

This one particular girl couldn't contain her inner pain. She thought of a day, a day that will put her into darkness. No one didn't care how she felt, so one cold day. Something tragic happens.


2. Chapter 1

The fragile girl was running down the hallway, crying from the people who were mean to Her. She went to the bathroom and went into one of the stalls, then locked the door. She took out the sharp silver object, and rewind end everything why she is doing this to herself. She has reasons, every boy will ask her out but then cheats on her the next day, some friends became her frenemies, tease her things like she's a bitch, a slut, whore, she was born in some poop because she isn't pretty enough. The sharp silver object is touching her neck, she's having second thoughts that she shouldn't do this because of nothing. That nothing is everything. Her family died and she wants to join then. Or live in hell. It was to late. She screamed of pain but she slit her neck to make the pain go away. Blood is everywhere on the glass tile floors, the fragile girl is gone. Her eyes were open with tears at the bottom of her eyes, the sharp silver in her right hand. Footsteps were coming into the bathroom, and a door opens. The girl saw blood, and ask the fragile girl if she was alright. No answer, the girl had no choice but kicked the door. She kicked and there she screamed of frightened when she saw the fragile girl lying there blood all over with a knife in her hand. More people came running in of what's happening. They stand shocked and realised the girl they have bullied minutes ago. They cried and cried and apologised and shouted and screamed that if they didn't started bullying you in the first place this wouldn't have happened. Paramedics came and checked the fragile girls heartbeat. They knew it was to late to save her life. Everyone, everything was silent. Only droplets were heard. One girl found the fragile girls notebook with the title 'death journal'. She read it out loud, loud for everyone who have bullied her, everything. 


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