Fragile girl *SHORT STORY*

This one particular girl couldn't contain her inner pain. She thought of a day, a day that will put her into darkness. No one didn't care how she felt, so one cold day. Something tragic happens.


4. 30th March

30th June 2013
My mind is hurting with the hate, that the 'popular' group say. Even the nerd group bullies me, which is impossible cause I thought nerds were really nerdy and care. Guess I'm wrong, well I'll tell you what happened today. I was sitting alone, eating, as usual. And then the 'popular' group came up to me. And started teasing and even kicking me. After they did, I ran to the toilets and cried for what felt like hours, until the bell rings. I think it's time to go to class, but I don't go because I know the teachers will be even stricter with me. They give me the most horrible and most unforgettable punishments ever, like they tell me to do 1,000 laps around the oval, or make me scrub the toilets of both women toilets which means older girls and adult woman, or even WRITE 2 MILLION OF SENTENCES REPEATING 'I should never ever interrupt, get distracted, annoy other people, doodle on my work, or zoning out during class.' I MEAN WHO THE HECK DOES THAT DUDE?!    

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