One Direction's New Sister

My name is Skylar Jones. I'm sixteen, and live in an orphanage. Let's just say I have a past. I got abused by my parents, at school, by the other orphans, and well everyone. I've had a few boyfriends but nothing happened, and they all used me. Well I'm what most people call 'emo'. Pierce the Veil is my favorite band, so is Sleeping with Sirens. I never thought I'd get adopted. Especially by a world-famous boy band. No other than One Direction. They all become my brothers, and are very protective. So what happens when I meet the school bad-boy? And what if a certain member from One Direction starts getting feelings? Life will get hectic living with five boys, but add love and what will happen? Find out in One Direction's New Sister.



Skylar's POV:

I wake up with me and Niall intertwine. I mange to escape from his arms. I (dang I'm saying 'I' a lot) hop in the shower. I wash up then hop out. (outfit in comments)

I slip on a black crop top with the back shredded. On the front it has the Black Veil brides symbol, and on the back says 'Just because we wear makeup, doesn't mean I can't kick your ass' on write letters. White skinnies, black combat boots, and a black thick rubber bracelet that says 'BVB Army Member'- to cover yesterdays cuts.

I straighten my hair. Then add foundation, black eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. When I finished I put my makeup back in my bag.

"Why do you wear makeup? You're so beautiful. You don't need it." I hear behind me. I turn and see Niall sitting on my bed looking at my makeup bag.

"Trust me Niall. I need it." I roll my eyes.

"No you don't." He says.

"I'm gonna get breakfast." I change the subject. Cereal. Yum.

Everybody comes down and we decide to go to the mall.

*Skip car ride*

I go with Niall, and Harry to a smoothie café. Everyone else goes with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh yeah I forgot to say. Eleanor and Lou made up, and Lou apologized and crap.

ANYWHORE! I got a strawberry banana smoothie, Niall a chocolate banana one, and Harry a banana strawberry too. We were just sitting there talking about where we are gonna go next when I see Jake.

But he's not alone. Jake is with Chloe and his arm is around her. They are laughing. Harry and Niall's gaze follow. They look at me worried. I just grab my smoothie and walk up to them.

"Hey you fucking cheater." I say, he opens his mouth to say something but I dump the smoothie on him. Chloe gasp.

"Wow AND you are with Brad! We were fucking best friends! And then you go and cheat on Brad with my EX boyfriend!" I explode. I just run to the car and sit there trying to hold back the tears threatening to spill.

Niall and Harry run to follow me. They just rub my back and say things to comfort me, but I don't pay attention.

I loved him.


Harry's POV:

I fancy her still. Since I met her I have. Now Jake broke her heart so I'm gonna break his pretty face.


Niall's POV:

I love her. Have for a long time. But she never notices me. Only Jake. But from the way Harry is looking at her, I know he feels the same way. So I'll never win. He always gets the girls.



NO ONE EXPECTED THAT! I think.. Anyways! Sorry for short chappie

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