One Direction's New Sister

My name is Skylar Jones. I'm sixteen, and live in an orphanage. Let's just say I have a past. I got abused by my parents, at school, by the other orphans, and well everyone. I've had a few boyfriends but nothing happened, and they all used me. Well I'm what most people call 'emo'. Pierce the Veil is my favorite band, so is Sleeping with Sirens. I never thought I'd get adopted. Especially by a world-famous boy band. No other than One Direction. They all become my brothers, and are very protective. So what happens when I meet the school bad-boy? And what if a certain member from One Direction starts getting feelings? Life will get hectic living with five boys, but add love and what will happen? Find out in One Direction's New Sister.


32. Love you guys *An* -CT

Hey guys! It's ChasingTomlinson here (A co-author), and I thought I should make a quick author's note for you all! First off I want to thank TributesDirectioner (the original author) for letting me having this wonderful chance to work with her and the other talented co-authors! (AKA: @Gamergirl and @Jackie arceo) I really love writing with you guys! You all are amazing! To be honest this is the fanfic I love (to help with)  writing and re-reading over and over the most! It's one of my favorites on here! I also love the fans of this fanfic cause you interact and leave amazing comments! I just like to say thank you and love you all! <3 I can't wait to work on the sequel! Love you bunches -ChasingTomlinson

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