Summer Love

I woke up and as usual I get into a fight with my step-brother. He is so rude, he drives me crazy. So I took my dog, Bailey for a walk. I wasn't watching where I was walking because I was on my phone with my best friend, Amy. I missed a step and fell down a flight of stairs, which cause me to black out. I wake up in the hospital with Niall Horan sitting next to me. What the heck is he doing in my room?!?

What will happen between Darcy and Niall? Find out in Summer Love.


1. A Normal Day

I wake up around 8:30 every morning to my step-brother knocking on my door.

"Darcy! Wake the hell up!" Yelled Jake. He always ask me to make his breakfast. I got out of bed and walked to my mirror. I hated my body so much, like I have rolls of fat. I can't lose weight, I tried everything. It has come down to me starving myself. The last time I ate was last week. That's that only thing I hate about me. I love my long brown curly hair and eyes. I have a weird family, my mom got married again to a guy that I don't even like. Plus he has a son that treats me like crap. When my mom pasted away they are all I have, my dad didn't want to do anything with me. So I am stuck in the hell hole.

"Darcy! Where are you?!" Yelled Jake again.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I went down stairs to find Jake and Jerry, my step-dad sitting at the table waiting for me.

"Jake, why are you so hard on Darcy? You guys are the same age and she cooks and cleans for you? You should cook breakfast for once while Darcy sits and relaxes." I thought in a million years, I would never hear Jerry say that to his only son.

"Dad, that's what siblings do to each other now and days." Jake said. He always tell lies to his dad when I know the truth. He is making me do stuff for him so that I can go see my favorite band One Direction. Every since I first heard them on the radio I have fall in love with them. I was so excited to heard that they are coming to town. Jake promise me that he would take me to their concert if I did what he tells me what to do. I think they are the best, but Jake has to take me because I don't know how to drive. I'm almost 17 and I don't have my driver's license. Jake is 16 and has it. Sometimes I ask Jerry why I don't have mine and he doesn't answer me.

"Darcy, can I have some pancakes please?" ask Jake. That was a first time Jake has ever said please to me. It took my by surprise but I got to work right away.

"That's a great idea, Darcy can you make everyone pancakes?" said Jerry.

"Yeah I will make everyone pancakes, Jake can you go to the store and get syrup, please?" I ask

"Yeah I can do that." He left the house and I started on the batter. I always listen to the radio because sometimes it gets to quite for me.

"For all you girls out there here's One Direction."

"Hey everyone, hope you are ready for our show this week." said Niall.

"One lucky girl can win a Day with Us, One Direction." said Liam.

"But you have to be at the concert." said Harry.

"Can wait to see all of you there!" said Louis.

I wanted to scream! Jake and I got the tickets last week when Jerry was out with his friends. We got them online and received them in the mail. Jerry still doesn't know that we are going. Jake is going to say that we are going to his friends house but instead going to the concert. I want to go shopping for the concert but Jake won't take me. He says that he is always busy with his friends but he is always playing video games. But I really don't care because I get to see One Direction.

"BOO!" said Jake.


"Sorry I had to," He laughed, "Here's you go."

"Thank you." I said as I proud some of the batter into the pan. Bailey, our my dog, and rubbing against my leg. He was dose that when he wants food. When I was done cooking everyone pancakes, I fed Bailey. I ate some pancakes and went back upstairs. I usually clean my room, then Jake's room, then our bathroom. I have no idea how he gets so messy in just one day. I can keep my room clean for a week. I was listening to my ipod while cleaning Jake's room. Then Jake came in,

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Cleaning your room, why?"

"Well I thought you cleaned it yesterday?"

"I did but it is messy again today."

"Well I don't want you to clean it today, you can do it tomorrow."

"I am just doing what you want me to."

"I think my dad is wondering why you are cleaning both of our room's and the bathroom."

"I like things to be clean and not messy."
"Yeah I know that but try to clean my room less, like once a week."

"Okay then I will clean the bathroom then."

"Okay." I left his room and went to the bathroom. I hated cleaning this room because he always leaves half of his stuff in it. It's so gross when he doesn't pick up his clothes after his shower. But I pick it up anyway.

"Darcy." said Jerry.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I went down stairs to find that Jerry was half drunk. "Yeah?"

"Take Bailey for a walk, he needs it."

"Okay." I grab his leash and I was about to walk out the front door.

"DARCY!" Yelled Jake.

"What?" I said back.


"Your dad wanted me to walk Bailey."


"Well I am leaving I will be right back." Jake hit me. That was the first time he has every hit me. I just looked at him and he hit me again. I ran out the door and around the corner. I looked around before I started crying.  I was so confused, I didn't know what to do.

<Text to Amy: You won't believe what happen, but Jake just hit me and I was wondering if I could come over and rest. I have Bailey with me though.

Bailey pulled me hard and I trip on the sidewalk and everything went black...

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