Little Pieces

Kirsten was a typical 18 year old dating this amazing boy names Dylan. They were in love they loved each other with a passion something someone could never come between. But one day Dylan finds out he has cancer, cancer that you can't get away, cancer that will soon take him away from Kirsten. Once Dylan passes away Kirsten is broken and pushes everyone she's ever loved away. Her parents, her friends anyone. Kirsten is currently studying to become a lawyer for Dylan's sake since he wanted to be one. On Dylan's two year anniversary of being away Kirsten has to wake up and go to work she's broken and doesn't know how to react.

Until Harry Styles comes along hes that cheeky flirty guy that flirts with Kirsten a lot. Harry makes Kirsten his lawyer and demands it just so he could spend time with Kirsten.

Do you think Kirsten will push him away like everyone else or pull him closer?


7. Just a dream

Me and the boys spent the rest of the night watching movies and talking about ourselfs. I found out that Liam has a fear about spoons and I bugged him about that the whole movie. 

"It's almost 2 in the morning, I think it's time for bed" Zayn yawned making me yawn. It spreaded as everything started to yawn. 

"I'll walk you up to your room" Harry smiled as I nodded and followed him. I slowly climbed up the stairs trying to hold my balance since I was so tired. 

We came upon a nice white room with a nicely made bed and a huge t.v hanging on the wall. 

"I'm just down the hall if you need anything and Niall is beside you there is a door if you need to ask him something" Harry said pointing to the door beside my bed. I walked over opening it seeing Niall laying underneath his covers flipping through some channels. 

"Good night!" I smiled at him as he gave me a little smile and a wave. I was close to shutting the door before I heard Niall say something.

"If you need anything I'm always here!" Niall said making me open the door again and look at him. 

"And i don't just mean tonight, I mean anytime" He finished making me smile. I walked over to his bed giving him a little hug and a kiss on the cheek to thank him. 

"Thank you Niall" I said before walking back to the door seeing Harry standing their gripping onto the door handle as I walked through. He slammed the door making me jump. 

"I mean it, if you need anything just come to my room" Harry gave me a little hug before he left a kiss on my cheek and left the room. 

I sat down on the bed feeling the fabric of the sheets and I instantly fell inlove. It was cotten and soft cotten. 

I realized I was still wearing Harry's clothes before I climbed under the sheets and grabbed the remote on the side table turning on the t.v. 

I hate sleeping it causes my mind to think of all the bad things instead of the good things coming along. I mean these boys are already my friends and I haven't had actual friends in along time. 

After awhile of watching t.v I felt my eyes get heavier until I let sleep take over. 


"I'll never ever leave you, we will get married and have childern one day" Dylans smile lit up the whole room as I smiled and held his hand. 

"I love you" I said to him giving him a quick peck on the lips. 

"I love you to" He said after the peck. 

Right after I found myself sitting in the hospital chairs crying as I looked around. I waited and waited until the doctor came with the news. 

I could tell this was going to be bad news by the looks on his face. 

"I'm sorry, we tried everything" The doctor announce as I fell to my knees and let my emtions overcome. Dylan's family was sitting beside me trying to keep me calm but nothing could work. I got up trying to run over to Dylan but the doctors held me back. 

"NO, DYLAN PLEASE NO!" I screamed as sobs left my mouth. 

"YOU SAID YOU'D NEVER LEAVE ME" I continued to yell trying to break through the doctors grip. 

"Kirsten!! Wake up!" I felt someone shake me as I jumped up huffing and puffing. I looked around a Niall as he sat their in his boxers holding my arm as tears slipped down my face. Niall and the boys don't know about Dylan only Harry would understand. 

I felt myself sweating as the tears spilled from my eyes. Niall pulled me into a huge as I sobbed. The rest of the boys appeared in the door frame all in their boxers but Harry wasn't there. 

"Kirsten?" I heard Harry shout down from the hall as I let go of Niall running through the boys and out into the hall. Harry was running towards me as I ran towards him. Tears still pouring down my face as I reached him falling into his arms as he held me tight. 

"he said he wouldn't leave me!" I cried hugging Harry as he stayed close to me. 

"HE LEFT ME" I yelled feeling Harrys grip tighten. All the boys came around me rubbing my back while I was stuck to Harry. 

"It's ok love I won't leave you" Harry said as I felt a tear drop on my shoulder. Was he crying? Did I make him cry?

I leaned away from him still wrapped around him. I watched as he sniffed trying to hide the tears. 

I hugged him again before pulling away and looking at the boys whipping away the tears. 

That was a terrible nightmare I wish I will never get away. But my wishes never come true. 

The boys looked at me as I sighed. 

"I'm sorry for waking you guys up" I sniffed as a tear slipped from my eye again. 

"It's ok, how about we go downstairs and have some tea?" Louis suggested. Tea sounded amazing right now. I nodded my head following the boys as we headed downstairs and got all the tea stuff ready. 

I knew the boys were going to ask questions and I was right. 

"Bad dream?" Liam asked watching as I took a sip of my tea and nodded. 

"What was it of?" Louis asked me as I sighed and looked at Harry who nodded. 

"My boyfriend um passed away 2 years ago from lung cancer" I said holding back the tears as they all gave me sad looks. 

"I'm so sorry" Niall said putting his hand on my shoulder. I gave him a little smile before taking another sip of my tea then continued. 

"And tonight I don't know i've never had a dream like that before" I sighed looking at my tea that was almost done. 

"It must be hard"Zayn asked as I nodded. 

'and yesterday was his 2nd year of being gone so it was the hardest" I told them as they nodded. I looked over at the clock reading 4:30am 

"I think i'm ok now" I yawned taking the last sip of the tea before placing it in the sink as did the rest of the boys. We walked up the stairs all going into different directions all the boys placed a kiss on my cheek before going into their rooms and closing the door while Harry followed me into my room. 

'You going to be ok?" Harry asked. I nodded watching him leave the room but before he could shut the door all the way I screamed his name. 

"Harry!" I yelled as he opened the door and looked at me. 

"Will you stay with me for the rest of the night?" I asked hoping he would accept his eyes grew and a smiled appeared on his face. 

'I was hoping you'd ask that" He laughed making his way over to the side of the bed I moved over so he could have room. I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist slowly pulling me towards the front of his body. 

"Do you mind if I do this?" He shyly asked as I shook my head. 

Maybe having someone beside me will make me forget about Dylan a bit? 



another update 

I had a good idea so I had to update, thanks for the person who voted for my story means a lot to me

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