I'm not saying it was your fault,
Although you could've done more,
Oh you're so naive yes so,
How could this be done?
For such a smiling sweetheart,
Oh such a sweet and pretty face.
It's such an ugly world for something so beautiful.
Ill die everytime I look inside.
- The Kooks

Olivia Cline is an average girl wizard. She sits with her friends at the Griffindor table. And is bullied by Draco Malfoy. She's just a pathetic mudblood to him and he's just her bully. But will they ever feel more?


17. Quidditch

I walked into platform nine and three quatersg never thinking I would have to return as a student. I saw Draco and rushed over to him. I grabbed his hand and we walked in holding hands like a couple. All my past classmates looked shocked especially Pansy. When I saw her face I grabbed Draco and kissed him hard. I felt like the girlfriend of that guy who everyone was scared of. I was untouchable. Only Draco could look at me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close. We sat down with Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. I sat so close to Draco I was practically in his lap. "Hey mate how've you been?" Theodore asked. "Fine. How about you. "Great. I'm engaged to Daphne!" He exclaimed. Blaise whispered whipped under his breath and Draco laughed. I glared at the two boys and smiled at Theo. "That's lovely Nott!" We arrived at Hogwarts and I felt nostalgic. Draco entwined his fingers with mine and I found Harry. "Hi Harry! Where are Ron and Hermione?" I asked. "Ron and Hermione don't need to return because Hermione is pregnant and Hermione can help Ron retake his N.E.W.T's." Harry explained. I caught up with Ginny and I heard Harry talking to Draco. "If you ever hurt her again you'll wish I had let you rot in Azkaban." He threatened. I returned to Draco and we walked with his hand in mine whilst talking about the Quidditch scores. We got plenty of terrible glares from loads of people. Draco shot them menacing glares back that still seemed to work on them. I walked into the great hall as I had just weeks before but this time as a student. It was a strange thing to relive. "Come on lets go sit at the Slytherin table." He whined. "No we are still prefects! We must go to the prefects table." I insisted. "Why? Potty and Weaselette already hate me!" He moaned. I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior. I pull him to the table and we sit down with Ginny and Harry. Dinner was dull and event less. At the end of dinner Draco pulled me aside and handed me a note. It said. Meet me on the Quidditch pitch at 10:00. I went upstairs and pulled on a big knit sweater. I snuck down and saw Draco. I smiled big and kissed him. "Read for a ride?"

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