Bye, mom.. Hello Zayn

My mom was somewhere, I know she is still alive. But apparently, my mom isn't the only one with this man, that kidnapped her. But when I get offered to stay with a police officer until my mother is found. Do I meet the guy of my dreams?


3. Conference Day

My eyes flutter open. I look at the time and it's almost 10:00 a.m. All the unwanted memories from last night gather up in my mind, then I realize I need to go to a conference today. I change into jeans and a green, knit, turtleneck, with a scarf, and winter boots. 




I enter a large room, with a long table. People are sitting at the table, and I recognize the two cops from last night. One of them starts talking. 

"Lets get this conference started!" He says it like I am not in the room. "Last night, Ellen Olsen, was kidnapped from her household. Leaving Zanika Olsen, alone and worried. We are here today to discuss where Zanika will be staying since it is not legal for a 16 year old girl to live alone." 

Random people start shouting out ideas.

"Foster home?" 

"Adoption center?" 

I get frustrated and yell something out. 

"I am not getting adopted!"

Everyone stares at me. The cop starts to talk again. 

"Well, Zanika, we have no other options.." 

I get a disappointing look on my face, and I guess he felt bad for me.

"Unless.. You'd like to stay with me and my son until we find your mom." 

The look goes away. 

"Uh, sure, I guess." 

Everyone starts to leave. Guess I am living with a cop.

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