(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


21. Thrown off Course.

Cassie's POV: Kris wasn't making this easy. Every time I got my hands on him, he somehow managed to throw me out of the way. He was going for something and if only I could figure out what it was. This bodybuilder guy wasn't so weak. He was quite strong. My eyes turned green and electric shot out of my hand. I placed it to his neck and his head was off instantly. He fell to the ground. Dead. 2 gone. A whole lot to go. 

Shianne's POV: I could hear yelling, things happening outside. Harry was always by my side in case something had happened. I could hear a slight snap coming from the side of the house. Liam's porch door shattered. A vampire came through the hole of the broken glass. I screamed at the top of my lungs and Harry lunged forward at him. He picked up Harry and threw him out towards the woods. "HARRY!"I screamed. Liam came in after him and he threw Liam harder than he threw Harry. "LIAM!"I screamed. He walked towards me and I looked around for something to defend myself with. Liam's guitar. I reached for it and got a hold of it. I lifted it up and hit the vampire in the head with it. He fell towards the wall and I had my chance to run. I ran out Liam's bedroom door and down the stairs to the outside. Maybe if I ran in to the woods. I could find Liam and Harry. I ran out the back door and in to the woods. "LIAM!"I shouted. I leaped over logs and I pushed past leaves. "LIAM!"I shouted again. "SHIANNE!"Someone answered back. I kept running until I crashed right into someone. Mariah. "Oh thank god Moi!"I said hugging her. "Oh no you're coming with me."I turned. It was the vampire again. "Shianne stand back."She warned. She changed in to wolf form and the vampire ran back towards the house. She chased after him. I continued running in the direction Liam and Harry were thrown. "LIAM!!! HARRY!!"I screamed. "SHIANNE!"Someone else called me. I felt a hand on my arm and I turned to see Harry. "Harry!"I yelled hugging him. "Where's Liam?"I asked. "He went back to the house. He told me to look for you."He said. I nodded and let go of him. "Harry it's nice to see you again."We both turned. "Lindsay."He growled. This was the girl that played with Niall, Harry and Liam's hearts. She's the girl that's with Mason. "Now just back up and let me take care of the human."She smirked. Harry ran toward her and slammed her in to a tree. It cracked and fell over. I ran away from it and it fell. I fell down on to something sharp cutting my leg open. Dammit. I gasped and put pressure on the wound as much as I could to stop the bleeding. Lindsay looked right at me and pushed Harry out of the way. She grabbed my leg and bit into it. I screamed. It hurt so bad. Worse than what Phobos had caused me. I started to go numb, screaming became the best of me. My vision went blurry. I could see fighting in front of my eyes and someone dissapearing. I felt a hand over my bite. "Shianne I'm so sorry."Was that Harry? I felt lips on the bite and I think it just became worse. 

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