(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


17. The Message

Shianne's POV: I woke up around 8 AM. It was gloomy and it looked as if it were about to storm. I sat up and yawned. "Well good morning."Startled I was and I fell right out of bed. "Shi are you alright?" I sat up and looked around. Oh it was just Liam. "Yea. I'm fine. You scared me for a second."I giggled. I pulled the blankets back on to the bed and fixed my hair. "They came in to Washington last night."He said getting to the serious part. I was a little worried now. "W-was there a fight?"I asked. Liam shook his head. "No not yet anyways. Cassie they wanted something. She isn't sure what it is."He said. A spark of anger ran through his eyes. "But I have an idea."He growled. "Me?"I asked. He nodded and wrapped me up in his arms. "I won't let them hurt you."He said pressing his lips on my cheek. I moved my head so his lips were on mine. He let me go and smiled. "Would you like some breakfast?"He asked. I nodded. "Well go get dressed and i'll take you down to the buffet."He said. I nodded and pulled out a pair of leggings, a black sweater and some converse. I wonder what's going on back in Hemlock Grove.

Cassie's POV: "Cassie do you know where they are?"Paul asked. I tried to focus. I only saw them ransacking someone's drawer. I shook my head. "No just them ransacking someone's drawer."I told him. "Well we need to stop them before they hurt anyone else."Harry growled. We all agreed. It's bad enough we had to drive Shianne out of the state. I tried to focus on them more when another vision came:

"Master she isn't here. No where in Washington."Mason said. He growled angrily and pushed down a tree. "THIS ISN'T FAIR!"He yelled. "Wait!"Lindsay started. The man in the robe looked at her with wide eyes. "Tell me!"He demanded. "Nevada."She smirked. Mason looked at her confused. "How?"He asked. "I followed her scent."She smirked. The robe guy smirked clapping his hands. He removed his hood. "Good work Lindsay."He said still clapping his hands. "Kris you look great with out your robe on.".....

Reality: Oh.My.God. Kris!?!?!!! How was he the master? Everyone looked at me. Now everything fell into place. Lindsay caught her scent. Told Kris about it. Now he wanted Shianne to himself. For her to be his sex slave. That's what I was to him before Harry came along. I had run away from Liam once. I ran in to Kris, he acted like he loved me. But really only used me. "Cassie!"Harry had his hands on my shoulders. Shaking me. "Sorry."I muttered. "What did you see?!"He asked. "Kris, Kris is the guy in the robe. Lindsay knows Shianne's scent. They found her."I said looking at Spencer. Everyone gasped. Anger and rage ran across Harry's face. He said he'd always get revenge on Kris for using me like how he did. "We need to call Liam."Niall suggested. "I already tried. He left his phone here."Louis sighed. I gasped. "Shianne! She brought her phone!"I said racing to mine. I texted her letting her know what's going on. Also to tell Liam as soon as she gets this. I just hope she does get it.

Shianne's POV: It was around 9:00 pm. The moon was full and brightly colored the sky. Liam and I were watching a movie. He assumed it would be an action movie. It was nothing but funny. When it finished I was still containing myself from my laughter. "OK Shianne calm down it was just a movie."Liam laughed. I  took deep breathes and I soon stopped laughing. "Alright well I'm going to take a shower. You stay right here."Liam said getting up. He went into the bathroom and I switched the T.V. to the cable and watched my favorite show on teen nick, Hollywood Heights. My phone went off making the sound it does when I get a notification. I went over to my bed and unlocked my phone to an email of a pic of my brothers. I read what it said under it:

I'm assuming if you want your brothers to live, go to the gym on 43rd street. and DON'T tell your vampire. Yes, I have them. You better get here soon. They only have minutes.

I dropped my phone, slipped on my shoes and ran out the hotel door. No no no. I will save my brothers. Whoever it was that sent it to me will let them free. I ran down the sidewalk until I saw the sign for 43rd. I ran down the road and saw the gym. I busted through the doors and I could hear little faint yells of Chris screaming my name. "Chris!"I shouted running through another door. There was projector of when Chris and I were 15 and 19 and I pelted him with water balloons. "Shianne!"He screamed. None of my brothers were here. I was tricked. 

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