(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


13. I'm to blame.

Shianne's POV: I couldn't sleep. It's not because I put myself in harms way, I mean I have plenty of protection it's just I couldn't stop thinking about how Cassie could be getting hurt by those cruel vampires. I needed to clear my head. I opened my eyes for the 2nd time. "Shianne I thought I told you to go to bed."Liam said. I looked at him and sighed. "I can't sleep."I mumbled. "Is it because your afraid?"He asked. I nodded. "But not of them. Of what they're doing to Cassie,Niall and Harry right now."I sighed. I sat up and looked down at my hands. Liam sat up as well and wrapped his arm around my waist. "I'm worried for her,Harry and Niall too. I'm sure Megan and the boys are finding them right now."He said kissing my cheek. I turned my head and our foreheads touched. "But for now. I need to worry about keeping you safe. I called Mariah and Zayn. They're going to help protect  you."He said. I nodded. "Liam I can't stand. It's my fault that we're in this mess-"I was cut off when his lips connected to mine. He stopped kissing me and but his hands on my cheeks. "Shianne it's not your fault. You didn't know what was going to happen. Don't blame yourself."He told me before kissing my forehead. I sighed. "Liam it's is my fault! If I hadn't called her in the first place we wouldn't be in this mess!"I said pushing myself away from him. "Don't start this. Please. You know it wasn't your fault. Don't take it all out on you."He said pulling himself closer to me. He's right. I know It was a mistake, but I still feel like it was all me. I wasn't going to do this. So I gave up and crawled into his arms. He laid me back down and sung me a lullaby to get me to sleep. 

Cassie's POV: "You have me now. Let Niall go."I said. Lindsay smirked. "Oh I don't think so. Niall knows to much. Besides everyone loves to spend time with their relatives." What the hell? Relatives? I sighed and I was thrown into the cell. Niall was sitting in a corner. He looked up and gasped. "Cassie you can't be here!"He told me. "It's fine."I assured him. "No no no it's not! I know there plan! They don't just want you! They want Shianne too! Now that he knows where she is, he's coming for her. And there is no way to warn the others."He told me."Who's he?"I asked. Niall shrugged and I sighed and went on. "Niall I came to save us both. I already formed a plan in my head. When they pull us out, that's when we strike."I told him. "No Cassie just you were supposed to stay in Hemlock Grove. Where you could see what they were doing."Niall told me. Ugh maybe I should of. But I just wanted to rescue Niall. That's when I got a vision:

They all walked in to a passage. "OK we're here."Louis said. 

I went back to reality. They're coming. Oh god. That's when I heard shouting. "CASSIE! CASSIE!"I looked over trying to see who it was. I knew that voice from anywhere. Mason carried him in and threw him down. I gasped. Harry. Mason held him by his neck. "NO NO MASON STOP! DON'T HURT HIM!"I shouted. Mason looked at me and sighed. He threw Harry in to the cell with Niall and I. He got up and ran and hugged me instantly. "Oh my god Harry! Why did you follow me!?"I shouted pulling off him. "I want to help you."He said. "Hazza I don't know if there is anything we can do. Paul and them are coming."I told him. "Oh."He mouthed. I rolled my eyes and watched as Mason and them strolled around talking. I knew there plan and I wasn't afraid of death. I mean I've been through it before. "Stop watching us and go make out with Harry or something."Mason snapped. I wasn't going to listen. So I just kept staring at him. I was going to make Mason set us free so I could kill Lindsay and whoever is under that curtain(robe). So I kept staring all of a sudden Mason ran and opened the door for us. I looked at him. "You actually did that?"I asked. He smiled and nodded. Mason wouldn't do that. Unless.. I can control feelings! I discovered another power of mine. Niall and Harry followed my lead and went down the hall. There was footsteps and I gasped. So I ran for cover. I watched a human pass. Another life taken. The boys followed me outside and I knew we escaped. We all smiled at each other and raced off. We reached the woods and this was where I saw them all enter threw. We waited before they came. "OMG You all escaped?!"Louis asked giving us all hugs. "Yea it wasn't hard. I found another power of mine."I told them. "What is it?"Spencer asked. "I can control feelings."I smirked. "Sweet."Kendall said fist pumping me. "OK come on let's get back home then."Paul said turning around. We all ran back to Hemlock Grove.

Mason's POV: I sat down rubbing my forehead. What happened to me? Everything went black when Cassie kept staring at me "MASON!"Master yelled. I walked into the main room. The cell door was open. H-How did they escape? "They escaped!"He growled. "I don't know how they escaped."I said. He growled and yelled some more before ripping the cell door off the hinges and throwing his across the room. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT MASON!"He yelled coming toward me. I backed up. "We're going there. Cassie is going to die, Same with that human."He growled. I gulped and nodded. Cassie I'm so sorry what's going to happen to you. "Oh and we're killing whoever helped them escape."He snapped. I nodded and followed him in to the meet room. "We have a mission!"He stated. Lindsay and Tony looked up. Our other people in the clan, Brianna, Chase, Rebel and Dee also looked up. "Cassie is going to die."

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