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Just a bunch of random ideas for movellas. You can use them if you wish, but tell me first. Okay? 'Cause then we won't have an issue


2. Chapter Two

  Hey you guys, I'm back with another chapter! But, before I start, I'd like to let you guys know that if you were to ask, I could even make a cover for the story idea that was written about, and is now yours. Okay? Alright, lets start!


The Killer Kitties

Genre- Thriller, Mystery, or Other

  Alisa Meade, Angelique Cheever, and Hattie Inge, also known as The Killer Kitties, is a group of criminals. What makes them criminals? Oh, they just go around robbing the bank, breaking into random houses, and going on killing sprees. Typical menace to society.

  But, after being caught, and serving their time, The Killer Kitties are back, and are stronger than ever. Now, they plan to pull the biggest heist ever! But, when one of the girls decides to go to the good side, will she ruin their plan?

Tags- goodgirl, badgirls, prison, heist, jail, evil, killer, killerkitties


Fallen Stars

Genre- Realism 

  The popular band In Red is living the dream. They have all of the girls, the most popular music, and the best friendship. But, they begin to lose it all.

  First it was their number one song, then their albumn, all the way down to their record deal. Being as negative as he is, Gabe Sollur suggests that is what one of the band-mates fault. Will the fame get to the thing that mattered most?

Tags- fame, fortune, band, inred, in, red, losing, blame, friendship


X44 Blue

Genre- Sci-fi, or Thriller

   After a robot revolution, The U.S. Government is weak. Weaker than it was before. As an attempt to strengthen themselves, they've decided to abduct people by the tens, and begin project X44 Blue.

  Part of Project X44 Blue, is morphing the average human, into an indestructible, chaotic   machine. But the government scientists haven't been succeeding. That is, until they recruit Nat Hoellman, and Vincent Topp. 

  When they get the serum injected, they morph instantly. But, in the serum, are nanobots that make their way to the brain, and begin to take over. When taken over, you lose the ability of free will,  becoming a brainwashed malicious toy. Can they keep their free will, with the serum working quicker than they expected?

Tags-future, projectx44blue, morph, indestructible, robots, scientists, nat, vincent, freewill


Alright, that's all for this chapter! Don't forget to comment if you want one of these stories! Otherwise, they're mine. Please don't tell me they're awful, they took a while! Alright?


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